Table Talk (OOC)

Sounds good by me! Seems like our covenant will have some interesting problems needing solving.

If we need a story later on, I can also run one about remedying the covenant’s finances, or alternatively run a mystery.

So Mariana's reboot may be just in time. :slight_smile: I've written that her gauntlet was to produce a 10th-magnitude LR. Of course, you may not want to hire a mage for it.

Oh he definitely does but not sure he can afford it. :thinking:


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Do we want to continue or relaunch the Telsberg story? If so, are the new players interested in running some of the secondary cast?

You guys are giving me the spark that I needed to get back into it. So even if it happens before the new magi arrive, that would still be interesting as it will define the covenant's relationship with the local nobility.

I could hop in with secondary cast.

Likewise I can hop in with secondary cast

I don't mind playing a secondary cast either

Then I'll grab my notes about the Telsberg again. =]

I think we can continue in response to the initial invitation.

I've made the post about the cast editable for everyone, so that each can indicate the role they'd like to play in the story.

It may be an opportunity if you'd like to introduce a specific secondary character to the saga.

How are beta-STs handled here? How is a story determined? Just so I know, for future reference.

You either propose a story idea, or ask for a story for your character.

I should probably create a topic so that story ideas and parameters can be discussed.

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Thanks Arthur. I might be dumb but I wasn’t able to edit the vis sources. I was able to add the reward to the vis reserves, though.

Sorry, that was a post which wasn't editable by all. It is now.

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Awesome, I added that in now. In summary, I updated the vis sources/reserves, the saga calendar, and added in an extra blurb called “people the covenant know” to keep track of Father Luc and Father Samuel.

I’ll try to update those after each season — and I don’t think we need to update anything beyond those things after each story?

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I don't think so. :wink:

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For the Trouble with Telsbergs story, are there any ready-made characters I can play, or should I spin up the Robin Hood companion idea?

Nothing ready-made. The plan was for Clusius to go with a small group of couple of grogs.

If you think your companion would be suitable for the story -- which is about exploring and formalizing the covenant's relationship with the local nobility - then by all means have him join the party.

If you feel that your companion would not be suitable for the story, feel free to flesh out a grog (or two) that would have for some reason been selected to go with the magus.

Re: giants, I'm used to thinking of the equinoxes and solstices as the ends of seasons. (Which they are technically.)

Should we get moving on that or waiting for people to be ready?

That depends on how you reckon the seasons, and to what purpose. It's mostly a matter of convention. I find solstices and equinoxes being the middle more natural because then Winter is indeed the coldest season of the year. Otherwise, it begins just as sunlight hours start to get longer (an the days to get warmer).

Then again, it's a matter of convention. I think it's worth to mention that I'm thinking of a short adventure, a few days only, which shouldn't impact seasonal lab activities (unless something goes very wrong). So even if we change to Winter 1205 Wolfgang should be able to bind Kiefskala without trouble, if he so desires.

As for going ahead, maybe the magi can give some hospitality to the redcap (and receive info) while companions and grogs are created? @Reminiscent you mentioned interest in a hunter companion? Is someone going to grab Wolfgang's shield grogs, or maybe present new grogs?

For Trouble with Telsbergs I shall spice things a bit tomorrow.