Table talk: OOC

Hello everybody and please excuse me for the late set up of this forum. Before we get on with some gaming I will command you :laughing: (Story guide waves big red hammer) to do the following.

• Create you magus. All of your magi are straight out of the apprenticeship.
• Post the character in the development forum.
• Once I OK the magus post the revised version in the character sheet forum.
• Do not complain about that the character sheets are public. :laughing: We all will do some story guiding so this information must be available.
• Once your character advances or change in some way you edit the character sheet in the character sheet forum.
• Choose a minor virtue and/or minor flaw for the covenant that you wish to include in the covenant. I flesh out the rest. Post this in the OOC forum.
• Choose 50 points of books and lab texts that will be available in the public library. That is public for junior magi. Non of the books we be above sound quality. Make them diverse and not attuned to your characters. Do not forget titles for the books and spells.
• Start writing a short story where your magi arrives to the covenant the first evening and some interaction in the guesthouse story thread. This is where the magi meet before they are allowed the morning after to come up to the covenant to meet Aelianus Robur.

Ok, my fellow players. For the moment I am moving from one apartment to another in cities with about 43 metric miles between them. I might be a little bit more distant than usual but if you want to ask me of something then PM me and ask questions in points (see the example below). I try to read as much as possible but I might not have the books at hand. Within a week or two my life will look like something normal and then I can function as normal.

I had missed the first post :blush:
Some very good ideas there :smiley: I'll think about it

I seem to be better at thinking of hooks than boons
Minor Boon- Hidden ways, there are many tunnels under the covenant excavated by elder mages in the hey day of the covenant these come out in many palces both within and without the covenant.

Minor hook - Fallen temple , a ruined temple from the days of Rome is located but a day away from the covenant overgrown in a patch of woods. It does not seem to have been investiaged by the earlier mages of the covenant

Summae Intellego Level 10 Quality 10 - Peering into the Aether

Tractatii on Perdo Quality 8- Be Not , No More

Tractatii on Vim quality 7 - The nature of magi thoughts by Sacrima

Tractatii on Auram Quality 10- Soaring like the Birds by Aquila

Lab Text Blessing of Childlike Bliss Pe Me 25

Boon: hidden Resources - The covenant has 250 build points of resources that are not immediately available to the player characters.

Hook: Protector - The covenant is responsible for protecting something such as a village, a magical grove or another weaker covenant.

Boon: Aura +1

Hook: Uncontrolled Portal - As per the “Mystical Portal” Boon (The covenant controls a mystical gateway, such as a Mercere Portal, a gateway to Arcadia, or the entrance to a well-understood regio with friendly inhabitants), except that the portal is not under the covenant’s control.

Boon: Favors
Hook: Regio with Unexpected Entires

fifty-points of books

Magnificent Fabrication
Creo Summa, Level 10, Quality 10
Author: Joseph of Flambeau, 1103 ad (Com +2, Good Teacher, Creo 30)
Features: Exemplar
Cost: 20

Key of Bonisagus
Magic Theory Tractatus, Quality 9
Author: Arturis of Bonisagus (Com +4, Good Teacher)
Features: Flap Bound

Aegis of the Magus
Parma Magica Tractatus, Quality 9
Author: Constantius of Jerbiton (Com +1, Good Teacher)
Glossed by Cornelius of Bonisagus, Com +2
Physical Features: Flap Bound, Well Scribed, Well Illustrated, Gloss
Cost: 9

[i]Riddle of Steel[/i]
Terram Summa L7 Quality 5
Phillip Ex-Miscellanea (Com -1, Incomprehensible, Elementalist, Terram 30)
Physical Features: Well Bound, Poorly Scribed
Cost: 12

fifty-points of suggested Lab Texts
ReVi35r Aegis of the Hearth (casting tablet)
MuVi20 Wizard’s Communion (casting tablet)
CrCo30r Gentle Touch of Aesclepius (HOH-S, p 100)
CrAu(Re)30 Wings of Soaring Wind
MuAq20 Lungs of the Fish
ReTe15 The Unseen Porter
PeIg20 Wizard’s Touch of Cold (Inflicts +15 damage; B15, +1 Touch, Mom, Ind)
PeVi10 Winds of Mundane Silence
MuIm10 Aura of Ennobled Presence
CrAq25 Alchemist’s Revenge (HOH-S, p 35)
PeIm20 Veil of Invisibility
ReVi15 Transfer the essence of vis (Transfers vis you touch or in an item you touch into another item you touch, holding an amount according to its shape and material. This item is known as a fons et origio; B10, +1 Touch, Mom, Ind)

Hello everybody. As you might have noticed I am a bit distant theese days. But now I have managed to sneak way for awhile and write a few things. I write them as a list thing so they can be easily read.
· There are 50pts of spells and books per player.
· Once you have thrown you characters through the character development process and picked up the scraps on the otherside. Post it in the character sheet forum and mark that you are now officialy a part of the game.
· I set friday the 14th of mars to be the last day to have working magi to use. We shall not waste all of our effort to create the characters.
· I will start a covenant develpment forum where each of you post a boon and a hook together with your suggestion of the books mentioned above. Same deadline as above.
· I will create a character that I will post through the character development forum. It will be older and have some seneority status (that is a covenant leader). He will listen to advice and for most of the time let the other magi decide, but if discussions grow tardy he will put the boot down and decide (thus the story is keept at speed).
· My magus will be a devout pagan who is involved in the Cult of Mercury and have a cat familari. Suggestions are welcome.
· My companion will be some sort of covenant mangager. Lots of social skills and perhaps a Cult of Mercury member or at least a wide breath (?) of different religious faiths.
· Is there anyone who don’t feel comfortable with Storyguiding? If so let me know. Othervise I will simply appoint a few players to run a story each chapter. The onces who are choosen are to choose a few story flaws or covenant hooks, perhaps one of each, and start a story. In the begining of the story the storyguide simply states what hooks/flaws that are going to be used and then let rip with a fun story. Personaly I will run the story of the first council meeting and then let you guys loose.
· Keep stories interesting, fast paced and involving all magi. If one story thread can’t involve all magi then you should ask to open two and name the second “Back at the covenant” or something like that.

Thanks everyone for the character development process that goes so well. I havn’t seen a reason to interfere at least for now.

Does the "edit" function work for you? I need to know if I must plead to higher powers once again.

It doesn't

I appealed to higher powers and now the edit function shall be working.

I am going to impose a new deadline. On Tuesday evening 18/3 (my time) I will compile the information in the covenant development forum and write up a covenant from the information. Any info that isn’t in that forum will be ignored. Just copy and paste if that make you happy. 50pts of books and spells per player (if you are given mandate to select books/boons/hooks by someone else who don’t feel that imaginative then do note so in your post) and a boon and a hook (both should be minor).

Question: is that 50 points of books AND 50 points of spells, or 50 points for both Books and Spells?

50pts is the total for both spells and books. I will throw in 50pts as well.

Mark's 100 points includes mine. I'm lazy, and I want to get the RP rolling.

How strictly are we going to stick to this, essentially I did my own work on Normandy a few years ago and there is a covenant I think it may be convenient to add to the tribunal

Covenant Boon - Criminals
Covenant hook - Vis Salary

Library contribution:

Summae - Applyifying the Will - quality 10 level 4


CrCrp Level 40
Incantation of the Body Made Whole
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind, Ritual
(Base 35, +1 Touch)

CrTe Level 35
Conjuring the Mystic Tower
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind, Ritual
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +4 size, +3 elaborate design)

CrVim Level 30
The Enigma's Gift
R: Voice, D: Mom, T: Ind
(Base 20, +2 Voice)

ReCrp Level 35
The Leap of Homecoming
R: Per, D: Mom, T: Ind

Hi Kang! Just a few comments.

For Boons and Hooks, Vis Salary makes me cringe, but from what I understand of the Normandy Tribunal, vis is scarce so it is rather fitting. Crossbowmen is kinda expensive though (how much do they get paid per day?). Veterans or light cavalry maybe a bit more affordable? rossbbowmen don't make good shield grogs or sword brothers. We need people that we can fight as a Trained Group with. And crossbows are a coward's weapon anyway :wink:

And your Penetration Summa is of such a low level!
I just checked my sheet though, I can use it at least one time. So I guess it isn't too low after all. Never mind :slight_smile: All Good. Who still needs to make a contribution? I am willing to assist :smiley:


but i wonder if Criminals makes more sense since this is supposed to be a hidden place with an abanded temple near by

Oh, cool :slight_smile:
I think that will work better.

And kudos for being the one to bite the bullet and take Vis Salary. It makes me cringe, but it makes total sense.

Criminals could work. Cheeper too. Max would have to give you some input as to the area. Whoever our fighting men are, I plan to comiserate with them and make sure they are well trained :smiley:

Criminals or veterans, we will form a cohesive combat unit!