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Open to change, but here’s my general magi proposal. A slightly odd magi more adventurous than political, but if people think it’s alright, I’m now leaning towards a Bonisagus gardener/explorer with a minor magic focus of fungi.

In serving the covenant, he’ll help shore up finances via improving harvests and trying to find truffles known to grow in the area. Whether the truffles end up being mundane or magical, they are known to grow best in the roots of oak trees…

As to why he has come to the covenant, there are two main reasons. First because of the aforementioned potentially magical truffles. Second, he has heard rumors of a powerful and ancient spirit of a sort of humongous fungus in the region. Perhaps this powerful fungus is located somewhere in the many caves of the covenant, hidden in a regio, or itself a genius loci. Whether this fungus exists at all or is mere rumor is up to the story guide, but certainly can create interesting stories of exploration and intrigue.

I don't see all that much overlap in her current state. If you wanted lineage of Apromor you could take Jacinta as parens and we could be buddies/friendly rivals. In fact I recall we crossed paths a few times in the pre-game with your current version.

The current version doesn't overlap much. I'd tried to simplify things upon my return, choosing to focus on Perdo or Creo instead of trying to push both. The Perdo on the sheet is hidden because she had to start studying that hard right away to develop some new spells. The simplified, Perdo-only version I'd sketched had Affinity/Puissant Perdo, Puissant PM, Flawless Magic, doing a lot with Perdo and Vim. That's where I saw too much overlap. Amazingly enough, their paths taken with spells would still look very different despite that. While it could be cool to be buddies, I do like niche preservation.

It`s nice to see movement here again. =]

Maybe we could bring the character discussions to the character discussion post?

That aside, I like Reminiscent's idea of a Bonisagus explorer.

About teleportation, personally I feel that if applicable to anything it would be major, but if only for a couple of forms, minor. I'm thinking about healing: minor in the corebook, applicable to corpus, animal and herbam.

I'd say we have a Jerbiton water sculptor, a combative Flambeau focused on perdo and a Guernicus quesitor that spent too much time on Greece recently. But your mileage may vary. =]

To this moment we have had the magi going to a nearby cave to collect vis. The covenant Tribunal is yet undefined (this is part of the plot). The troupe has previously agreed on Rhine, and some of the next seasons would be spent to develop the covenant in that direction (contacting other covenants/magi, finding sponsors, etc).

I intend to run a straightforward story about giants who need to be killed, something simple to get things going (and for Wolfgang to flex his giant-killing muscles). This would also be an opportunity if anyone wants to introduce a companion (a hunter from the covenant, a redcap, a knight seeking glory, a kidnaped maiden...).

Am still debating with myself what concept to focus on.
Am seriously thinking of making her a Fili of Lambert from MoH. Just not sure what her focus would be.
Am leaning on making her Gentle Gifted, and more of a social maga, but am torn between making her focused on Mentem, like her Pater, or going Corpus, and maybe with a mMF in aging, so she can be a great Longevity specialist, which we can trade in return for votes, in whichever Tribunal we go with.

Between being a Creo expert and working with Redcaps, I figured I would do Longevity Rituals. Mechanicals/Rustic Magi get a big bonus (roughly, they get to double MT) for Longevity Rituals, too. But I don't have plans to do a lot with Mentem. Two Gently-Gifted magi could work well together, too.

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Another consideration is whether we want some time to pass so more magi are trickling in in response to Leonardus' correspondence, or freeze everything until the new people are done with their magi.

Really? I hadn't realized that and I've spent quite some time studying the Craft Magic section in HoH:S.

Edit: Rereading the section, the bonuses they get are for spells, charged items and lesser enchanted devices. Longevity rituals are not in any of these categories. So I am puzzled by your statement.

That is certainly a possibility.

Take a look at the box on p.132:

Magi who have this Virtue may also incorporate design and inscription bonuses into other objects they make in the lab, such as invested devices, longevity rituals, or talismans.

Unfortunately, you can't grab these as attunement bonuses with the Talisman since, like Verditius Runes, while the total bonus between these and Shape & Material Bonuses is capped by Magic Theory, these are not actually Shape & Material Bonuses and the bonus from attunement specifically wants Shape & Material Bonuses.

Celeste of Merinita, fillia of Lambert of Merinita

Celeste was born at the covenant of Irencillia, the daughter of the local woodworker, and a local witch. When she was 7, her mother died, but the circumstances of her death were kept vague. Shortly after, she began to see her mother's ghost, who sought to draw her into finding out how and why she died.

When Lambert came to visit, he noticed something that no one else paid any attention to. While she didn't cause any averse reaction from the covenfolk, his animals had the same reaction to her as they did to most magi. And when he discovered that her mother's ghost haunted her, he was convinced that she was Gifted, and so took her as his apprentice.

In some ways, Lambert was a great pater to her, as his focus on Mentem meant that she could focus on ghosts, which her magic seemed to have a natural affinity to, even as it sent shudders down his spine at times. But he taught her well, and when it came to spells dealing with ghosts, while he didn't know any, he acquired a tutor for her to learn from.

She also adopted some of his own failings, but she understands that it's not his fault, and has learned to live with it.


Never noticed that this applied to longevity rituals! :slight_smile:

Regarding the Gild Trained virtue. What Abilities and Arts would be appropriate for each Gild? Sadly the Rhine book doesn't go into much details.

I'd think about which abilities and which kind of spells are more useful to pursue the objectives of each guild. The book gives martial examples for the ash guild and faerie-related examples for the elder guild. I'd say things like bargain to the apple guild, intrigue for oak, survival for hawthorn, folk ken for linden...

My fear if we freeze everything is coming back only in February due to the holidays, and who knows who might become demotivated in the mean time. On that note, what will be our availability in the next days?

I will be able to post as usual, the holidays shouldn't impact my access to this forum. This means I could run a short story (1206 Spring?) while other people get their magi ready.

Was thinking about either the Elder Gild or the Appel Gild, either would suit her parens. And was thinking on investing it in Intrigue, Order of Hermes Lore, Charm, Folk Ken, Etiquette, and Bargain.

I’m available over the holidays as well. Happy to play a grog or spin up a companion (Robin Hood-like hunter that helps the needy, is good at tracking and with mundanes could fit into the giant story and help out in some Regulus stories?)

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I'm available over the holidays so we could get going. I need to attend to Wolfgang's lab/familiar bond but that depends on what season things are happening.

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I could introduce a companion or grog for this story, depending on what we have.

Stated, we currently have a handful of shield grogs and a couple of veteran warriors.

@Arthur it seems that both @Reminiscent and @Red-Shadow-Claws concepts for magi have enough appeal. Could you create the relevant character creation topics? And also "1206 Spring - A Giant Problem"?

I'm thinking on closing the Telsberg Trouble with something I alluded to previously: Clusius got into an accidental twilight, missing the opportunity to visit by a couple of days. Later, Otto Telsberg wasn't in condition to receive the heir... and then the winter came. Since we didn't get to properly meet him this should put us in a bad position (maybe without our Right boon?) until we manage to do so in a couple of seasons, alas.

How does that sound?

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