Table Talk: The bag of what-not

So, I've been quiet here, almost from the beginning, not entirely my intention. I did some writing over my vacation, things are flowing, so expect some things from me in a few days to a week, and we can start moving forward a bit quicker. It appears that we have lost Kelloppy. He hasn't been on the forum at all in nearly two months. If he shows back up, we can discuss it at that time, but for now, IMO, in the interests of progressing a story forward, I think we need to consider him out. Opinions, comments.

Good to hear from you. :slight_smile: I've tried to keep things live and going forward I don't have any other saga going, so I'm very keen on this one. Just in case you haven't noticed. :wink:

I was noticing that it had been a while since we'd heard anything from some participants. To the point that I had just done a search to see how long ago each had posted. :blush:

If Kellopyy shows up, I think we can always integrate his magus in the saga at that time.

Have you heard from Kilgs? You mentioned that he was joining the saga, but I haven't seen anything from him yet.

On a side note, I was assigned to work at a client location and Obsidian Portal is blocked from there. Invisible Castle is also blocked.

I just have to get over this sinus/ear infection or whatever I acquired before vacation, catch up on some work that piled up while I was gone and I should be good to go...

Don't worry about it.
Start-up troubles are part of the process.

Get better! Health first, always.


Sorry, folks. I just got poked by Jonathan and realized this game went straight out of my head awhile back. I'm going to blame the hot weather, not regularly checking this board, two weddings and some other things that I'll make up later (but I promise they'll be good like being turned into a newt or something). In the end, I apologize and am glad to see I didn't hold anything up. I'll try to get through all the discussions prior to posting anything so as not to restart settled topics. I should have a character idea or two to post by the end of the week.

Thanks and sorry,

I will be away from my computers until next Monday.

I will probably be away from my computers during the weekend and part of the next week. Details currently unknown though.

Work has been busy, and will be into the beginning of September. I'll chime in when I can.

OK, sorry for being silent. Somehow I got 3 weeks of "calm before Autumn work" to turn into "hardly any time and a Grand Tribunal" and it seems I'll be more than a little busy the next weeks as well. It looks like I'll have part of my life back come September. I am reading but have little time for writing.

JL, in this letter Praxiteles announces that he is relocating to Koblenz. Is that pure coincidence that he selected that city? Because the only thing Petronius mentioned to Praxiteles about potential locations was "in the Rhine River Gorge" (in this letter). The only letter where Petronius mentions Koblenz is in a letter to Aedituus, but you may have thought this was sent to Praxiteles (only the title of the post indicated that this was being sent to Aedituus -- I'll make sure any future letter are clearly identified).

If this was indeed a mistake, feel free to change your letter.

BTW, to all, I am updating the first post of the Pre-Saga Correspondence thread to indicate the detailed timeline. It will make interactions easier to track. :slight_smile:

Let's call it coincidence. It does happen occasionally and may suggest to the magi that stars are aligning or whatever mystical BS we want to swallow. Consider that we are intending to be there, and so we must contrive some reasons for our characters be there. You might ask the question in your letter why Praxiteles goes there, and I'll indicate his reason (Henri De Tours discovered a Lacuna with a Magic Aura of 1), which fits with my character's goal of staying in a city.

Cool, I was thinking about the same lines.

I watched The Hunger Games last night with my in-laws and wife. I hadn't read the book, but both my wife and mother-in-law had. I started picking apart the story; they thought I didn't like the movie, I thought it was pretty well done.
Katniss and Gale were in love but would take a lot to admit it to themselves, let alone each other.
Peeta had loved Katniss from afar or a long time and that he would ultimately sacrifice himself for her (I was close on this).

I thought it was a good movie, they thought I didn't like it. Yeah, I'm saying it again. I had to repeat it a couple of times last night.

Bringing this home: just because things are predictable doesn't mean it's not a good story. Building and complicating relationships and doing so in a realistic manner is key to good story telling.

I haven't seen it yet, but plan on seeing it at some point. I just hope the film is better then the promotional pictures I've seen, where the girl's archery posture is pretty bad. Couldn't help seeing this as I do a lot of archery, and teach it. So it just jumped at me.

But I agree -- just before it's predictable doesn't mean it can't be well executed.

You'll probably be disappointed. Things are designed to look good to the masses, and while Lawrence might have been taught proper stance/technique it probably all went out the window when they saw how it looked on camera. Experts in all fields become disappointed in how Hollywood glosses over aspects of hour beloved hobbies/careers. Not to be blunt or diminish your disappointment in her stance/technique, but 90% of the world isn't going to know enough to care about it. And Hollywood plays to the 90% (at least it hopes to play to them).

No surprise there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Although it does detract from the experience somewhat, we learn to cope with it. As roleplayer, I guess this is one more place to apply "suspension of disbelief" (to use an old expression).

EDIT: Here's the picture I'm talking about. There's at least 6 things that are wrong right there.

Left hand owie in 3, 2, 1 ... :laughing:

My time is still somewhat limited this coming week. I'll try to post a few items (like build choices) this weekend. Doing more in-character work would be good, as I am still not completely sure who Aedituus is. Go ahead and get started; I'll chime in as soon as I can.

Maybe continuing letters is better for a but, as characters can write much more easily and simply given the player constraints right now. I'll whip some letters out.