Those Hrools again :)


My group is thinking about going back to Calabeis. Since they were there last, RoP: Magic was released, and looking at the Hrools again (I love those little guys :slight_smile: ), I'm wondering if they're true Magical creatures or Transformed Animals.
Transformed Animals shouldn't have any Might, should they. But Magical creatures are immortal. Are the Hrools something else then?

Also, I'm thinking about updating Calabeis to the current rules (using RoP: Magic and RoP: Faerie when it comes out). Are there any other things Calabeis is not updated on? Anything I might have missed? Any thoughts?


Magical animals are mortals when they have the Age Quickly flaw and need to eat/drink/sleep when they have the Susceptible to Deprivation magical inferiority.

So Hrools can be magical animals.

In Calebais Hrool are ferrets subject to the Awakening Mystery.
They have Magic Might (very difficultly found in Transformed Animals), so for me they are "true" Magical Animals.

So, we're talking about the Awakening Mystery from HoH: Mystery Cults?

Awakened ferrets.. nice :slight_smile: I have a ferret, and I swear he's smarter than he's supposed to be :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, the Mystery has a wider applicability than what was described at the back of Calebais, but we've had confirmation way back then on the forum that they're supposed to be one and the same thing.

Awakening is available as a clan Sirnas initiation, which finishes tying loose ends together.

Not nice... evil! :smiling_imp:

A ferret's not evil, is it? Even an Awakened one :smiley: (the Hrools are always "good guys" in my campaign)

Introducing Mini, my ferret:

Ok, somewhat evil.. but cute anyway :smiley:


Cute, and ABOVE the evilest evilness ... :smiley:

E be hungering for me soul!

Yes, look at those shining red eyes! Muhaha! :smiling_imp:


If you are an ass when in Calebais and make an enemy out of the hrools, they can become quite a dangerous enemy for a young covenant. They are much better ambushers/raiders than your average band of ruffians, and they have some magic of their own and a relatively safe haven (until you solve the riddle) to retreat after attacking. Not a high intensity foe able to obliterate you, but they can make the lidfe of a young covenant miserable. :smiling_imp:

And BTW: that albino hrool there scared the hell out of me. Maybe I am a ghost or something....


I think some of the beauty of Calabeis is that instead of standard goblins or other such creatures to be killed "en masse", the Hrools present a much more diplomatic option. I've ran Calabeis before, at least parts of it, and it's interesting how the player characters treat the Hrools with the utmost respect, since I have a ferret myself, and I'm the Storyguide. Maybe they're afraid I will severely punish their characters if they hurt one of the cute little furballs. Which is true :smiling_imp: