Themmix ex Tytalus

for discussion and advancement of the aforementioned character

For Flaws:
Leprosy (HoH:S p.94)
Cyclic Magic (Negative) - Fall and Winter
Infamous (Unclean) - This isn't just for her Leprosy, as it is for her seeming delight in touching corpses of people dead from diseases, to study them.
Magical Animal Companion - Rat (Will post possible stats later)

For Virtues:
Leper Magus ((HoH:S p.93)
Life Boost (free from Leper Magus)
Self Confident (Free House Virtue)
Minor Magical Focus (Disease)
Affinity with Corpus
Puissant Corpus
Cyclic Magic (Positive) - Spring and Summe
Improved Characteristics
Puissant Intrigue
Puissant Leadership

As a Tytalus, even a Leper, she still thrives on conflict, and so, she has honed her skills of debate and intrigue. Her Leadership will have the Intimidation specialty.

and again, the thread is for discussion, not posting the character... is there a question in here?

The question first of all is whether these Virtues and Flaws work, whether you have any reservations about them, so I don't build this character completely, andthen find one or more of them aren't approved

From the Oppidae page on the wiki:
"The first rule of the oppida is that there will be no Bonisagus, who much share their research openly and thus are not suitable, or Tytalus, who are simply not trustworthy for this situation. "

Doesn't this preclude my character concept?

Those are the guidelines for recruiting, and the Bonisagus rule is definitely inviolable, as it is literally baked into the rules and the oath. Tytalus love of intrigue an conflict (plus the history of the two houses) is what makes them suspect, but Leper magi generally do not engage in intrigue, seeing their conflict as being with disease rather than social ills or causes, which removes some of the stigma in the case of this character... but it would still be difficult for the character to be recruited, a lot of it depending on how much the mage whose decision it is (and likely their superiors) see a leper magus as a "real" tytalus.

What would constitute as a "real" Tytalus? Is it being argumentative? Is it putting road-blocks in their paths? Is it using Intrigue a lot or a renown for engaging in such? Would winning Tytalus debates, or sway a court hearing lead them to consider her as a "real" tytalus?

Since a research magus is supposed to be 20-35 years past Gauntlet, would it be possible to have some of that time spent on getting Initiated into common Hermetic Virturs? Namely, Vulgar Alchemy, and possibly also Planetary Magic (both from TMRE book, in the Curious Common Magic chapter).

Because we're talking about a research Magus, it's unlikely, or less likely, that the Tremere would choose one who has only a Basic Lab to his name. And since moving a lab is not only costly, but hard to do and time consuming, would it be reasonable to assume that they would be willing to provide, as part of the acceptance package, a suitable space, and an Arcane Connection (or someone capable of casting The Ambulatory Laboratory - Covenants p. 122)? If they provide an Arcane Connection the Magus in question might either cast the spell himself, or hire another to cast it for him.

I put real in quotes because it connects to the Tremere stereotypes of a Tytalus- the same stereotypes that makes them consider Tytalus mages untrustworthy, so from that perspective a "real" Tytalus magus is one they don't trust. Building a reputation for honestly and not playing political games would make someone less of a "real" Tytalus- they might even try to suggest that you should consider changing houses... being a leper magus gives them a handle as to why you have not because a leper magus is a Tytalus tradition that is separate from all the intrigues that they think of as being stereotypical Tytalus.
Initiations do make sense but they will have to be handled in the standard way, they also pose something of a roadblock because it means you are already part of a mystery cult tradition, and they need to be concerned that your discoveries will be an aspect of that instead of fresh to the tradition they will be trying to start.

That is why I mentioned Vulgar Alchemy and Planetary Magic, which are considered to be common enough Hermetic Virtues. You don't HAVE to be part of a Mystery Cult to be initiated into them.
Sure, whoever you find to teach you would require something in return, but that's to be expected. I can definitely see her finding teachers who want someone else to do a Longevity Ritual for them.

Learning either of them (I don't expect to be allowed to initiate both) would be helpful in whatever research she will carry on, and she can, and will, stress that when talking to the Tremere. Vulgar Alchemy would allow her to identify materials and shape that would be useful in her original research, while Planetary Magic would allow her to find auspicious times to research, aiding her research in that way.

That would be a fair trade for either of those- which is more common will depend on your tribunal of origin.

I'd say she studied in the Rhine Tribunal.

planetary magic would be much more prevalent there.

Ok. Will finish working on my character to Gauntlet, and post it, and then we'll get to the post-Gauntlet part.

regarding a lab, the Tremere will not provide an arcane connection to the oppidae location, they would see this as a potential breach of security.

Posted her as she is just at Gauntlet. Made some slight changes in Virtues, one to fit what you said, and one because MMF I've used before, and wanted to explore the possibilities of the Potent Magic virtue.

She is 5 points over on her spell levels.

Dust to Dust is PeCo15 and not PeCo20. fixed it.

Okay, and it looks like you have the character being from Poland... but Poland would be Novgorod instead of Rhine tribunal...

Born in Poland, but taken in by a Rhine Magus to be trained.

Okay, it is finished through apprenticeship...