Table Talk: OOC

Hi gang,

This is the official thread for open, OOC discussion.



Does anyone have a problem with I changing a few things about Valerius. I like to remove the no self esteem and change it for perhaps some Hermetic drawback such as the blatant gift or a neccesary condition or some other major flaw.


I've realized that I haven't put in Claudius's wizard's sigil. I think it should be an atmosphere of carousing - either in the thoughts created, or in the sound or look of the effect.


OK by me, although I guess FMB is the one whose opinion really counts.

I forgot my Sigil too. It's the sound of whispering.


S'fine by me.


Hi, I think I'm using the Invisible Castle roller wrong. I rolled a few times and always got the max. Is there something I need to know? Do I sign in or something?


Nope. As long as you type in something in the cahracter name space, I'll be able to find the rolls. Could just be a fluke. I just tried it an got a "6".


OK then. I made sure to name the rolls that counted as Sinmore, but I did a bunch signed in as Test.

Aha! I did screw it up!

Let me re-send the original perception roll I made, she adds nothing to it from Perception + Awareness (need to work on that!) so my original roll was not necesarily a 10, so I might not have botched. Here's the real results (I was just putting '10' in the dice field instead of '1d10')

My total was 4.

Well gang I will be going away for a while, I’ll be back on Sunday and perhaps I can read something on Monday.

Have a good time, happy Halloween!

Several, however, see the magi's boat, and desperately begin to swim towards it.

"Hey! Don't make me come down there!"

No worries Max, we'll coast you. Have fun.


Yeah, I figured you wouldn't mind the deluxe accomodations there Akoe.

2 delusional female Flambeau? :open_mouth:

Yeah, I had no idea how similiar we actually were.

Sekhmet is as much for Air as fire though. The desert sandstorms and fires. She is also big into healing too. QUestion is which personality she wakes up with (healer or divine avenger) and switching her between them.

:smiley: :laughing:


I do need to change one flaw to weakness: wines and bear (probably the limited magic resistance)


Gang, I'm away unitl Saturday. Feel free to indulge in highly entertaining character dialogue.


I have always had that effect on women Lady Sinmore :wink: