Temporis? Tempis?

After reading Art and Academe one of the other players (old hat at Ars, since 2nd edition) wanted to dig up his old stuff on time. What... VERB would one use for a Time Technique? There's not even a proper verb in english for it.

But, isn't it a limit of time? :s

Do I look like a Latin major to you? That's the point of this. ;D

What do you envision the verb doing to the forms it's paired with?

Well, if you don't have Art and Academe, let me help: The Aritotelian Category of Time involves where an object is in time. Yesterday, next week, so on.

Aware of that though he is, he's thinking of inserting a bit into Philosophiae that allows for things to move faster or slower in time: Note that Regios can do this already.

I haven't this book ^^.

But regios are like dimensional pockets... so they can be ANYTHING ^^

Quite so! But that's irrelevant to finding a nice verb that involves screwing around with temporal relationships.

Timing something is pretty standard Intellego. :wink:

Is this a real technique, from this Art and Academe book, or does the book say you can make up your own techniques and forms? Because if the latter is the case, I personally would make Time (or Tempus) a form. It's hard to come up with a verb for it because time isn't a verb.

Why, yes. Yes you do :laughing:

I son't believe its from any book. However people have been making up arts for themselves for years . In the case of the people I dealt with then IMHO it was in imitation of Mage but others may have other reasons

It's a story seed in art & academe, time considered as a property of a thing (time of its existence), and it is suggested that a new technique would be needed to manipulate this.

Should definitely be a form i think?
Cant really "temporise" something.

Old-Old Berklist discussion. They were dicussing aspects such as Space and Time, concepts absent from Ars Magica's Hermetic Magic, but existant in that "other game about wizards". I forget who it was, but someone drew the conclusion that Space and Time are aspects of an individual subject; just as size, color, and shape. To make an object bigger on the inside would be Muto, as you are changing the relation of the spatial proportions of the object, and the Form would be what that object is (such as Herbam for a wodden chest). For a person to travel through time would be Rego Corpus, I am controlling where that body exists in relation to time.

However, these are both far outside of the Hermetic limits. It was a theoretical discussion comparing the two magic systems, and I do believe that that the coversation started because someone wanted to adapt this magic system to that game. Or rather, the ArM4 system (as this was back in the late 90's).

I was wondering when someone was going to call me on that one. ;D

And yes, in Art and Academe it suggests the changing an object's relation in time should be a new Technique entirely. We've come to the disturbing conclusion that it can't be made into the common verb form of 'I blah' like Creo or Rego can, at least... not in English it can't.
Mind you, we're somewhat exceeding the bounds by suggesting a 'New Discovery' in Mythic Philosophiae. Probably through a natural philosopher examining regios. (Though we're going to go so far as to say that sending things into the past will be impossible, but not sending them into the future.)

Regardless, one of our players is interested in implementing it in a major arc so having a very Hermetic verb for it would be nice.

Isn't "time" the English verb you are after?

As in:
"I timed the race."
"The music was poorly timed."
"His timing was affected by the tides."
"He timed his spell to coincide with the knight's charge."
"I timed the placement of the apple to cause maximum embarrassment to the serpent."


'To time' in English is to measure the passage of time. Along with a few other durations that have nothing to do with what the technique will do.

I'm beginning to think, though, that Time will be necessary.

I'm not sure there is a verb that means to manipulate time, to pwn time, as a Timelord would. Not something that comes up that often.

You could fabricate one out of classically recognized sub-parts - "temporalizes" or "chronomances" or something, but it's only as valid as those who are using it as such. It's the type of word that an author would use in a novel, but no one but fans of that novel would then ever use, and then only with other fans and only in reference to that world system, directly or indirectly.

Tempus should be a Form, as well as a super major Hermetic Breakthrough :smiley:
Think about it? What are you planning to do with time? Look into the past/future? Intellego. Travel? Rego. Expand or Shrink the rate of passage? Muto with Creo or Perdo requisites.

Most effects would have to be Rituals, though I can imagine subtle non-ritual effects. Look into the past five years (Eyes of the Past :slight_smile: ), skipping ahead a little bit or making a trip go faster.

This breakthrough new Form would be unique, a secondary noun of sorts. The subject(s) affected by the spell are always a Requisite. You want to look into someone’s past by reading their palm? Intellego Corpus Tmpus. Or Tempus Corpus. “Joe’s Past” or the “Time of Joe”. I dunno. you’re the Latin scholar, figure it out :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, just start mutilating those poor latin words then... :stuck_out_tongue:

Temporo, Tempuro, Tempeo, Tempo, Tempuo? :wink:

Yeah that was my thought as well, feels far better suited than trying to make it a Techn..

Mmm that might keep its misuse down a little at least.
(because misuse, its like made for it!)