Terror in Transylvania (Summer 1234)

Again, not promising terror. Just threatening. :smiley:

Vocis, lay out your travel plan, name your entourage, and tell me what you need from me.

I just purchased Against the Dark over the weekend and my plan is expanding (or at least fleshing out) as I read it. I'll post a complete itinerary once I finish.

I have that book, but I have never delved deeply into it. What do you request that I brief up on?

I'll let you know when I know. :slight_smile: I'll provide references to any ideas I pull directly from the book.

I will spend some time browsing it this afternoon and let you know of any ideas that grab me. Right off the bast, it is established continuity that two past masters of Andorra now reside in Transylvania; Octavian of Tremere who is Quaesitor, and Xalbador of Flambeau who is a senior Knight of Seneca.

I'm rethinking the whole 'flying to Transylvania' idea. This trip is a good chance to familiarize Mica with the tribunal and introduce her to some bigwigs. What would it cost for the two of them to travel to Transylvania using Mercere portals? Is the cost per person or per group, just in case others want to come along? If that's too expensive, he may just arrange for a ship from Barcelona to Histria, which appears to be faster than Barcelona to Genoa then overland (per City & Guild).

His itinerary is dependent on which method of travel he uses.

Looking at Orbis and selecting Barcino as the point of origin and Salona as the endpoint, it says that on foot + sea it would cost 18,6 days. Add the trip from Andorra (3-5 days?) and you are in Transylvania :slight_smile:


Route would be Barcino to Ostia by ship, crossing the italian peninsula on foot and then taking another ship in Aternum to Salona. The route is mostly naval, so I guess we can assume the timing is quite OK for medieval travel as well.


Thanks for the resource, Xavi! I remember hearing about Orbis a couple years ago but never used it and forgot about it.

I'm actually headed for the Aquileia area first and plan to hire a cart of some kind, so it's giving me 16.2 days from Barcelona. The route is essentially the same, though. I'm also assuming I can use the portal to Barcelona at either no cost or so little cost it's not worth worrying about, so that part of the trip won't add any time.

Alternatively, I could sail to Genoa, head to Harco, and take the portal from there to the Transylvanian covenant/oppidum of Lycaneon. I could also use the Mallorca portal and start from Palma instead. That may be the best balance of speed and cost, unless Marko's going to let me portal-hop across Europe for free. :wink:

The difference is that Barcelona has a much higher sea traffic than Palma. So unless you have a ship of your own you might have more luck hiring the ship in Barcelona. Jumping across Europe is another easy option, yup. 5 vis if you go with magus + apprentice + 3 retainers, IIRC.

Good point. Pere could probably arrange a ship from Palma, but it won't save enough time to be worth the hassle. And if your vis estimate is right, this won't be a problem. Vocis has nearly three rooks collecting dust in his sanctum. He can also teleport himself and Mica back to Andorra when they're done.

In spring 1234, Vocis requests a meeting with Carmen...

I am planning a journey to the Transylvania tribunal this summer. It's been too long since my last trip and Mica has never been. With so many new journeymen in the fold, I doubt my absence will cause any security concerns.

Most of my reasons for the trip are personal or House-related, but there are three possibilities I intend explore on behalf of our covenant. I'll address the simplest first. The covenant of Tablinum is the site of a massive archive of Hermetic knowledge. I won't suggest it rivals Durenmar, but that's mainly because I'm not sure of Tablinum's actual extent. I do know the covenant freely trades lab texts with any magi who offer lab texts for novel spells or enchantments. Most of us here in Andorra have new inventions to offer. If we take the time to formally draft these lab texts, we could gain access to texts that haven't been seen in centuries. I plan to discuss this with the keepers of the archive and come to some agreement for future trades to bolster our library.

In addition, I hope to permanently hire a mundane Hermetic-trained professor for our covenant. My House has a...university of sorts in Transylvania that trains mundanes in arcane and Hermetic lore. I have a proposal here... (hands it to Carmen*) ...with what I consider worst case estimates for the professor's annual salary. Note the estimate does include a small salary in vis. Any Scholomance-trained professor will know that vis is far more valuable than silver in Hermetic society. I may also need to reach some agreement with other Tremere to acquire the services of such a well-trained individual. That portion of the agreement will be made between me and my Tremere sodales, with no cost to Andorra.

And finally, the most problematic idea. I want to look into the possibility of establishing a direct Mercere portal between the Transylvania tribunal and Andorra. The commercial gains could be enormous. Transylvania is a very wealthy tribunal and providing them a financial 'beachhead' of sorts on a neutral site in Western Europe would significantly improve our already strong trade status. The gains for my House would be a more traditional beachhead, giving them a mustering point should the Order be threatened in this part of the world. Yes, that would make us a potential target in the event of a conflict, but it would also give us very strong military support if such a conflict does occur.

I realize such an undertaking would have repercussions in various arenas. My goal for now is simply to open a dialogue with the leaders of my House and gauge their interest. It's possible they won't be interested at all and dismiss the idea out of hand. From what of know of Poena, though, that's not likely. But before I mention this idea to anyone, I want to ensure I have my pontifex's blessing to explore the possibility. Say the word and I won't speak of this again.

*Yes, I'm hoping to handwave this. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Moved the Vulcanus portion of this to a separate post and separate conversation. Vocis is only discussing the items in this post with Carmen.

Also in spring 1234, Vocis brings this idea to Vulcanus...

I'm traveling to Transylvania this summer. I'll be wearing your armor and informing anyone who asks exactly who crafted it. My House often commissions enchantments, mostly from Verditius magi who maintain semi-permanent residences in Transylvania. I could let it be known that you're willing to accept contracts for very high-quality items. Before I do this, I need to understand two things. First, are you even interested in performing contract work for my House? I know our reputation is often questioned, but I can assure you that any devices you create would be used only in the Order's defense. Also, I'm confident that our generals can devise ideas that can challenge even your skill. My other concern is this - how do you expect the Verditius working for my House will react when they discover a magus of your lineage is also accepting Tremere contracts? I will not conceal the fact that you are a Valdarian when discussing potential contracts and I will not risk my House's current crafting arrangements in order to give you this opportunity.

Trade texts and set up library deals as you will.This is your authority, and I support your decisions. Hiring scholars might be within your authority, but paying vis wages to them... I think you might want to consult the Council of Masters?
A portal? Talk to the Mercere. I don't like having the ones we have, I just wanted a link to Barcelona, now we are linked with Provencal and both those ends are turning into hubs. When I was growing up, Andorra was kind of like a little oasis from the Order and the feudal system.
Well, at least there is no feudalism in these parishes.
I don't like the portal idea. But authority does lie with the Redcap Quarter. Now, if you wanna fund and cast your very own Hermes Portal, knock your socks off.

BTW, I have been reading up on Against the Dark, and I have sooooooo many wicked ideas floating in my brain right now!

I'm having an equally strong reaction, but it's more akin to being seduced by a cult...the Tremere are so wonderful...one big happy family...everyone should join them...I may never play a character from a different House... :mrgreen:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I can certainly present it to the Council, but I brought it to you first as both pontifex and treasurer. The Council will eventually ask 'Can we afford it?' and all eyes will then turn to you anyway. If the answer is no, I'd rather discuss options with you now and ensure I wouldn't be wasting the Council's time.

(OOC: Is this Carmen talking, Marko talking, or both? I'm not going to try to convince Carmen if Marko is against it. :slight_smile: )

Markoko floats neutral. Carmen is just one set of eyes upon which I look upon the world. Looking at it as Roberto, he is thinking this a pretty sweet set up and allows him to easily visit old friends up in Normandy and down in Iberia. And the system is already two thirds complete. We have a link to Barcelona in Iberia(two actually), and a link to Doisettep in Provencal, and from there, points into Normandy and Rhine. The finishing touch on this network will be the portal to Harco. That will link us into Rome and more.
Reading Against the Dark, Harco links to Lycaneon in Transylvania.Until our link to Harco is complete, you can take the Doisettep line and transfer over to Harco from there. Then on to Lycaneon.
Yes, we can afford it. The question is to ask if it is redundant. Scholomnce, if that is what you are thinking, is close enough to Lycaneon that it would be. Some other point in Transylvania may be an option though. Depends on where and what House Tremere's opinion on it is. The may pay for it if they consider it wise. Or they may disallow it even if the Merecre support it.
So Markoko sides with procedure :smiley:

Wow. I completely missed that we were linking Andorra to Harco. Given that, a direct link to Transylvania is redundant. Never mind.

I do have one related question, though - what will it cost Vocis to get himself, Mica, and three grogs to Lycaneon using either a) only the portal network or b) only the Harco portal after sailing to Genoa?

That is the plan I do believe. And the more I red Against the Dark, the more I am convinced that House Tremere wants us to be linked with Harco. I am also gaining a greater sense of how important Andorra is to House Tremere. I think you know what I mean. Andorra is a political neutral zone, an excellent staging area, there are untouched hidden stockpiles, various resources and reserves, and more. Andorra is one of the lynchpins of a stable order in the region.