Towers over mugs

Under the canopy, you are protected from a slow and misty drizzle in the cool night of Wales. Agitatus sits gown gratefully and accepts a tall clay mug of ale while the dog continues to chew on his boot.

"Ah! That hits the spot! Now then...I was thinkin' of a bit simple affair, raising a tower or two and settling in. I worked with Maximianus, wrote back and forth and even learned the spell for it. He said that was how he done it, and it's worked pretty well so far."

The young magus from Bonisagus takes a seat at the table. "That's right, my parens also wanted me to join Agitatus and be a part of a brand new covenant. He had me bring some of the materials needed for this."

"What I wasn't expectin'..." he glares at Jaen "Was to get volunteered for a damned Hermetic Fair!" he sighs and takes another drink. "But that just makes it more interesting I suppose. So what do ye think? If you're interested in joining I'd here it now."

Jaen coughs and keeps his eyes on the grass. "Well, if I'm joining...I am joining right?" The look on Agitatus' face is answer enough. "Yeah. That's what I thought. Anyway, where exactly is this place? I don't know much about Cornwall. Also, what're you going to call it?"

Björn follows Agitatus along with the rest of the group out of Blackthorn and into the misty rain of evening. He sits down across from the old man at the refreshment tent, motioning for an ale of his own. He takes a swallow to help quench his thirst as he studies Agitatus and those that have gathered around him over the rim of his mug before speaking.

He listens to Jaen speak and adds on to his questions. "I don't think he has ever been there, have you old man? He said his freind Max scouted the place out for him." Björn turns his attention to Rhodri. "Your name's Roderick, right? And your master scouted out Cornwall? Do you know anything about the place?"

Björn turns back to Agitatus. "Do you have any supplies to start with? Grogs? Funds?"

The young magus addresses the group. "It is Rhodri actually. My master did most of the research, but mainly to find areas that were not so close or far from other Covenants and civilization and also had some magical significance. He had a few choices, all in that region and finally settled on the one in the letter as it is not so far from towns and has a relatively powerful aura and no doubt resources as well. I and my master were rather surprised it has gone so long without a Covenant in the area. Blackthorn is the closest Covenant, but even it is not very close. The closest mystical sight are some standing stones which are supposed to have healing powers." Rhodri goes through the letters and pulls out a map of the area. "Here." He points on the map.

If you have a map of Medieval England, or the Heirs to Merlin book, the spot is just North of Trethevy Quoit and Northwest of the Royale Castle Launceston.

"We didn't have much time to find out about the Mundane leaders, though Cornwall is the personal holding of His Majesty, we don't know the rieve or the sherriff as of yet."

Agitatus finishes his ale and motions for another. "Aye lad, that I do. I've collected a lot of things over the years, and I've brought a whole clan of Highlanders that have been kicked off their land! One said that he's owed titles here in England, but he lies e'en more than I do!"

Rhodri nods and adds. "My Pater has left me some things as well to add to this, some of his writings and a few other supplies."

Siobhan gets something to eat and a mug to drink and looks over the group. [color=blue]"I am most interested in this new covenant. It is definately more promising then trying to stay here or seeking Voluntas or Ungulus. Plus this fair is going to need a queasitor to help keep watch on it."

Kylios saunters in from the rain, towering over the other patrons, his slate-gray skin offset by a braided red beard and archaic norse armor, like something out of a book of stories. He takes an ale in each hand, comes over to the table, and sits down heavily. The wood of the bench creaks under his weight. "Thank all that's holy that nonsense is over. I thought they'd never shut up."

Elysia breathes in the cool night air, happy to be outside. She removes her shoes and spreads her toes out on the ground, apparently heedless of mud. Her parens attended his first Tribunal in years for this, for her... perhaps this is what he had in mind.

She approaches Agitatus, and turns to speak directly to the dog gnawing on his boot and grinning as she does. She lets out one soft woof!, although most of the communication appears to be in various exchanges involving her sniffing the dog and him sniffing her back. Her accent in Dog is that of a city dog, playful though a little lower class.

"[color=maroon]'ello, pack brother. May yer meal be filling, yer nose be keen, and yer belly full. May I speak to your human? 'e seems quite a nice fellow, and I have business with him."

The formalism complete (dogs rarely worry much about formality anyway, but some have enough wolf in them that they appreciate it), she turns to speak to Agitatus.

"I, too, am interested in your venture. I have a certain geas on me, laid by magic stronger than any I have met - it is entirely obvious when I tell a lie. A fair requires honest dealing; a quaesitor can enforce it, but it requires people of good faith to deal in it."

Björn leans over the map Rhodri spreads out on the table, studying the unfamiliar terrain. "Doesn't look to be too far from mundanes. That could make trade easier." He taps the mark for Launceston, followed by the one for Tintagel and finally Liskeard. "Do you know if these places are towns or just castles?"

He looks up to Agitatus. "Do you have any plans for this covenant, other than the fair? Or do you plan on just putting up your tower with magic and taking a nap by the hearth?" Björn adds with a grin.

Björn watches as more of the new magi cluster around the table, showing interest in Agitatus's covenant. The table starts to get crowded, and Björn wonders if there will be enough space to accomodate everyone.

Agitatus nods and gestures to an empty chair "Ye're welcome to join Madame Queasitor, 'sides I'm sure that old stuffed cloak Iuducium wants someone nearby watchin' out fer me, eh?" he says with a wink.

Agitatus nods at Kylios. "Aye welcome...they do like to hear themselves talk don't they? Of course, I been in longer. Ye ain't been to a Tribunal until ye tried stayin' awake in Rome." he rolls his eyes dramatically. "Ye'd think they got paid a penny a word, they prattle on so!"

The dog stops gnawing at the boot momentarily to cock his head and look at you and barks a few yaps (In a Socttish accent no less!):

[color=blue]Aye lass! As long as ye don't fashion a bite o' this fine meal ye can talk to that scatter brain all ye care to!

Agitatus cocks an eye at the brief exhange at his feet and takes another swig off his ale. "An easy look for a lie eh? Heh. That's jest the kind of lie someone might say! Have a seat young lady, we're talkin' about covenants and fairs here."

"Damned if I know, I figgered I'd build it and let the young ones handle the fair. Course I wasn't thinking about fairs until just a bit ago anyway."

Rhodri nods. "Yes, there's a town and some small villages near the castle. There's a small town called Launceston outside the castle wall, and within a few miles are the villages and manor homes for some farmers. Where we have marked we could probably make it to the town and back in a day of decent riding, but not be on too many paths. There should not be any road as of yet."

Acacius waits a proper time to speak to Agitatus. [color=red] I introduced myself before but I repeat myself once again, I am Acacius Ex Miscellanea. I am interested in joining this covenant but I wish to hear more. What are the terms of membership?

"Ho there Acacius, sit with us and we can discuss terms. I ain't yet had the time to think just yet. If ye'll be loyal to the Covenant and committed to its success, that's good enough fer me though.

"Asides this Covenant will be more for ye. I doubt I'll live to see it past its Spring." he sighs heavily. Perhaps for the first time tonight, you hear true weariness in this spry old magus.

Björn snorts in disbelief as Agitatus implies he is looking towards the end of his life. "Are we supposed to believe the great Eater of Elephants who found a way to create permanently without vis, has decided that his next great achievement will be to die? You are old, I'll give you that, Old Man, but I never pegged you as one of the walking dead. I don't know if I want to be a part of this anyway, expecially if we're just going to be building a big mausoleum for you." Björn starts to stand up, gulping down the last bit of ale in his mug as he looks beyond their little group to the other magi in the tent. "I wonder if Blackthorn has room for a Verditius?"

Beneger takes a bit to eat, and moves over with the rest of them, chewing a bit of food thoughtfully, "I would have like it to be a little shorter, two whole tribunals? Seems a bit brutal to me."

He sits just a bit away from the rest, looking between them, "Come now, I'm sure you'll find something else to add to your long list at this.. fair..."

Agitatus sits upright and kicks the dog off his foot, it gives a frightened yelp and scurries away to cower behind one of the discarded barrels. He dashes his mug to the ground where it shatters, spraying only a small amount of the ale that was left. His eyes blaze with blue sparks as he stands upright at your taunt. The grogs of Voluntas back away slowly as Agitatus regards you.

"I must be old pup, for 20 years ago I'd be talkin' to a pile of smokin' ash by now." His hair is standing bolt upright as sparks flitter across it. He takes a deep breath and runs a hand through his hair and shakes the hand out, discarding a discharge of electricity as he does so that blackens the grass. He takes another shuddering breath and sits down, holding his head in his hand. "Mebbe that's what this is though? Maybe all I'm doing is building my tomb. But God damn it! I want more than a legacy of grave stones and widows!" he sighs. "This is my last challenge do ye ken? The last thing I destroyed was maybe the one thing that would live beyond me...I killed me own apprentice! I invested so much of my love and life into her, all for naught! I'm old...I'm tired...and I want to have something live on past my death. I want at least a few not to curse me name, I want to create something other than havoc and destruction." He lowers his head onto the table and you can hear a bitter sob wrench from him.

He looks up, the sparks are gone, replaced by red misty eyes. "Do ye see why this is important? If I die or never leave my last Twilight...there'll be nothing but scorn on me. But I could do this...I could build a Covenant...I could build somethin' I've destroyed too often." he sighs again.

"I dropped me ale..." he laments.

Jaen looks at Agitatus' broken ale cup and listens to the Old Man's lament.

He sighs and nods at a servant, indicating that everyone at the table needs new ale. He looks sideways at Bjorn.

"Blackthorn might have room, true. But you might want to consider that this fair might actually take off. And you might want to consider that it might be a prime opportunity for a maker of wonders to peddle their wares or gain commissions. That is if you have a good booth space. And you can negotiate a good rent on your booth. And that the ones you negotiate those terms with are ones you walked out on." Jaen smiles at Bjorn now. "Or you can stay, and maybe you'll be the one everyone else will have to negotiate with." Jaen reaches up and takes an ale cup from the servant and passes it to Agitatus. He then takes one and offers it to Bjorn. "Now stop being dense and listen to what the man has to say."

Acacius: [color=red]Also the fair will be a monument of peace and prosperity. It will be just what this tribunal needs. I can’t se a reason why we can’t make it work if we commit ourselves to this covenants success. Acacius voice becomes rather high pitched at the end. He then suddenly stops speaking and becomes a little embarrassed.

Björn watches as Agitatus smashes his mug and stands, boldly meeting him eye to eye. But as the elderly mage deflates, Björn's elation falls as well and he watches Agitatus crumble in upon himself. His attempt to goad Agitatus into a more lively and positive outlook fails miserably, and he just stands there like a ham as he listens to the old mage sob.

But then Jaen gets up and threatens Björn with unfair treatment at the fair, and his eyes flash. Björn's indignation builds as Jaen continues, and finally he nabs the mug of ale out of Jean's hand, sloshing some on the table, dangerously close to the spread out map. "I have no intention of joining Blackthorn. Do you think I want all those crotchety old has-beens lording over me for the rest of my life? I was just trying to get him to realize this doesn't have to be the end."

Björn turns to Agitatus as he continues. "You could keel over right now, and that would be the end of it. Or you can live to next month, or next year. Hell, you could live to reach 200! My point is, you don't know how long you got, but just sitting there thinking 'this could be my last ale' or 'this could be my last Tribunal' is no way to live. Which is the point: to live! I'm not saying run off and fight dragons, but don't sit there fretting like an old crone either. I still see some life in you, Old Man, but it's up to you how you use it." With that he takes a swig from the mug in his hand.

When he finishes, Björn turns to Acacius and nods. "And it will be a success too, cause I have no intention of letting it be anything else." With that he sits back down, looking around the gathered group of diverse magi. "So where were we?"

Jaen hides a smile as Bjorn snatches the mug from his hand. He just nods as Bjorn finishes. "Well, I guess...we should figure out what we need to make first...Covenant wise. What do we start out with? A charter?"

Rhodri is shocked both by the taunt and then Agitatus's response and then deflation.

"I...I..." he stammers and then falls silent.

Agitatus wipes his eyes and blows his nose on part of his wrap and then reaches for the mug. "Aye...thank ye. This will work...the covenant, the fair, the whole thing. We need to...prioritize what we need and want. And when Julia speaks with us, we need to be clear in our demands.

"Now then, I was planning on raising the wizard's tower for this." He looks around at all of the people that want to join. "But I doubt that will have enough room. I could always rasie two of 'em I suppose. That's how Maxi did it. But is that what we want? Maybe we could try other methods. Maybe we could get somethin' from this whole Tribunal for it.

"And money...I was plannin' on just makin' some by magic...but they seem to be such sticklers for that here! And we also need to have someone take a look at the site. Could be dangerous."