The library

as things currently stand anyone in the covenant can read any book, and anyone over 30 can contribute tractatus if the SQ is 7 or higher, and can contribute summae if over 40 years old. Only books by magi, or any of the "educated core" - teachers, scribes, illuminators and bookbinders, and presumably companions currently gets scribal treatment, though some grogs have a scribal quality high enough to get the bonus from their own work- I am defining scribal quality as Dex+scribe ability. Most tractatus get a SQ of com+3+1(bound)+3(non-magical topic)
Any directive Leaf wants to give, or any feedback from the council should be discussed here. Leaf is able to direct the scribes for up to 2 seasons a year (their free time is their own, though as grogs the players can direct that as well)

How many books can be bound with Resonant materials/season? (I imagine it comes down to Labor points, but I really don't know)
For how long are those books out of circulation? Andros currently has materials for 2 Co books (he'll reserve the rest for those he is going to write) and 1 Rego book. But I want to coordinate, because those books are in people's to read list (Andros had Authority and Control, Re19/12 for Summer and Fall 1110).

Wishes for use of Resonant material:
•For Co, rebinding for Blood and Bone: The Explorers' Guide to Human Anatomy Level:15 Quality 15, and Humours and their Diversion, Tractatus Q14
•For Rego, rebinding The Magus' Craft Level:15 Quality 15

*edited, the Re19/12 summae already has resonant materials (purchased), so better for the covenant the 15/15 becomes 15/17

There are no direct guidelines given for the work a bookbinder can do in a season. However, there are some related notes:
a percimanarius can produce enough vellum at base value for 4 books per season. Illumination has a base of 1 manuscript per season (though I have not ben strictly enforcing this). Bookbinding seems far less complicated than either of these, so I would guess that the number which can be bound in a season will be limited more by the amount of material available than by the ability of the bookbinder. On the other hand I will state that only one type of resonant material can be used per season- switching back and forth is simply too distracting.
As to how much is available this depends on how you spend adventure rewards: each reward is enough for one text (tractatus or summae), and this is not based on quest points.

Ok, Andros will go to the librarian and book binder (Leaf is a Book binder also) to put these books on top: 1st the Rego one (during Spring 1110) and then the 2 Co ones (Summer 1110? these are not on anyone's 1110 schedule). I imagine regular books can be bound alongside Resonant ones. Just want to see if Andros needs change his schedule for 1110 (Summer, Fall read that Rego book).

Just noticed Taurus also chose to read the Perdo Summae for Winter Andros had already put on his schedule. Andros will cede to the more senior magus.

Leaf's direction for the scribes/library support staff is to work on the back log of finishing up (bookbinding/illuminating/skilled-scribing) the books the magi have written. Then the books the apprentices have written. Then the books that educated Covenfolk have written. If that's all done they should create tractatus on their bookbinding/illuminating/scribe ability. Magi are obviously allowed to draft anyone for something they need first. Notably, that means the Rego, then the Co books are getting love first if they haven't already.

Edit: Which Rego and Corpus books are you looking at in particular?

All of the magi's books are caught up. Is there a particular order you wish the covenfolk books to be scribed in, and should trips to copy books from Harco be put off until they are finished? Currently the covenfolk are writing books faster than we can scribe them, aside from those who have learned to scribe well enough to improve their own works. Do you wish to pose additional limits on which covenfolk may write books?

A little higher in the posts,
•For Co, rebinding for Blood and Bone: The Explorers' Guide to Human Anatomy Level:15 Quality 15, and Humours and their Diversion, Tractatus Q14
•For Rego, rebinding The Magus' Craft Level:15 Quality 15

Keep sending a scribe to Harco, don't put off those trips for covenfolk writings. Out of bias Leaf will ask that all covenfolk write their books in Latin. Otherwise, Academic books scribed first, and craft books next.

Leaf, should be able to rebind those books easily enough.

Aurthor is reading the Re summae Summer 1110 on, so keep that in mind, darkwing, it will be 15/17 by that time. Slight improvement!

I've added the books Anna wrote to the Library page on the wiki.

silveroak, it appears when I organized the Library wiki page, I accidentally erased whatever Root for Herbam existed. Don't know if you have a snapshot, or recall the name and level. Was it the one at Harco, A Study of Plants L6 Q21?

yes it was.

At the end of 1111, Andros brings two texts to be scribed, illuminated, and resonantly bound:
The Magus's Parry (Rego, base +2 Comm, Great Teacher, +2 resonant material)

Your Body, My Weapon (Corpus, base +2 Comm, Great Teacher, +2 resonant material)

He also brings Resonant materials for the following, to be rebound:
•Vim (wishes The Pure form Level:15 Quality 15 be rebound, to raise Q to 17)
•Terram (wishes Uncovering the Bones of the Earth Level:15 Quality 15 be rebound, to raise Q to 17)
•Animal (wishes Fantastic Beasts and where to find them Level:15 Quality 15 be rebound, to raise Q to 17)
•Rego (wishes Authority and Control Level:19 Quality 12 to be rebound, to raise Q to 13)
•Corpus x2, (wishes Evandrus's tractati Healing Quality 12, and This may sting at first Quality 12, both be rebound, to raise Q to 14)
•Creo (wishes The Art of Becoming Level:15 Quality 15 be rebound, to raise Q to 17)

He will prioritize the Rego summae, which he plans to keep on reading in Spring 1112, his 2 tractati (wants people to read them, hopefully will be picked up by Harco...though without the Resonant materials).
After that, the Corpus books, the Vim book, the Terram book, the Creo book, and eventually the Animal book.

The Harco library does not appear to have changed. What can be obtained through the Redcap network, silveroak?

tractatus are in constant flux as to what is available, and there are always commentaries available for any of the authorities as well... in any given art there will be 2-3 tractatus at level 11 available at any given time, though once one has been purchased it could be several years before the number of available and unpurchased tractatus increases in that subject again. Commentaries on the authorities are collected by redcaps and copies sold as well- there are 8-12 commentaries at level 12 or 13 for each authority, available for 2 pawns apiece.

Well, we have a lot of Herbam faerie vis, and not an Herbam magus in the house, can we spend, say 14 pawns to get 6-7 of these commentaries (assuming we already have the summae on which they are commenting). Don't know their exchange rates for Faerie vis. Will take it up with the Council.

How about the Bonisagi folios, or Lab Texts, for spells and devices?

Andros might be interested in a Concentration summae.

Any spell listed can be assumed to be in a folio from some year or another, these texts are available at 30 levels per pawn of vis.
Faerie vis trades fairly well, with most magi unafraid of it and Merinita actually pursuing it, you can buy it from Mercere at 5:4 value compared to magic vis of the same art (5 faerie=4magic), they purchase 3 pawns as if valued at 2 (3 faerie=2 magic) often times lab texts are used to make up fractional vis.

Siderno scribe shows "Scribe Rego for Taurus", in Winter 1111, should be for Andros. Taurus wrote a Magic Theory tractatus in Fall, and the same scribe took care of it.

Camilla translates Evandrus's Lab texts, up to level 70, she adds 120 (Latin 6 hermetic x 20) levels of those spells to the library: Aegis of the Hearth [ReVi 30], Chirurgical Cut of the Mundane [PeVi 20], Panic of the Trembling Heart [CrMe 15], Heart of the Lion [CrMe 15], Mercury's Winged Sandals [ReCo 20], Purifying the Poisoned Host [CrCo 20]
*added to library

Andros pens his new Corpus book in Winter, Sweat, Blood and Tears: a Magus's primer, he provides Resonant materials for it to be bound. Will add to Library.

Andros's latest quest for Resonant materials (1112) was all about Creo: he wants Platonic ideals and Creation the First to be rebound. He will reserve 1 batch for a future book he will write on Creo.

*edited to add changes.

Hi silveroak, Aurthor has written 2 Teaching tractati, both read Q14. Shouldn't they be Q16? Just basing myself on Markus's Teaching tractatus, unscribed with a Q of 13 (Aurthor has +2 Comm on Markus, and is also a Good Teacher).

actually it should be a 17- I suspect I put that in there before noting that non-magical texts get an additional +3 to quality (but cannot gain from resonance)