The Exarch (late summer 1242)

I am not neglecting you. I have a plan.

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"Understood, but as I said, if both you and Garus believe that Andorra is the best place for this convocation, perhaps you can each put aside your differences for the good of your House and come to an agreement."

"Ah, Beatrice, of course. I know her well. I'm sure we can come to an agreement if you and Garus are unable to."

"Of course, I agree that that is a separate matted all together."


And yes, Solomon is purposely poking him on the working with Garus thing. He's trying to imply that they should stop being so damned childish and both work towards what is best for their House and the Order. It's not exactly subtle, but not "out there" enough to be something he can directly challenge. At least that's the intent.

You totally out-gammed me with simple statements and I am befuddled. In his urgent need to get Solomon to agree with hosting th Convocation, he sold the farm on everything else. He even admitted (to himself!) that his true goal is not to become Primus or overthrow Garus. He is in opposition to Cipiro trying to take over.
And I myself was more worries he came off to hard handed about the Valten IV thing. He was overplaying the idea that this was not a gift by making it sound like an emergency war plan.
But it is a gift. He has the influence to form elite teams as he desires. He chose to give you guys first crack at him because he likes you and knows there is a personal grudge.
But he also really wants this guy taken out. The guy tried to have Pietro assasinated in Valencia. He got hit with the Twilight wand.

Roberto keeps his mouth shut but is giving Pietro the stink eye.

Vocis is quiet during the meal and discussion. Watching the more senior Magi interact with some of the "named" personalities of the Order is interesting for a short while, and then becomes very frustrating. Vocis recognises the feelings and hides his mood, by concentrating on certamen timing exercises. He listens intently.

Frustrating because these senior Magi are openly talking about multiple breakdowns of leadership in the Order, to be solved with deception and violence, and exposing their self-interest. The call for retribution upon Valten isn't lawful. The secret mission for Vocis isn't lawful either if conducted as intended - and as much as it is flattering - these older Magi could conduct a secret war themselves without placing Andorra and her Magi at risk.

He is watching the two celebrity Magi carefully.
Why not a Wizards' War - timed and triggered using the old Tremere ways? (note: as a player I'm not sure that the request to kill Valten was made openly ?? If so, wow!)
Why open Andorra's gates to potentially hundreds of volatile Flambeau Magi? The security risk is very significant.
Why are the Andorra Magi risking themselves away from the covenant to investigate Val Negra, when a primary member is sitting at the table?

... because we can't trust these senior Magi. Either of them.

Vocis is worried that he may have unintentionally mislead Lucas; neither Exarch Markus and Arch Magus Piedro are beyond suspicion.


Question - Do we know if Valten is also mixed up in the Obsidian Ring? If so, the Tremere and these senior magi are also talking about removing much of the senior stakeholders in the Obsidian Order.

Ancient Discovery is a darn interesting story, but I doubt Vocis would volunteer for that style of adventure. As a player I'd love to, but Vocis has other irons in the fire to perform, and practical labwork to complete.

Valten IV is a marched outlay hiding out somewhere in Egypt. He attacked Andorra a dozen years ago, sent the senior magi present into twilight, killed two othwrs,? and murdered more than two score of grogs. This is a very lawful discussion.
The secret mission comes from Prima Poena. Markus is also under orders. Vocis is jumping to conclusions. Finding a lawful way to accomplish your goal is a viable option. Just dig up the right dirt.
As for the other story, perhaps you could play Diego again, or grab/generate another loose magus.

Good, that’s what I’m here for :slight_smile: In all fairness though, it’s probably not too unexpected. At the end of the day, Pietro is a Flambeau and probably not very interested, or skilled, at political maneuvering. Solomon on the other hand, whether he likes it or not, has a pretty fair amount of political acumen and working these sorts of things due to his background as a quaesitor.

Pietro can consider it a gift if he wants, but Solomon doesn’t. Valten has been marched and thus it is everyone’s duty to deal with him. That Pietro has offered to give them the info first, then that’s great, but Solomon won’t feel any need to provide compensation for that. Besides, Pietro just explicitly said it’s not a gift, and thus expects nothing in return :stuck_out_tongue:

As Marko mentioned, Valten has been marched, so not only is it acceptable to discuss taking him out, it would be considered required to discuss him in those terms.

As for the rest, just so you know, Vocis (under his previous player) was more than happy to engage in political shenanigans and push his personal agenda. If I remember correctly, even the Tremere hospital somehow furthered Vocis’ personal political ambitions. And even if you don’t want to play him that way, realize that many of the rest of us are going to assume Vocis is doing that anyway. He is a Tremere after all. It’s sort of like assuming a Flambeau is a combat magus or a Bonisagus is into research. Tremere are political, that’s what they do.

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Thank you PoB I wasn't aware of Valten's status, so that makes far more sense. To adjust; no theory about the Obsidian link, but a view that Andorra I still being used.
I see Vocis as political, but with a high regard for the process of law, although he considers himself an exception. He's also not skilled enough at present to execute these requests personally.

And on second thought then, he'd visit the lands in the south too.

Atthe end of the day, Pietro was raised up as a Tytalus, converted to Flambeau, becme an Archmagus, and was elected by them to lead their war council (bearing the title of Antares). So he is very savvy in politics, and quite accomplished.
Why did he convert? He claims it is because he became disgusted by the chicanery and prevarication that he perceives is at the core of Tytalus culture. Hechose Flambeau because he admired their forthright directness and bold willingness to take action. But this was back in the 12th century, old school House Flambeau.
His political detractors claim he is just a trickster and still Tytalus at heart. They point to the fact that he wrote his own version of The Book of Instruction and his writings on the history of Flambeau are highly contraversial.
Just to say, don't underestimate the old guy :slight_smile:
And it is I Mark that is calling Valten a gift. Howeverany of our characters view it in game is what it is. But from an outsider pov, it is a nice thing he has done for us.

Pushing Forward...

Do you want to close this up and call it an interlude between Seasons? Potential xp better than exposure but not as good as study. Then play out bits of it in separate story threads? Or do we want to continue from here?

Rilcheaux is still waiting to head out for his journey...

Do you want to do that here or in a new thread?

Either is fine with me. The only thing I can really see it affecting is experience, if Rilcheaux would be awarded experience for what he has already done in this thread and a new thread, or... he really hasn't had much of a chance to 'dedicate' the experience of this thread to an agent he is working on because I assumed there would be more to do later, before that redcap storyline was essentially dropped...

I think you had something for Cecilio. Would that work better in another thread?

I'm fine with the interlude. The one question is whether you want to play out the discussions with Garus to get him to also agree to the stipulations Solomon has detailed? Or Beatrice if it comes down to that.

Also wanted to get Vocis and the Exarch to chat about the private Tremere things (snarf).

Let us close this thread with that and spin the other stuff into new threads

Closing this one up and starting new stories spawned off of it. Everyone that participated receives 5 points of Fortune. This tale came at the end of Summer, so whatever your activities were still stand. However, Exposure xp may be gained/diverted as appropriate. Ne stories spawned from this take place in Autumn (or later).

So what happened with the trip to Val-Negra?

That will eventually be dealt with here