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I will reply in the next few days for Clusius. Busy weekend.

no problem!

Hey all.

I was thinking about some stories that I might run and I realized that half of Regulus' planned activities on the Saga Calendar are completely useless to a story guide. The chance that any of you is going to look at his "reading seasons" and think "oh, this gives me an idea for a story" is pretty much nil.

So I'm slightly changing them. He will still spend most of his time reading, but in between he will explore the covenant grounds and the nearby village, see the area, talk to people. From now onward I'll try to write his activities in a way that has more chances for stories happening.

Also, I think we are still missing the intended activities for Clusius and Perion. =]

Anyway, I'm organizing a few thoughts and I should soon propose a couple of stories for the next seasons.


I will make similar changes!

I'm thinking too much and doing too little, a clear sign that I should stop thinking. XD

I could run any of the following stories in the next seasons (there are other ideas, if these don't seem interesting to anyone).

  • Vis collection: A Creo source in the water of the modern day Grotte de Sainte-Colombe. Shouldn't be extremely hard to harvest, but the water has (allegedly) healing properties, and a pilgrimage to the grotte started in recent years. The pilgrimage day coincides with the best day to harvest, mid August.
  • Giant trouble: Covenfolk coming from Basel (or maybe our assigned Redcap?) tells rumors of giants in the mountains and ask the magi to ensure that the roads are safe.
  • Alpine weather: Oftentimes weird clouds are seen above mountains, and that is not a problem. But that weird cloud that has persisted for 4 days? That smells like a problem.

I would play in any of these.

Also: it has been 2 weeks since my prompt. Is it not good enough? Should I take it down and try another one to try to get it started?

It's fine. I've just been busy with work and life, so haven't really had time to write the initial scene for Clusius.

I think these two should be adequate for now (the other idea can be postponed to whenever, I don't want to hog all of the stories for the next few years).

The one about vis collection could be in August (Summer 1205). I was thinking of making this Marcus' season of service (not sure if @Arthur intended to run that one, if so I would be happy to trouble another magus). Also, is anyone against a Creo source? I can think of at least 5 other flavors of vis that are adequate.
All else being OK, I'd be ready to run it whenever we have a cast.

About our Redcap's request for safety, it would be a straightforward "search and destroy" kind of thing (unless the magi try other approach, of course!). I was thinking of Wolfgang, but any character would be welcome. The request could arrive at Spring 1206, so maybe we could postpone the story a bit? At least until any other ideas for 1205 are cleared, I think.

I also have a few ideas for Marcus I'd like to discus with @StephenFleetwood later, but it's the kind of thing that will spoil the adventure if I talk about it too soon, so I'll wait a bit. I'm letting you know mostly to build some hype. XD

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I have hype

Giants sounds fun :smiley:

I would say it's surprising that the best day to harvest is probably the strongest divine aura day, but maybe that's a mystery to be solved... I'm assuming it's better we don't roast the pilgrims so Wolfgang will stay home for that one.

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Sorry for being less present. Things are busy at home and at work, so I have less time for the forum at the moment.

You folks go ahead and get started on some stories. Hopefully I'll be able to be more active within a few weeks. :slight_smile:

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Really sorry for my absence, had a much crazier couple of weeks than I was thinking. I'm going to spend time getting caught up here today


No problem, life always takes precedence. =]

@Arthur could you please create a thread for the story? I'm thinking "1205 Summer - A Pilgrimage for Vis".

You are likely right. XD
Feel free to grab a few grogs, or to introduce a companion if you have someone in mind.

Topic created.

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Sorry, I'm quite bad at being motivated to play characters other than my magus. Haven't had a compelling companion idea yet.

So long as you're happy playing grogs in stories that your magus cannot join, that isn't a major issue.

I think it would make more sense for this sanctuary to have been built by either Lucelle Abbey (northeast of the valley) or Moutier-Grandval Abbey (south of the valley). See the Laimunt Valley Map to see where each is located relative to the covenant.

It's possible. I based the descriptive text on what I found about the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Vorbourg (this was the one I had in mind for that particular phrase). Albeit I'm not sure if it was already dedicated to Mary in that time. I'm sure that there were chapels built by both abbeys, though.

Anyway, the text is an attempt to put a bit of color on the religious life of the valley, but the specifics can surely be adjusted. =]

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I'm just suggesting ways to develop other interesting entities that are present in the valley, instead of piling up everything on the Telsberg family. :wink:

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I am in for this story, but at a games convention for the weekend so slow to reply