The Form Least Loved

From your experience, which is the least loved Form? The one fewest magi concentrate their efforts on? Note that I do not mean the most underappreciated, the secret jewel nobody understands. It might well be just a very lame Form for one reason or another :slight_smile:
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The Form Least Loved
  • Animal
  • Aquam
  • Auram
  • Corpus
  • Herbam
  • Ignem
  • Imaginem
  • Mentem
  • Terram
  • Vim

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In our games, perhaps surprisingly, it's Ignem. Nobody has ever wanted to make an Ignem magus, except for a one-shot. For two simple reasons:

  1. it's hard to control, and most of all:
  2. it's not that versatile (despite the excellent job I've seen with Ranulf): basically, any other Form seems to give you more.

Imaginem. I've yet to see a character where this was intended to be a primary art.

Imaginem seems to me to be an art where it;s far better to cast spontaneously, but to be able to do it, and to succeed often I feel like a Magi out of Gauntlet cannot do the big effects, and he has to concentrate on lower magnitude effects, untill he can research more and up his Imaginem and Techniques.

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Oh my. You definetively need a Glamour specialist in your games.


I've seen few Imaginem or Herbam specialists in play.

Both arts seem to have good potential but I think the one Herbam character I'm about to start playing is the first specialist of that art I've seen in an actual game.

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I was expecting some (many?) of the others but ... Vim?!?
How can a troupe not love Vim with burning passion?
Timothy Ferguson, Cyborg, this question is for you!


Because I still don't understand how metamagic is supposed to work, in play. Do you have to master every spell with Fast Cast so you can get off PoF and Wizard's Boost in the same round, or are you just expected to learn Diameter versions and spend multiple rounds setting up metamagic for a single spell? And I can't shake the suspicion that if you do get it working, it amounts to "Major Magical Focus:Literally Everything Plus Flexible Formulaic Mutantes", which would be frankly bullshit.

Because if Arcane Connection/Intangible Tunnel shenanigans are taken to their logical extreme it does very unpleasant things to the idea of actually going out and adventuring, not to mention having to be constantly paranoid about your own arcane connections to an unfun degree.

Because for any given problem, multicast might-strippers are the least fun way of solving it.

I could go on, but I'm at work and probably shouldn't.


I am actually surprised Imaginem has more dislike than Animal. While there are some nice things it can do, Animal just tends to be boring and is the one Art I have never played with a specialist of in the saga.

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I quite like Imaginem, but despite liking it I've always suspected the only things it offers are Hermetic crimes (sneaking and scrying) and things Mentem does better (bullying muggles).

I don't think it's dislike, Illusionists are solid character concepts I just haven't seen many.

It's spelled out pretty clearly for MuVi that Moment is acceptable duration to cast normally one round to affect a spell cast the next round. Heck, I hear there are momentary spells that last more than one round, just not 10.

Hmm... can you elaborate on the "boring" part? Animal has a number of great advantages; it's probably the favourite "solid" Form in our games.

First, if you specialize in Animal, and have a focus, that focus is quite likely to cover your familiar.
Second, Animal gives you (many different types of) sentient minions capable of independent action. The may not be the smartest minions, but generally speaking they can take care of the tactical level of most situations if you manage the strategic level.
Third, Animal is a solid form. This means that you can create bridges, walls, flying platforms, avalanches to smother enemies with it. More generally, Animal covers a wide range of commonly used materials and tools: wool, silk, leather, ivory. Oh, honey and milk and poisons too! So in a pinch, your magus can really become a swiss knife.
Finally, with a simple "shapeshift to Animal" spell, you can then apply healing to people too, via animal.

Actually, to affect a D:Mom spell, you only need a D:Mom MuVi spell.
You need Sun (or possibly Conc?) for Rituals.

Going out and adventuring? That's what grogs are for :slight_smile:
Jokes apart, thanks for sharing. I think troupes tend to "shape" their games in certain ways, and it's refreshing to see other perspectives.

I did not say there were not nice things it could do (you listed off several) or that it is something that a Magus should not study (though I think all Arts should be studied since I tend towards Generalist).

What I was saying is that in the groups I have played with, no one has been interested in playing a specialist in it. You were asking about least loved Arts and in the entire time I have been playing that has consistently been Animal. Sure there are some solid things, but no one wanted to play "Magus Dan, the Veterinarian Man!"

Isn't it interesting that so far only one person listed Herbam compared to the six who have listed Animal? Heck even my current Generalist did OR into Herbam.

EDIT: Even in the pre-made Magi, the only Animal Specialist I can think of is that shape shifter guy in MoH.

Yes, Herbam is another good Form, but I would not have expected to get more love than Animal. Not by a long shot.

Herbam did not even cross my mind as being a possible "Least Loved". Nearly every group I have played with has had a pure or partial specialist in it, making it one of the most loved in my own experience.

Actually the four Forms with the least votes are the ones that are the most loved/specialized in throughout my AM gaming history. Mentem and Corpus need no explanation for why, Terram seems to be the Form with the widest breathe of possibilities, and Herbam.

EDIT: I honestly could not tell you why so many in the varies groups I have played with rather be the "Farmer Man" over the "Vet Man". The times I have played a specialist, it has normally been Mentem or Vim.

Nobody takes Imaginem because most of the useful applications of the art require a deep investment in Finesse as well, because a crappy illusion is a poor tool. Also it offers poor offensive ability (by itself - though to be fair it has good defensive) and not a ton of utility to overcome obstacles. And most Imaginem spells have to be fairly specific (i.e. an illusion of a human, and illusion of a bear, of a tree, of a bridge) and are of a level that spontaneously casting them can often be difficult. And then there's always the applications that get you dragged into Tribunal on scrying charges, even if your use was perfectly innocent and you'd probably have the charges dismissed, you're still going through the process.

Spend one bound for the Boost, and one for the PoF... if it's your PoF.

Metamagic vim stuff is munchkin paradise. Vim is rubbish if you haven't invested in it heavily, and know the magic rules back to front.

I've never played Ars with a munchkin group, thus the minimal Vim love here. My current character, I chose gentle gift to tone him down and decided not to get the minor magical focus I was going to, as otherwise I would have probably heavily outshone the other characters.

The lack of imaginen loves surprises me. The versatility of invisiblity type magic, the best defensive spell in the core book, the +3 to social interaction rolls spell. Imaginem has a bunch of good things.