Three Cheers For Master promo cards

I picked up the feats expansion, and saw Geek and Sundry as promo cards, but then I saw Celebrity Guest and Winner on Twitter. Are they promo cards? If so, how do I get them? Also when is the game finally releasing, it looks awesome

I recently picked up the Feats Expansion myself, and it includes all FOUR fore-minions you mentioned. I don't know if you have a different version, or just hadn't opened your copy yet, but I thought I'd follow up just for the record.

The Feats Expansion includes (among other cards) the Geek, Sundry, Winner, and Celebrity Guest minions.

We also gave away Geek, Sundry, Winner, and Celebrity Guest away on International TableTop Day outside the Feats Expansion.

Finally, further, we've given away those four cards as part of some additional post-ITTD promotions, such as via mail to those who signed up for our newsletter, and at summer conventions like Origins, San Diego Comic-Con, and Gen Con.

There's one additional promo minion, Phil. A Minion, who's been given away (so far, as far as I know) only at Origins, Comic-Con, and Gen Con. Phil A. Minion was not part of the Feats Expansion, nor part of our ITTD giveaways.