[Theban Tribunal] Table of Contents UP!

Well, here's the linkage:


The section on the Hermetic Polity looks pretty interesting. An intriguing section on the inserts.

Hm... my interest is increasing!


Ok, I'll admit that I was sceptical about this book, but the table of contents really looks good.

That does look nice, and I'm happy to see that Trebizond was brought in to the Tribunal (it's not there in the ArM5 map).

Hmmm, Gruagachan in Greece? I wonder if this is a new tradition or an immigrant group like the Varangians.

That section is about how the Hedge Magic book can be used in a Theban saga. So ideas for a gruagachan-like tradition but native to Greece.


Salvete, Sodales!

That's wonderful news. From this ToC the book promises to be interesting. But, just in case the printer hasn't started his work yet, there are two small mistakes to correct:
a) page 3, 3rd column, 6th line from the bottom - Insert space between "Macedonia" and "and".
b) page 4, 1st column, middle section - again missing space, this time between "Leper" and "of"

Well, whether with these corrections or without, I am looking forward to getting the book (and hoping for a release of "Rival Magics" for this year as well).

Alexios ex Miscellanea

Ooooh it looks very thorough.... :slight_smile:

Add to that:

c) page 4, 3rd column, 12th line from the bottom - insert space between "Paphlagonia" and "and".

But that aside, this books looks great. I am really excited for this book, as this is the Ars setting that is most compelling to me.

By the way, any thoughts on "The Covenant of Alexandria"? I am not familiar with every city named Alexandria; any thoughts on which one this would refer to? Or is Alexandria just the name of the covenant, not corresponding to a city? In any case, I will probably spend more time than I can afford looking over every detail of this ToC.

Also, IIRC, there was some good material relating to the Byzantine Empire in Societates - is there any overlap in authorship, by chance?

I really like the idea that the authors gave a section each to the four realms: "The Magical Landscape, The Divine Landscape, etc." The book seems to be laid out extremely well, and looks incredibly useful as a saga-starter.

I cannot wait.

Thanks, I look forward to checking that out :slight_smile:

If you mean the Jerbiton bit in Societates, then no, there's no overlap. When the pitch went out for this I had this weird moment when I went "I really want to work on this! Oh, I can't think of anything original to say." One of the writers did say to me "Hey, do you have any cool leftover stuff from Jerbiton you didn't use?" and I said "Basically no, sorry." and every so foten one of them has said to me "You know that thing you are doing about X? Does this impact on that?" and I've gone "Basically, no."

So I'm really interested in this book, as its both an area I find fascinating and a book I had no involvement with the creation of.

Ah, ok. I was just curious since I really enjoyed the Jerbiton section! Thanks.

Looks like a pretty fun book. When will we be able to get it?

That sounds very interesting. I can't wait to see what you've done with them.

By the way, the Table of Contents looks great. I think that all future Tribunal books should be arranged this way. Now if I can just get my pitch for the [CENSORED] Tribunal ready.

Thanks for helping catch those missing spaces in the table of contents ... it's auto-generated, and soft returns between lines in headers end up being removed in conversion, thus the missing space. I had looked through it to fix them, but I guess I missed a few!

I'm getting it ready to send to press now, so it should be back from the printer next month.

Why is that?:slight_smile:

cj x

I noticed that there doesn't seem to be any material on Peleponesus or Laconia in period. It mentions ancient Sparta, but nothing about modern Dorians (well, except Macidonia). On the other hand, this may be good because it gives me space to do my own thing there.
I do like the organizational referance for the realms though. That is a new innovation that I think is an excellent idea :smiley:

Peloponnesus = Morea, there is a section on it :slight_smile:

So when is this book due out on amazon.com? I did a search for it and couldn't find it. No ebay sellers I have this book either.

Apparently it's at the printers, On September 3 John said:

In the past things took about 4weeks to get printed and then another week or two to get from Atlas to the rest of the world. I expect it in two weeks or so but I don't have any special line of inside information from Atlas (well, none that I'm using anyway).

Is there any word on the arrival of the paperbacks (Societates, etc))?