Transforming Mythic Europe TOC posted

Folks, I've just uploaded the Table of Contents for Transforming Mythic Europe. You can take a look here. Let us know if you catch any glaring errors. Thanks!

Ooooh good, this ought to stir up plenty of excitement in the upcoming book!

I have been excited! This means that eventually I shall release money when my excitement level drops back down to its base line.

Kinda surprised to see "only" three chapters in the book, but it looks like it's gonna cover a lot of interesting new ground - definitely gonna pick this one up.

Looks very interesting. I'm surprised there only seems to be one "way forward" suggested in the book, however - the "Fourth Estate". If I read the ToC correctly, this is the only model that's really explored in depth. I can certainly imagine other ways to transform Mythic Europe... Regardless, the book appears to explore lot of very interesting transformations and I'll be sure to check it out in a year, when it comes out in pdf. (I don't purchase deadwood books anymore.)


I generally don't purchase deadwoods, but I occasionally make exceptions. If you bundled the Pdf with the book so we could download it when it came out I would probably buy them sooner.

"how politics effects change"
Just checking, but we're talking about Creo here, not Muto, yes? I did expect "magi effect, mundanes affect". But the reverse might be fun.

EDIT - I had too many S's, fixed them. Now I'm confused about "politicS" and "effectS", is "change" the verb here?

I've probably missed this but when is this coming out?


And in this instance, "effect" as a verb is correct, as in "to bring about."

No, the Island of the Magicians and Magic as Technology are both different approaches to changing Mythic Europe. They could easily work together, but they don't have to.

The three approaches are all separate, although you could use them together if you wanted.

Very interested in this book. I already get every AM5 book, so Atlas doesn't have to sell me on this one, but this is the kind of "Big Idea" book that really energizes me as a GM and makes me want to run games.

Oh. I thought they were aspects within the Fourth Estate general approach. At any rate - all are very cool avenues to explore. Looking forward to reading it :slight_smile:

Magic as technology seems like it would change the Order before it changes Europe. While I haven't seen the actual book, there are a lot of potential inventions that could really change the Order. A quicker form of communication for example, that need not be distributed to the rest of Europe, and probably can't be easily distributed. A lot of them could allow the Order to become more reclusive. Magic as technology is probably best done by hedgies that can initiate people.

Wow! This book clearly isn't for every Ars fan. For me though, Transforming Mythic Europe (TME, TrME?) gets better and better as I read more about it.

Perhaps it's just me, but I'm impressed that the writers where willing to take on "World Changing" topics in an official publication. Judging from this forum as well as people I've played with, some of the subjects in this book will be a bit polarizing. Certainly many of the headings in the TOC seem to refer directly to issues central to many impassioned discussions on this site.

On a slightly less controversial note. I'm looking forward to that section on tribunal politics. I'm hopeful it will be useful beyond this book.

Release Dec13.
That's soon! Who will be first (non-author) to post that they have it?!

That's so 2 weeks ago. :smiley:

I got a call on Monday that it was in at my local game store. I haven't had a chance to pick it up yet.

My contributor copies arrived today. There's some very nice artwork inside and some jolly usable content too, of course.

I don't suppose this book might avoid any sort of system or crunch?