the pilgramage begins: Fall 1200

Iustica gathers in Constantinople to begin her pilgrimage. through a priest she has heard that other pilgrims are gathering here, including Alexandros. A ship has been booked to sail to Acre, which should safely transport the pilgrims to the Holy land.

Standing 7½ foot tall, Alexandros sticks out in any crowd, more than head above everybody else. The priestly robe looks odd on the tall man leaning on a stout 8' staff and slightly stooping his head. He seems to be alone in the crowd, patiently waiting for someone or something.

Falk also join this group but stand a bit separated because he is smelly.

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Iustina arrives in Constantinople giving thanks to God that her ship arrived safely and immediately following the directions given to her to where they would meet. She wears a simple robe of brown wool on her slim frame, a wool cloak over her shoulders to protect her from the wind and rain, a wool scarf covers her hair. Her only adornments are a hand-sized wooden cross hanging around her neck and a cloak pin with the symbol of House Guernicus upon it. Out of concern for the other travelers she attempts to stay near the outside of groups and to keep to herself near the bow while on ships. But when she arrives at the gathering space she tries to find the priest organizing this pilgrimage.

[Symbol of Guernicus:]

There is no priest organizing the trip, instead there are simply pilgrims, with their iconic staves, gathering at the dock where the ship is loading as they pay for passage, while some stand begging for coins to be able to pay their passage.

Looking for a priest, Iustina is bound to notice the towering priest with the quarterstaff, although it does not look as if he is taking any responsibility for anything.

Iustina, noticing the extremely large priest, approaches him since finding suitable companions for the second portion of her journey will be useful as she's been told she will need to travel through Muslim territory to get from Jerusalem to Antioch. "Hello, father," the slight woman says, "Have you been to the Holy Land before? I am rather excited as this is my first time to see the Holy City."

[Loke, She has nothing that mitigates the Gift though if you Sense Holiness (and beat her MR which is at least 10, depending on aura) she would read as holy, I assume. Unless True Faith doesn't hide from Sense Holiness/Unholiness.]

True Faith does not hide

... meaning that sense holiness will sense true faith in spite of any MR? (Rolled 6.)

«euh ... hello ... sister,» the father is startled, and looks down on the approaching woman, «euh ... no, first time.» He looks rueful and guarded.

"I am Iustina... Um, I would not want to impose upon you and I would hope that I can trust these good pilgrims and these sailors but, as a woman traveling alone, I was hoping that one such as you might help me avoid... um, difficulties." Iustina says to the large priest.

«Hmm, well,» says the priest, straightening his back and clutching his staff as he lifts it six inches and stamps it into the ground. «We should all be safe and sound here, with only brothers and sisters of the faith, but if there is trouble, you can count on me.» He smiles. «I am Alexandros. From Epirus.»

"It is a pleasure to meet you Father Alexandros. May the Lord Iēsous [Jesus transliterated from Greek] and the Heavenly Host see us safely to Acre and on to Jerusalem." Iustina says, smiling up at the large priest.

[OOC: I feel like I should have added a cloak pin or something to Iustina that subtly marks her as a member of The Order or of House Guernicus. Mind if I retcon that to give @Adauli a reason to approach?]

that is fine

[Alright, @Adauli , I gave you an "in" by editing Iustina's initial post above.]

Falk looked interested at the cloak pin and it look somehow familiar but he can't connect it for now.
(OoH Lore roll 5)
Anyway he also move toward the Priest to hear what is talked about.

"Perhaps, Father, we might organize a prayer for safety in our journey," then turning to others nearby Iustina mentions this suggestion to the other pilgrims gathering upon the dock.

Falk- there is no organizing priest, you are the only clergyman present.

[I think he meant Falk is eavesdropping on Iustina's and Father Alexandros' discussion. Iustina then suggested, as the only priest present, that Alexandros organize a prayer among the pilgrims then, without waiting for him to answer, began gathering others that were nearby for a "prayer circle." Probably including Falk.]

Alexandros does so with pleasure. As she is gathering the crowd, he gauges it carefully. How many are they, and what kind of people?

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Iustina gathers up about a dozen pilgrims, 7 of whom are begging for coins to afford passage.