The Rhine Tribunal - Map

So, my rpg group is about to start, for the first time, an Ars Magica campaign.
My brother-in-law bought the books and we are all really excited to start it, so much that me and my sister kinda redid the Rhine Tribunal map (we chose to have our first covenant here after some reading), with she making this amazing to-print A3 design and I the diagramming with a more legible font (Aquifer, a free font).

High quality link:

Besides sharing it, I came to ask a few favors, if you may:

  • Proof checking. I am NOT an expert on geography, specially somewhere so far like Germany. If I misspelled something or took the wrong guess, can you please correct me so I can update the map? And by "wrong guess" I mean that... I mainly used Google Earth to guess what is what. Lots of guessing.

  • I couldn't find 4 places/mountains names (4 that I know I missed, may be more). Can you help me?
    [Places are on comments, because new member are limited to 1 pic per post]
    Thank you a lot!


1] mapa001

2] mapa002



This is so awesome. Less than a month ago I had to sit down with another person from my group to decide on some details about the rhine tribunal map because the map is not consistent with the actual map of the world we live in.

Your map is going to be greatly appreciated in my saga and kudos for the massive amount of work making it must have taken.

We are starting a Triamore saga. Your map is just plain awesome and I am stealing it like a crook in the night right now.

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In my saga we are playing in Triamore too. The presented map rhine tribunal map presentes problems because it shows Triamore in a position quite far south along the Meuse which is not compatible with the canonical location of Triamore quite far north of Dinant.

The whole mundane history and geography of Triamore is quite messed up in the book. I have been researching the political area and I have to say that real history is MUCH more interesting than. The one in the book.

You can find our current (needs an update soon since I have more info) development here: Timeline
First post is about imperial stuff. There is a later post about local county politics. I have been having massive fun compiling all that surfing the Wikipedia.

Basically Namur and Luxembourg are at loggerheads most of the time, but Hainaut and Brabant also play a role. And then you add the next layer of imperial/king politics and things get a lot more messy still.


Regarding the map, only one suggestion: ordering the numbers by type instead of numerical order in the index makes absolutely no sense, since it makes it difficult to find the correct reference. It is how it is in the official book, I am aware of that, but have you considered ordering them in numerical order instead?


I think this would be HunsrĂĽck

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These are most likely the RothaarvorrĂĽckens (word for word, red head foothills)

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I think that this would be the Forest of Argonne. This was tougher to figure out because everything Verdun related was redirecting me towards the WWI events...

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The horseshoe shaped hill range here is most likely the Fichtel hill range. The map on the side of the article makes it hard to attribute as anything else.

Good luck with the game, and tell your brother in Law he did a good job.

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The Zuiderzee isn't a sea at the time, but a lake, Almere. It was connected to the North Sea by St Lucia's Flood in 1287.

Rugen should be connected to Usedom, the island to the southeast. The land bridge between the two was broken by the All saint's Flood in 1304.

(There's probably all sorts of other changes as a result of these and similar weather events)


Looks great! I am guessing your sister used the map provided in the ArM site?

Xavi scribes story hooks frantically


That was my immediate reaction when I first read about these floods as well. It just screams story. Is it a magical attack by a magus or the Order of Odin? Some magic creature? Faeries? Or the wrath of god?

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@Euphemism & @Xavi: I'm happy to know that this map will help you! Your feedback is insanely important for us. I'm really having a nice time with this first touch with the community.

Jank: Whoa! That was fast! Thank you a lot! Already updated the file, my sis will soon send me the final map and I'll link it up on the original post. Thank you for helping us complete the map!

MalakhGlitch: I can't believe it HAHAH
I didn't see this pdf you linked, so I just retyped everything :slight_smile:
Welp, thanks a LOT for this map, it will help to finish ours haahha
Btw, are there more of those? Where? And again, thank you!

IdiotSavant: ...we don't know where the covenant will be yet, but now I just want to place it near Zuiderzee so we have something to do with the flood :eyes:

Thank you a lot, people!


The general ArM freebies are on the main site but individual sourcebooks sometimes have stuff like what I linked before.