The Cradle & The Crescent

Looking awesome there, guys. I can imagine the work that went into this.

I don't want to be pretentious, but there's something very rewarding about playing a game that can be so inspired, inspiring, and respectful all at once about a historical culture that isn't the one we'd normally associate with the FRPG scene. Having read the ToC alone, I'm itching to bring the medieval east and west together in a saga.

Glad to hear it.

That's the whole idea so hopefully we achieve this.



Looking awfully good, guys. Can't wait to see it.

Man, so hyped to get this. I wonder if the resident Zoroastrian Flambeau is going to want to retrofit his character a bit.

A bit sad that this is coming a year after my Normandy covenant made their massive Journey to the East storyline, but perhaps we shall see them visit again.


That TOC looks very impressive. Both in scope - man, but it covers a lot of ground! - and in the hinted flavor and options it presents. I'm going to purchase this thing once it goes PDF. :slight_smile:


P.S. Thanks for all the new PDFs Atlas! They're very much appreciated.

It looks very interesting indeed. :slight_smile:

The only missing thing seems to be a saga or at least some fully-written adventures in these exotic lands.

Want it!

Nothing like a TOC to put us all on a hype. :mrgreen:

Looks cool. Seems that magic has a strong "art and academe" feel to it, with reagents periapts and inceptions being reused (maybe in more powerful formats?). Expanded with 2 other arts (storytelling and travel). We will see what they bring :slight_smile:

Seems the order of Suleiman of 3rd edition is back. IIRC it was left as a possibility with no hard data in previous editions. Sahir seems to have a widely expanded power listing.

Lots of info on zoroastrian magic as well. I do not have much interest in those, but hey.

It quite looks likem the travel guide to the East. People, animals, places to visit, dangers (beware of pickpocket djinn!) and places to eat. Sounds good :slight_smile: I am interested in the levant-ish part of it more than the lands beyond, but it can easuily be milked for "stuff brought to your saga by Silk Road Inc." for sure, so you can find the problems in your doorstep in the Rhine tribunal.


Hm, wondering if this is at press, or has an update on arrival window.

...If only because, you know, my birthday is in November, and my players need good ideas on what to get me.


"The book after tCatC is very likely to be Hermetic Projects. (It isn't back from the printer yet. Something could still go horribly wrong.) Since tCatC is going to be out in November, I suspect it won't be a December release, but release scheduling isn't my department."
~ David Chart, October 5, 2011

Just received the Amazon Pre-order message for this. November 14 seems to be the release date...

Same here, can't wait.

Somewhat unusually, Amazon appear to have got it right. (Although I think that's the to-distributors release date; it may be a couple of days later before it makes it to shops.)

Excellent! With a birthday on the 17th, and The Compleat Strategist tending to get things in the week the go to the distributor, there's hope that my Ars Magica Birthday Spectacular weekend may feature wine, reverie, and The Cradle and the Crescent!

Fingers Crossed!


PS: Yes, indeed... this is very odd for Amazon to have a release date that is anywhere close to correct for an RPG...

Hmmmm.... so do we know if The Cradle and The Crescent is going to distribution next week?


Right! Where are we? I have a gaming budget to burn through, you know.

It´s strange, but at this day (15th November) the status is "Out of Print--Limited Availability", and it can´t be bought from Amazon :frowning:. We`ll have to wait, i suppose


My Amazon preorder announcements stated: "Delayed - December 9."



Damn. I was planning to get it from my LGS this friday ...

My email from Amazon said December 15th. :frowning: