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Changing the tone a little:

Trouble with Telsbergs - I reckon we will have Clusius as a magus, and that's it as far as I can recall about the characters... Any companions to be introduced through this arc?

I think I will take a couple of grogs for this one (As long as no one breaches the code Regulus shouldn't have a reason to poke his nose into this, even if he has already returned from his trip =9).

It strikes me that the local court of a noble would be a good place for picking up companions, so if people would like a companion hanging around there, drop me a line and I will work them in.

Travel magic is overrated. What we need is magic equipment for travel. Where are the carts without horses produced by the verditii? The giant iron snakes that gobble down people, cross the land in one night and regurgitate them safely at the end of the journey? =9

Give me a year or two. I am already thinking about some sort of wooden flying contraption with an muim spell to make it look like a cloud when you are below it.

Probably some sort of ward against winds, to make it more comfortable too.

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I was thinking awhile back about having my companion be one of the Telsbergs. I don't mind if anyone else really wants to jump on it though.

That's cool. Tell me what sort of person and I will add them on to my suuuper nerdy spreadsheet of the family

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I'll DM you my thoughts on a character a bit later here, but that sounds good to me

You may have noticed that I have become less active (and less focused) over the last few weeks. I've lost a battle against my partner's hospitalisation yesterday. It is time for me to wake up and acknowledge that I do not have time to play this game anymore. I have to focus on what is left of my life - my kids mostly. I wish I could simply retreat into this fantasy world, but I can't.

I am very sorry for causing disruption.

Jesus, sorry to hear it. Real life > gaming. All the best, hope it all improves.

I am very sorry to hear that. Take care of yourself and your family. :yellow_heart:

I'm sorry for your loss. I don't know what to say that could possibly help... but I hope that things get better soon.

Best wishes to you and yours. I hope things get better.

The covenant now has a fair number of grogs, between the core of veterans who were already living at the covenant and the personal grogs that each magus. However, integrating all of them as a turb isn't going to be simple.

Do we need a captain of the turn? Should this simply be a specialized grog ior is someone interested in creating him as a companion? Is this a role that Houlio's soon-to-be-introduced companion would be suitable for?

I think the existence of a turb captain grog makes sense (at least as an informal leader of the veteran fighters over the last years). We could use the Grizzled Veteran template with minor modifications on the abilities and a change to his personality flaw.

A couple of questions:

Q1. These veterans knew that Leonardus was a magus?

Q2. Which kind of grogs would Clusius take along for visiting the Telsberg? A small retinue of fighters (maybe Louis, the proposed turb captain and a couple more)? Or some non-threatening covenfolk (do we even have any besides Adeline?)

Yes, the veterans knew that Leonardus was a wizard.

I was thinking that Clusius would bring along two grogs as an honor guard, along with a more socially-oriented one who could act as some sort of herald.

In that case I think two members of the veterans could be:

The captain: very loyal to Leonardus, and one of the reasons the veteran fighters stayed after he disappeared. A nasty burn scar from a Pilum of Fire many years ago means that he usually don't go well in social interactions ("Grizzled Veteran" template, change Weakness to Dutybound, add Puissant Leadership and Disfigured).

"The young guy": the youngest of the veterans (around 25). Knows his way with a sword, but is mostly concerned with making sure that everyone has their daily supply of beer (thinking of "The Standard Soldier" template, but shifting abilities and characteristics around to make someone a bit less competent with a sword and increase his social abilities, maybe add Improved Characteristics and something like Poor Hearing).

I could manage they both on the incoming visit, and maybe @Plot_Device could take Louis and another grog of his choice?

fine by me. will stand by for comic relief if anything occurs to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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So we're good to go?


Got a busy week here with finals for school and stuff. I should be finished up by Thursday this week.

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I ama maths teacher, and our GCSE (the paper which decides how secondary school went) is Thursday, so a couple of quiet days on my part are coming, too.

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I return, ready to run the story! Are we at a point where someone can start the responses about you arriving to the court or getting people together?

I'm kinda of waiting for a magus to take the lead. I'm not sure if Regulus will be present or if his trip will somehow be delayed (does anyone intends to run a story about it?). If present he will only say "don't breach the Code". But tbh his standards for what constitutes "Interfering with Mundanes" are pretty lax, having spent a good deal of his hermetic life in Normandy.

Any grogs I'll be playing have no say in the matter unless a magus asks for their opinion. And even if they were literate, they know better than to open the correspondence of someone who can kill them with a glance. :slightly_smiling_face: