The Fate of the Arts?

Somebody was spreading rumors of a Fate conversion over on Interesting idea but as Ars ==> oWoD Dice Pool System ==> Fudge (simulating the results of a dice pool roll) ==> Fate, I have to wonder if a supported FATE version wouldn't end up as a 6th edition. Have to say though, translating a meaty magic system into Fate would probably be popular. Need to go find where I put my PDFs of Fate Core and there magic sup (and see if I can lay hands on a copy of Dresden). My gut is that you could retain technique + form by using a one level if fate = 2.5 levels of an art system. Spontaneous magic is going to need to be reworked a bit and advancement might get interesting.

Hum let me fiddle around with this some.

Have a good, long look at .

No reason for rumors on an upcoming conversion to Fate.