Through The Aegis Table of Contents

The table of contents for Through the Aegis is up.

Has anyone seen this in the wild yet?

Bob Dillon.

Any word yet on when this is going to be released?

IIRC, it's typically 6 months from posting of the TOC to publication.
It's not the June release, for certain, that's Thrice Told Tales.

Through the Aegis is the March release:

So we should soon expect to see postings here on the forum about people having the book in their hands. I seem to remember most books appearing physically toward the end of the month listed by Atlas as the release month.

Looks like some of the headings are sitting at the wrong indent level.

No idea if it's too late to address things like that?

Months too late, I imagine.

By the time a book is announced the development work is done. By the time the table of contents is posted the book has been through proofreading and layout and has almost certainly been sent for printing.

I suspect the various heading levels will work out just fine in this case.

It isn't out yet. It will be shipped to distributors in March, barring disasters, and you might just see it in shops before the end of the month. It's more likely to start reaching you in early April, however.

The book is coming into our warehouses this week, based on our last correspondence with the printer. It rapidly goes out to distribution once it arrives here, staggered so that it hits everywhere at once. Solicitations have already been made as per usual.

We'll correct the indent levels etc on that Table of Contents for the eventual PDF release, but it's far too late to affect that change now for print. Sorry about the aesthetic disjunction this may cause - I'm sympathetic to that myself!

Oooh, I see there's a Theban covenant there (The Oracles of Dydima). I surmount it's based in the Kretan Phyle? Can you please confirm this? :slight_smile:

Have a look here: ... ies-en.svg . :slight_smile:


Excellent, thanks a lot for the reference! :slight_smile:

Looks like my copies have reached London and should be with me in a couple of days. But has anyone actually got their hands on a copy yet?

I have. I have not had a chance to fully read it yet but this one looks very promising.

Now in stock over at IGUK: ... 16770.aspx

Not that I'm hawking this around or anything.

My copies arrived!

I now realise what a dense book this really is. It's absolutely stacked!

Page count? (mine are still in the mail, sadly)