The Cradle & The Crescent

Can't see it :frowning:

Sahirs on the lose!

Looks like a djinn faced with a girl (guy?) on a flying carpet in front of a city with tall white towers. Not much more than that happening there.

Pretty :slight_smile:


Is that visible?


I succeeeded at seeing it at work, not at home :frowning:

I think you'll find that it's a girl. :slight_smile:

Very nice, it's going to be tough when September comes around and I need to keep this on my holiday wishlist instead of snatching it up. It's going to kill me when the table of contents is uploaded.

It is now in Safari but not in Firefox for some reason (same location / network access for both).

Looks pretty good... I really like how the Jinni has turned out!
(even if he isn't blue or green)

192 pages of goodness! Wow.


Gremlin, curiously, now your posted image is visible. (And his big format is cool).

I like it!

Looks like a great cover!

Are there any news on the content? Is it just a description of the Order of Suleiman and its lands? A big saga with multiple adventures?

I"m not sure, but if Atlas is still planning on a September release for TC&TC, I suspect we'll see the Table of Contents soon. Unless, of course, they're keeping it secret for some reason...

I saw release date in november now

Darn. I was looking forward to this. It sounds like a monster of a book. So much in there.

You will have to wait for the ToC to be posted - hopefully soon...

It is much more than just the OoS. The webpage teaser hints at what is to come.



Whether September or October this is likely to be a holiday gift for me so the slight delay isn't a bother - although hopefully Amazon will have its act together this time. Actually I probably shouldn't put it on my Amazon wishlist and suggest my sister pick it up from a better source.

I can't wait to see the ToC, I'm very excited to see what's covered :smiley:


Very interested in Egypt around this time. Country would be approximately half Christian; a significant Coptic revival era; lost influence over Lybia as it was almost fully Islamic at this point. Strong connections with Ethiopia still as it ordained all the members of the church there. Significant friction between the sultan of Egypt vs Damascus - making Cairo the Sultunate Capital (soonish) etc etc etc

Sam W.

Egypt isn't covered. It's already a vast area, and Egypt would almost justify a whole book to itself.

Now that we've got that settled - how much do you want me to donate for that book's development? :wink:

Well, for those of you who may have missed the announcement, the ToC is finally up: ... ntents.pdf

Cool. Very exciting to see this almost here...

Remember, an extra 48 pages of goodness!