The Rudolphious Records (Winter 1245)

It is the start of a new year, and Fleur receives an unexpected Christmas gift. Delivered by Redcaps, wrapped tightly in cloth, she has been given a thin flap-bound book with no title or indication of the contents. Flipping through it, it appears to not be a proper book at all. It is a collection of notes someone had copied from a variety of resources. They include the extended lineage of the Rudolphius family, which is the Redcap heritage of her apprentice. And surprisingly, it appears that she and her sister are not the only Gifted members of the family. There is no direct correlation or examples of any one of them having inherited their gift. Mundanes sire Magi and Magi sire Mundanes. There is no consistency pointing a direct causal relationship of any sort. But what is certain is that this family has a vastly disproportionate number of Gifted magi. All of House Mercere. Until now.
But there is more.
Also included is information about other families that seem to have a concentrated number of Gifted children. For example, Carmen Perez of Flambeau is noted, having both a gifted mother and father. There is also an example of a line of Tremere magi that births a Gifted child every two or three generations.
But several questions arise. How accurate is this information? What evidence is there for some of these claims? Who compiled these notes and why? And why was it sent to Fleur?

There was an official request made to House Mercere some time back, inquiring about the lineage of the Rudolphius twins. Fleur had received that some time ago, and there seemed to be nothing exceptional of note. The data here seems to directly contradict that. She suspected that the first record was not entirely accurate, but this second book seems to be a mix of truth + conspiricy theory + fabrication.
So what gives?

Fleur begins exploring teh text in detail, checking the discrepancies between the accounts and looking for some insight into the mysteries of mage births from this potential insight, sending letters to the Translvanian Tribunal to see if the stories about the magical lineages has any support or confirmation, and compiling lists of living members of these magical lineages.