Table talk: OOC


Please post anything that dosn't belong to the game here.


It does not seem to be possible for me to edit my posts in this forum, so I'll repost my character with changes shortly

Hello, is this thing on?

Hi, I'm not a player, but I am watching/reading along.

Max, You may have to ask Michelle Nephew to turn editing on for your forum, like they had to for the upstairs Ars game, Lough Caillte. There was/is some concern about cheating, but as long as the players are all mature about it, it isn't a problem.

(Spaminator and SG, Lough Caillte)


The game has officialy started. Keep posting characters and start gameing.


Tomorrow I will send my character sheet. For your information, it will be a typical bonisagus.

I love typical bonisagii

By the way, as some of you may have guessed, I own the full Hero Machine 2.0 program, with which I pictured my character (Being myself an horrid artist :blush: ).

If some of you want it, I'm willing to do (and re-do if needed, and then again) pictures of any character you want. Just send me a description, or a list of changes if the previous version doesn't pleases you.

BTW, sorry about the colors on my speech, I made some errors and couldn't edit it :frowning:

Why not? Please make one for Manius.

I'll try, and send it to you in mp once finished.
Since characters are so personnal a creation, feel free to correct me any time you like and ask for things.

I used to have it myself but it failed to survive one of the software/hardware upgrades. IIRC it has problems with changing the height of an image so doing Mariella would be hard as she is somewhat short and slight (Size -1)

Simple thing indeed: I just have to resize the picture to, say, 80% normal size (I can, of course, change one dimension more than the other), and it is done :wink: We could then have a group portrait, by putting some avatars next to one another.

stupid me :blush:

still stuck in 4th...
There is no more certamen skill in 5th is there?
Do you mind if I put those 5 exp in Area Lore (round our covenant) ?

Nope, no more certamen skill.

As per hero machine, good news: I've just discovered that the full 2.0 program (the same as the one I own) is now freely available online at, so those interested can use it themselves :smiley:


I will soon close the first story thread and open two other one for those who wish to travell to other covenant and one for those who remain at the covenant and explore the surroundings.

If you wish to participate in a thread that dosn't include your magus you will have to come up with a grog character that could have accompanied the magi as they don't go alone on the journey, no wizard would ever leave his covenant without a guard and atleast one servant.

So those of you who wish to post any thing att "the first assembly of the council" do so fast otherwise I write a closeing piece and close the thread. Probably this will happend in tomorrow.


Ardath will go on to explore the covenant's surroundings with frederick, as there are already enough learned magi going to search for books and she'll be more usefull there.

I'll play a grog on the other thread, probably a grizzled veteran. I woulda played ardath's shielg grog on this, as I designed him while I was at it, but he's too overprotective to go so far of her :laughing: So I'll have to design a new character

It's probably useful for players to run a Shield Grog for a magus other than their own

Now about companions and grogs...

I guess all our magi have preferences for a certain type of companion.
Would you care to post them here?
That'll make characterdesign easier for all of us.

Thijs is already designing a companion for Yannick.

Myself being proven to be VERY unlucky with fighter-types, I'd rather like to outline some of the servants (cooks, stable hands...)

Any wishes for them grogs?

I'm doing a veteran soldier type to accompagny maguses on the books quest

Mariella would certainly emply someone who can out up with her gift to act as a translator andfor dealing with mundanes onher behalf. She is somewhat more blase about a shield Grog being somewhat overconfident in the power of her magic to deal with threats