The library

Think Markus read them both, Taurus at least one (could have sworn it was both), and I'd imagine some of the other grogs, also.

yeah, I'll track that down tomorrow.

given that leaf is likely quite productive, it might be useful to specify what work he does instead of simply indicating work on his time usage.

Spring 1113: Lady Agniezka cannot read Magic Theory for Apprentices as it is being read by Carmen

Fixed this, sorry about that!

K. Can he complete all three tasks in a single season?

scribe, illuminate and bookbind? Or were you referring to a third?
Scribe you can copy/improve either one tractatus or 6+scribe levels of summae in a season, illuminations can be made at 1 per season , modified for higher skill+ dexterity as per city and guild (actual total/6 per season). bookbinding I cannot find a good definition of output anywhere, but have thus far assumed the bookbinder has been able to keep up with book production. However more than just doing scribing/illustrating/bookbinding the question of which book is being improved through his efforts would be useful so the library itself can be kept up to date with his work.

Andros turns in his next Rego tractatus, Stride Strategies. Sadly he has no Resonant materials for this one, will seek some to be rebound later.

He turns over to Leaf Intellego materials: mirrors, clear crystals, etc..., to rebind:
•Stretching the Senses
•Prying the secrets of the hidden worlds
•Anna's Intellego for Apprentices

Colorful, smelly, coarse, sweet material for Imaginem resonance, to rebind
•The Sounds of Colors Tasted Level

Andros returns to the library at the end of Summer 1114 with Resonant materials (golden torcs, medals, ancient parchments of orders, a blackened pitted sword and its scabbard, a leather scourge strangely preserved) for 2 books:

Rego to rebind his tractatus "Stride Strategies"
and Perdo to rebind the summae "On the Advantages and Acceleration of Atrophy"

Is the Library 1 room, or a series of rooms? Or a structure? Andros plans to create anti-fire, daylight illumination and anti-vermin devices for it, wondering what the T: should be.

Andros writes 2 tractati in 1116, a Teaching one "Book Learning and Practice: a Balance", with all bells and whistles should be Q14,
and a book on Corpus "Counsel for the Brawling Magus", he uses his remaining Resonant material for Corpus for Leaf (or whoever's turn it is) to bind. Should be Q13 like the others.

As these were on the planner, will add to the library.

Brings Muto resonant material for 2 books, wants "Changes" and "Transforming Plato: Mutations on the Perfect Forms" rebound.

Brings Perdo material for 1 book, wants "Ashes and Dust" rebound. Will keep 1 Perdo material for his use.

Also, Anna wrote a Magic Theory tractatus in Spring 1115, it's not yet listed in the library. Lady A, Camilla, or most any magi would love to read it!

Is anyone having trouble posting books they have written to the library page?

Quite Possibly a Cat, are the Magic Theory tractati Anna wrote in 1115 and Evandrus in 1116 available for the library?

Leaf is finishing up Evandrus's tract in 1117. Anna's should be ready though...

If you look at the activities of the other scribes, it should be caught up. I do however leave it to the authors to post the books in the library. With 3 scribes besides Leaf there hasn't been any trouble keeping up on the scribing.

Danae comes to the library with Resonant materials for both the Faerie Lore summae and for the Penetration summae. She leaves quickly, Leaf is also another Blatant Magical Air creature, ugh! :slight_smile:

For 1118 Andros brings his new tractatus on Te, "The Shattering Hammers", with Resonant materials and all bells and whistles, it's Q13. Will add to Library. Also a new Vim tractatus traded/found in an adventure.

Is Leaf's Grant Book Learner ability known, Quite Possibly a Cat? Andros would like to bargain for it.

The idea was it would be a blessing for those who make significant contributions to the library. For the record, mystical texts are heavily favored when weighting contributions. Hmm... he's probably contributed enough to the library as it is. And he's not a jerk right? Leaf will use the power for free, and pay for it with his confidence. He has enough to fully pay it! Bam! I'll go knock off the confidence right now.

Ha! Now I read this!

Well Andros will keep contributing! At some point he will create Fire and Vermin wards and a Magic Light source for it, I had asked several posts ago how big it needed to be to illuminate the place, Room + size magnitudes? Structure?

But I meant bargain, because Leaf has Vis Mastery, and he might want some vis to offset his lost confidence. He might just want vis, generally speaking!

The library has nearly 400 tomes currently, which would qualify it as a medium library by covenants standards- a single room with books shelved around it and a common reading/meeting area in the center. Target room will suffice to cover it, at least until/unless it expands to multiple rooms.