Thoughts on how my Character would be Treated by Mages now??

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First up I am sorry if telling you all the basics of what has happened below is a very long…

I was wondering if I could get some of your opinions on something that has happened to my character in our Ars Magica Game?

Not that I am against what has happened, quite the opposite, but I am more looking at you could say some of the side effects of what has happened could be, in regards to Hermetic Mages are concerned…

Best to explain this first: (Just know this has happened within our House Rules and I don’t expect other groups to be doing the same thing!)

My Character when he started out was a Human Tytalus Mage, but after so many years, and eating a seed that turns Mortals into Fae!

When I ate the Apple Seed that turns Mortals in Fae, my Character ended up waking up the next morning in bed with his wives as a High Elf with a Might of 25, but I still had my Gift of Hermetic Magic…

Over a lot of years my Character started down the path of Arcadian Religion and started to pray to the Tuatha Da Danann “ Tiamat – the Goddess of Dragons – “. This is where things have changed dramatically for my Character!

When Tiamat summoned me to her presence where I ended up in from of her on the Isle of Dragons, the first thing Tiamat did was Stripped my Character of his Hermetic Gift, Parma Magica & alll Skills and my Characters Arts relating to Hermetic Magic and then replaced it with Dragon Magic, and now I have a Might equal to that of a Might 75 Dragon.

But my Character hasn’t changed into a Dragon, just that he has been rewarded you could say for the services he has done for the Dragon kind and has the Might and the ability to now cast Dragon Magic!

What I would like to know is the following:

When my Character enters Hermetic Covenants would he end up sounding off alarms that a Super Natural creature has entered their Covenant?

When he meets Mages in his travels what would you think they would sense him to be, if they had say something like the Virtue “Sense Magic” or some other power and were able to sense magic?

As Might 75 is very powerful so I am guessing he would shine like nothing else to these type of people!

As a player this is the First step for what I have wanted for a very long time for my Character to become a Dragon who can Shape Change into Human form as well

Just again I would like to say Sorry for the very Long Post!

Cheers :laughing:

Whatever the heck you did, it is way beyond me! But I will try to help.

If their detectors can penetrate your Might. The Aegis can also block your entry, but only if it is level 75 or more with a Penetration of at least 75. Durenmar can keep you out, Novus Mane would never know the difference.

A Magical being, which as a wizard, he pretty much already is. However, if their senses were discerning in the way you suggest, then yes, he would light up as "Magic Being" rather than magus.

Might 75 is powerful, but do not make the mistake of thinking it is all powerful. My personal Dragon Might scale goes 25 Drake, 50 Adult Dragon, 75 Elder Wyrm, 100 Ancient Dragon. In my one saga, the magi took down Pan Caudrax with Might 75. Mind you though, this was three archmagi!

Grab a copy of RoP-Magic! I had an idea for a video game where you play a dragon, design your lair, kidnap princesses (or help the hero save the princess from the clutches of your rival), battle other dragons for dominance, and so on. :slight_smile:

[quote="Sir Parn"]
Just again I would like to say Sorry for the very Long Post! eh, it was only half as long as one of my short posts!

I would suppose than any and all of the canon Domus Magnae could keep out such a creature of Might, the player covenants in general probably could not unless one is playing an older covenant.

Your magic, being now non-Hermetic would register as such to anyone with Comprehend Magic ability. You have in effect been turned in a hedgie, some blessing :wink:

Found The Order of Draco to rival the OoH and become the most feared and hunted enemy of the Order since the scism! :wink:

It would certainly take Murien's attention off her Order of Odin obsessions for a while! :laughing:

Find a way to restore your Parma Magica and Hermetic Gift without loosing anything in the process, and become POWERFUL to the most ridiculous degree... :smiling_imp:

Go Go Go SUPERDRAGON! :smiley:

Yeah, my character is very aware about his Might, and that he isn't All powerful, to be honest my Character was a lot more powerful as a Hermetic Mage, than he is now!

When my character changed from Hermetic Magic to Dragon Magic, it also meant i was now cut off from my Familiar, who was my wife, so i could no longer use all the powers that we had got from each other when we bonded to each other!

I am 99% sure it was Timothy Ferguson's Familiars book, from his web site and Mythic Perspectives that allowed my Character to get more powerful than he is now!

So my Character is a lot more careful on what he does, so he doesn't end up getting nuked!

But when you are before the God you worship and she offers you the chance to be more like her kind, it isn't a good thing for your health to say no to her!

I have already got 3 indentations in the wall where Tiamat has backhanded me into the wall, but she wasn't trying to kill me, just teach me a lesson in a very, very painful way!

And she has kept them there so if and when I am ever back there on the Isle of Dragons and in her presence they are there as reminders not to upset her!

But then again, it's not a good Idea to upset any God, if you find yourself in there Presence!

I can't without feeling the Wrath of Tiamat, and seeing that she is the God my Character prays to, I also don't want my Character to lose any of his Faith Points!

So that is totally out of the question!

I just have to rely on my Faith as well as build up my Fae Magic Resistance to protect me against magic!

And I also have to slowly build up my Dragon Magic...

Hopefully back around what my Hermetic Art Scores used to be!

What interests me, in a world where there is quantifiable evidence of damnation or salvation in a Biblical sense, is what's gonna happen to you after you die? I'm gonna put on my medieval theologian's hat and say you're worshiping a false god and therefore, unless you repent, you're damned just as much as you would be if you sold your soul via diabolism.

As far as I know Tuatha Da Danann are the Gods of the Fae... I am just quoting what the Fae worship in our game!

I no longer have a soul as Fae only have Spirits, as when I became Fae you could say it was like a mortal dying and there Soul going either up to Heaven or down to hell...

Just depend on what kind of life you lived!

Good people who take the path I did to become Fae either become Fae or a High Elf, where bad and Evil people become the dark kind like Dark Fae or worse! (I think this is just our House Rule, unless it is one of the two Faerie Books!)

I have already died, and my Spirit ended up in the Isle of Dragons, like would happen if you killed a dragon!

As far as I personally know Dragons only have a Spirit, similar to Fae, and don't have Souls like Humans do...

Unless there is something in the new Realms of Power: divine book??

But yes, to a normal person if they knew who i prayed to in Medieval Europe they would see it as my Character would be worshipping a false God or the Devil himself I guess... (Seeing as Dragons are painted in the best of light in the Bible!)

But then again before Christianity was around people use to believe in all kinds of Pagan Gods, the Tuatha Da Danann included...

Whats the proof he isnt worshipping a true god? Prejudice alone.

Indeed, and if he's got Faith Points, that's evidence that he's divine-aligned right there. Unless they're infernally-tainted, of course... :smiling_imp:

How would magi react to your character. Hrm, let's see. A Tytalus magus who forsakes his humanity, becomes a faerie and professes allegiance to a being claiming to be a pagan god that could just as easily be a demon, while retaining knowledge of the Order's secrets (okay, you say you lost them all but tell that to a dozen Flambeau Hoplites, see what they say)? I'd say keep very, very quiet about all that if you meet any magi and try to pass yourself off as just another ordinary magus. Of course not being able to get past an Aegis of the Hearth might make that difficult (if I allowed PCs to get Might scores of 75 I'd be seriously upgrading the magnitude of an average Aegis as well, by the way). I also think that anyone with Magic Sensitivity would get at least a rough idea of your true nature. It just wouldn't be a very interesting game if there wasn't any danger of someone finding out what you really are.

Anyway, I imagine that most magi will be very interested in getting together to hunt you down and destroy you. Others might see you as some kind of interesting specimen to capture and use in laboratory experiments. If this is the same saga in which all the Founders have somehow come back you could be in a lot of trouble, especially if Flambeau and Tytalus find out about you.

There is only one True God in Mythic Europe. That's the way the whole ArM universe is set up, with only one source of Divine Might. If there were any other true gods in ages past, they're all demons, faeries or magical entities now. Assuming that any of them still exist at all. If this character goes into a church and tries to show off his power I imagine the consequences would be interesting, spetacular and probably quite unpleasant.

Indeed, and if he's got Faith Points, that's evidence that he's divine-aligned right there. Unless they're infernally-tainted, of course... :smiling_imp:

Nope, I know 100% for sure that the Faith Points I have gained aren't Infernally Tainted!

I made a promise to Tiamat that I will not kill any Dragon's, unless it is in total self-defence and I can't get away without killing the Dragon!

But even then if i did have to kill a Dragon, i would heal it's body and pray to Tiamat to revive it... You could say calling for a Miracle, which has a good chance of happening seeing that my Character has 4 Faith points and also carry the Sword of the Champion of Dragons which has 3 Faith points in it as well and seeing as they are the Children of Tiamat it could work, but if it doesn’t at least my Character did try!

But I am to kill any and all Infernal, Vampiric and Onslaught Dragons, I come across as they aren't the children of Tiamat!

In our Game the Goddess of Dragons is known by two names but the same Goddess, it’s just up to the Dragon / Person worshiping her, by what name the use, just as Hermes & Thoth are the God of Magic!

(Please Excuse My Spelling if I have spelt Takhisis wrong!)

On the Magical / Mundane Realms the Goddess of Dragons is known as Takhisis

But within Arcadia the Goddess of Dragons is a Tuatha Da Danann and known as Tiamat

There is nothing close to 100% when concerning demons! There are several stories that tell about one demon ordering the destruction of another one... :smiling_imp:
Demons come in many forms and persue their aim in many different ways!

However, I could imagine that you do no longer posess a soul and therefore are no longer judged by the divine. Just as the fay are. That is: Are they or are they not??? Havin no soul any more makes you rather unineresting for any demon as long as you do not convert people who still possess one! :smiling_imp:

See, in the end it could still be a demon as well as a fay. Good luck!

It might be a thing regarding the differences in power scales between sags/settings...
But Might 75 seems through the roof to me.

I'd say, that most Magi would be wary of you, even scared, and many thus react violently (or with destructive intrigues). You'd somehow be a threat, or a challenge to some kinds of magi.
The Faerie oriented magi might find this transition interesting.
Losing Hermetic powers is not a crime of any kind per se, nothing violates the Code. But withour Parma, other magi would hate being around you. Or was The Gift completely destroyed, and replaced with some other supernatural ability?

Even if his Gift hadn't been destroyed and replaced with something else (as, in fact he said it had been), HIS parma has nothing to do with how other magi would react to him, just the contrary. It's the parma of those other magi which protects them from the deleterious emotional effects of The Gift in others. In other words, Parma keeps the effect of The Gift out not in.

How's that for killing two birds with one stone? :wink:

A) Takhisis and Tiamat? What is this world, Ars Dragonlance?
B) The question of faeries not having souls implies that nothing remains after death but a hunk of faerie-shaped meat, which could explain why so many faeries are amoral little f*ckers - they can't be damned.
C) Can one get faith points from worshiping "other" gods? Yes, SG's got final call and all, but just in general, would a super-devout follower of the old Roman gods be able to accumulate faith points? Or would there be something else? What about those crazy Goddess-worshiping Diedne hippies? :stuck_out_tongue: What's the slippery-slope rule on faith points? Do you have to be devout to anyone, or devout to things that project auras, or just to inhabitants of Thomas Aquinas' universe?

It's a real pity I'm better at coming up with questions than answers.

This is the Arcadian Faith Chart we use in our game:

Arcadian Faith:
The following material is based off the Virtue True Faith. Having Faith with an Arcadian Deity is in many ways a one-to-one connection with the deity, unrestrained by tradition. Those with Arcadian Faith have no need with religious Orders to be closer with the Deity, just a belief and Faith in their religion.

In a way Arcadian Faith is a Pagan Religion that pre-dates Christianity, being still practised amongst modern day Europe, just that it has been slowly modified to suit mortal beliefs or that ancient customs and practices have been forgotten over the last few thousand years.

Arcadian Faith requires no proof to be shown, simple devotion to ancient ways is enough, yet some of the immortal spirits of Arcadia practice the older ways with every waking sunrise. The faeries of Arcadia do not explain their beliefs, except to explain that the relationship between them and nature are one.

The Path to Arcadian Faith:

There are only two ways to achieve Arcadian Faith, the first is to purchase the Virtue at the cost listed; the second way is to be awarded Faith without prompting from the Storyguide. There are a few ways that will lead a person to come closer to Arcadian Faith, firstly one must show they are worthy of the attentions of a particular Deity, secondly, a particular Deity for performing deeds within the sphere of influence may bless one

Deities and Realms of Influence:

Within Arcadia there are Deities called the Tuatha de Danann (Numina Omnipotents). They are god-like faeries that are extremely powerful and have not been seen in the mortal realm for many centuries. They now live in Arcadia in the greatest courts one could ever behold. Each Tuatha de Danann is considered to have limitless powers within a natural element, and expression of those powers might be earthquakes, tidal waves drought or erupting volcanoes.
Mortals worship these gods in Celtic traditions with pagan holidays and at faerie places like standing stones and mounds.

The Gods & Goddesses of Arcadia are:

Slyph: Goddess of the Wind
Midir: God of Heroism.
Undine: Goddess of Pure Water
Maugan Ra: God of Death
Efreet: God of Fire
Brigid: Goddess of Healing
Mannanon: God of the Seas.
Cernunnos: God of Wild Animals.
Ogma: God of the Earth.
Goibhniu: God of Smiths.
Gaia: Goddess of the Forests
Tiamat: Goddess of Dragons.
Pheonix: Goddess of Rebirth.
Eris: Goddess of Chaos.
Faugan: God of Darkness and the Night.
Karandras: God of the Shadows.
Baharroth: God of Storms.
Jain Zar: Goddess of Silence.
Titania: Goddess of Sprites.

There is one other who has just been added to the Ranks of the Tuatha de Danann, who is one of the Founders Merinita (But then again she has been known as different Deities over all the years... well that is what I have learned in-play from Merinita herself anyway!)

Powers and Benefits of Arcadian Faith:

Like True Faith, this version also provides a form of Confidence except it can only be gained through devotion and using it with deeds related to your Faith. Secondly those with sufficient Faith can alter Natural Tempers, to change an existing Temper, even one of another Religion requires one has more Faith points than then person who performed an existing Temper. The number of Faith points one has also determines the area of influence.

Arcadian Faith can be used to resist the unnatural forces of other realm, any time the character might be affected by magic, good or bad, roll a quality die, if the result is equal or lower than your characters Faith points, the magic is resisted; indeed he is immune to magic during the entire encounter.

 Arcadian Faith also has Holy relics; these artefacts do not contain the bones from the Deities, but are sacred to each of the Arcadian Deities in some way or have been blessed by them. Carrying a Holy relic that contains Faith will add to the total of Faith points that one has.
Arcadian Faith can also be used just like Confidence, as long as it is used in a consistent way with the teaching and beliefs of the Deity.

Arcadian Miracle Chart:

To use this chart, firstly total the ease factor modifiers. Then make the role, altered by any applicable modifiers from the second chart.

Miracle Ease Factor Modifiers:
Base ease factor: 20
*Previous unfulfilled prayer in this area in the past month: -2
*Previous unfulfilled prayer in this area in the past year: -1
*Miracle granted in the area in
the past year: +3
*Miracle granted in the area in
the last month: +5
*Faerie Aura 10: -5
*Faerie Aura 6 – 9: -1
*Faerie Aura 5 or lower: 0
*Divine/Infernal Aura 5 or lower +2
*Divine/Infernal Aura 6 or higher +5
*Pagan holiday (equinox) -2
*Divine Saints Day: +2
*Within a place of associated
to the Deity: -2
*Within a Temple of the Deity: -4
*Within the Court of the Deity: -5

Miracle Roll Modifiers:

*-20 Supplicant has Infernal or Divine ties (e.g. Tainted with Evil, Diabolic Upbringing, Clergy)
*-10 Supplicant is Christian (e.g. clergy, goes to church often)
*-10 Supplicant has destroyed a Faerie forest in the past.
*-5 Supplicant often destroys nature and forests.
*-5 Supplicant has ever killed a Faerie in cold blood.
*-3 Supplicant has been within earshot of Holy Bells on Sunday within last month.
*-1 Supplicant has taken Communion in the last day.
*+1 per week the supplicant spends in meditation, doing nothing else.
*+2 Supplicant has totally selfless request.
*+1 per Faith point
*+3 Innocent Faeries require justice, seek protection or need strength.
*+3 Congregation of Faeries or believers is praying with Supplicant.
*+1 Supplicant is on a Quest.
*+1 Supplicant is under a Faerie blessing.
*+1 per point of Tuatha de Danann Lore (only to the particular Deity)
*+1 per point of Arcadian Faith in relics that the supplicant possesses.
*+3 Supplicant is under spiritual attack by the Infernal/Divine.
*+5 Supplicant is under direct attack by the Infernal/Divine.
*+2 Supplicant is praying while in a faerie ring.
*+1 Supplicant is praying while near a place of beauty closely tied to the particular Diety.

I have already told Tytalus himself, as he is a friend of my character, and you could say an uncle figure to my Characters children!

He comes over enough to get drunk and get me in trouble for being on a bender all night!

So i had no trouble trusting Tytalus with what had just happened to me!

Also my Character left the Order a long while ago, due to him now being a Fae Prince, and a Future King to a Fae Court...

So i had to put some distance between myself and the Order just to make sure not to start any trouble between the Court and the Order!

But i have remained a Friend and Ally to the Order!