The Mages Travel to De Panne

Who if anyone is travelling to De Panne with Havlard? For convenience sake Labwork keeps Havlard busy until after the problems with the bandits are resolved so chronologically this will be after the events in 'On the Road'

Dragor will go :slight_smile:
Roerto has to catch up on study & lab work. He's been slacking.

Aelianus needs time for lab work and study. Have no companion and no idea of what to make so.... I guess that Aelianus stay home unless it is a short visit that does not ruin lab work.

You have already been away from the covenant for 7 days on your journey to shadows of the past.. It is about 3 days journey each way to De Panne. Iolar will not be travelling as she is catching up on her lab work.
If you want any unnusual companions , shadows of the past is a good source of pagan cultists, and other unnusual people.

I'll start posting on the journey soon

Following the long argument about bandits in the council chamber Havlard and Dragor are able to set off to De Panne . There Dragor will be able to arrange for the replacement of many of the supplies lost in the bandit attack.
The journey to De Panne is either a single very long day or two shorter days journey

I'll have Marcello tag along as well. Be good to have someone to talk to the people.

Making the journey on foot as Havlard does not mix well with draft animals, the group sets out late as Havlard is not good at travelling in the morning, which leaves the group travelling for two days as it is difficult to travel after night falls.
The Group camps in the wilderness as the inn is not well placed for them as it is set up for travellers coming from De Panne. There is no signifigant problem with the journey and they are in sight of De Panne before sunset on the second day, as the town comes into sight Havlard is able to feel the presence of the Divine

Halvard and Dragor are not good at traveling in the morning. A very good reason to have Marcello. :smiley:

Halvard will look the town over to see if it is the town of his vision.

Marcello can go into the town and talk to the priest and get some news.

I have managed to leave my notes at work , progress tommorrow

LOL, that happens :smiley:

The town of De Panne is obviously properous , the centre of the town is walled but many buildings have spilled out beyond the old roman walls. There is a chirch clearly visible on a rocky outcrop not far from the port , and on another area of raised ground beyond the wall is a small castle. The port seems to be on a rockt premontary leading out from wide sandy beaches into the sea.
To Halvard the town is clearly the one from his vision the church and the castle are the ones he saw in the vision. As he moves closer to the town he feels that the Divine aura of the town seems weaker than he would expect.

Marcello heads into town there are a fair number of people coming and going so he attracts no undue attention. Getting to the church is no problem there the town Priest Galcher is talking to several parishoners who seem to be fairly wealthy.

Dragor busies himself securing supplies.

Dragor has dealt with the merchants in the town before and securing repalcement supplies , except for the cash payment is no problem

Dragor also asks around about Jacques, that Flameau magus that robbed us. I never mention that he is a magus nor the word Flambeau. Just the name Jacques and a physical description.

Dragor also asks around about Jacques, that Flameau magus that robbed us. I never mention that he is a magus nor the word Flambeau. Just the name Jacques and a physical description.

Marcello approaches in his brown robes and white belt that announce him as a monk of the Franciscan order ( or Friars Minor as they are known now). He waits until the Priest is finished speaking with the townsmen before coming forward.

(in broken Flemish [2])
[color=red]Greetings Father. I am Brother Marcello. My I trouble you for a moment?

Recognising the poor flemish the priest tries to see if Latin would be easier
[color=red]How may I help you brother?

Marcello: ((in Latin))

[color=red]Was it really that bad? I though I was doing much better. ((Deep rolling chuckle)) I am Brother Marcello. As you might have guessed, I'm new to the area((winks and short chuckle)). I am assisting some scholars to the south((broad, sweeping gesture taking the entire southern horizon)). They are getting supplies so I thought I could take some time to talk with you and gather some news.

The town looks prosperous. You must be doing well.

[color=red]The church propers physically when the merchants of the town are doing well and they are going very well lately and then they give money to the church to try and buy a place for their souls in heaven, I am less sure about the spiritual health of my Parish however I can but try and I am sure many priests would love to have my problems. Would it be the scholars in the ruined fishing village down the coast, Novus Magnus or some old latin name like that, I had heard that more scholars had moved back in