Tribunal at Acre 1204

The Levant's tribunal meets in Acre in the summer of 1204, incidentally at the same time as the few crusaders of the 4th crusade who actually made it to the levant arrived, along with any refugees from Thebes.
On the agenda is choosing and approving a delegation to meet with the Order of Seuleman to renew, renegotiate and possibly expand upon what treaty exists.

Nili made her way into the covenants meeting hall, dressed in understated silk finery, as she slowly undid her hijab, pulling it from her face to reveal Arabic features, and let her hair fall down her back, and adjusted her necklace top be outside her robes. A smile slipped along her lips as she greeted each person she knew by name, and every step of her feet slapped against the ground as she did not bother with footware. Ready to see whom among them would be chosen to speak to the cold war enemies of the order. The arrival of the crusaders, did not instill her with a lot of faith this would go smoothly.

In the hallway she meets a quaesitor who has employed her aid frequently in traveling to the Muslim controlled areas near Jerusalem, both as an enforcer amongst magi and an emissary amongst Muslims. He stops in the hallway to talk. "Nili, if you are interested I would be willing to sponsor you as part of the delegation, I believe your presence could help to lessen the appearances of our differences and bring a better chance of a treaty instead of simply a truce."

"If you think I could do some good in such negotiations I would certainly be honored with such a task. If we can bury some of our differences it would lessen many tensions and violations here along our borders. I do have worries with a fresh boat of crusaders docking we may have more problems on the mundane front, and the Muslims who are already here. Do you know anyone else that may be sponsored? A unified vision of what we can do for the order would be best. " Her smile was large and her blue eyes practically shined at her fellow quaesitors faith in her, removing an enemy would protect the order with its greatest

" A unified vision would be best for negotiations, but if we are going to expect ratification when the delegation returns we will need to allow room for a more diverse set of opinions, including some which may not be our greatest options for negotiating the actual peace."

" we could only be so lucky if we could all agree on something first and not have to rely on that fact we will likely have to compromise several times with those of Sueleman, then once we get home compromise with our hardliners and well zealots...let's not kid ourselves. I imagine those of house Flambeau will likely be the hardest to budge, with the Tytalus right behind spoiling for a fight. I think on our side advocating for the safety of Recaps, and Societal relations via the Jerbiton, may make us decent allies at ratification. Again I thank you for your consideration of sponsorship, to better defend the Order."
Her estimations were rooted in her upbringing, but wide swathing generalizations, were merely preparing for the worst, than condemnation. She smiled again, thinking of how interesting this could be.

Nili took her time at the tribunal meeting, taking in the mages she knew and wanted to figure out who else might be called it for the delegations, and who may have hostile politics.

Two hours later she is approached by a flambeau mage from the covenant of Mount Herman who looks at her sneering. "So is this why you come crawling back to the levant? To sell out the order to these muslim pigs? It will not work, I assure you."

" Aaah it was almost starting to feel like it wasn't going to be a typical tribunal. May I remind you a small portion if the oath. “The enemies of the Order are my
enemies. The friends of the Order are my
friends. The allies of the Order are my
allies. Let us work together as one and
grow hale and strong. Perhaps you should look at my record before you assume I will sell out the Order, I will work on behalf of the Order, to the Orders benefit.
" she said it all with an overly friendly tone and smile, as he shit blue eyes met the Flambeau, well at least one of her detractors was obvious

"If the enemies of the order are your enemies, then why do you threaten us with marching when we plan to raid the allies of those enemies?"

" I would imagine because it does not take too much action for that raid to bring that wrath of the mundanes upon your Sodales. Thus you have one issue there, the manner of the Truce as currently written, provoking their mundane allies are likely to bring our Order into open warfare. That endangers the sanctity of the Order as a whole. "
Her tone seemed not to advocate in favor or against the Truce as written. But merely to point out the law that was currently in effect and the likely legal path of how a fellow Quaesitor would adjudicate their action.

"In this fight we have mundane allies as well, and they, and we for at leas some covenants, have God on our side."

"If the raid of your allies does not rely on magical reinforcement then you obviously cannot be accused of any crime. Of course a war between proxies is often its own reward, a clever hand can manage that can it not? Of course now if you reinforce your allies with mystical aid and it is seen as such and another magi is harmed. its a violation of the code most dire. Of course I am but a humble hoplite my dear Flambeau, you won't find threats from me...I only enforce the dictates of the Tribunal. " She didnt loose her friendly demeanor or tone with the other magi "And yes God on your side is certainly quite an advantage."

"You can't hide behind that humble hoplite routine if you are asking to be a negotiator on behalf of the Order."

" Then you should worry less about the color of my skin or my faith...Because the Order of Hermes, it's laws, security, and prosperity are my protectorate and first master. It was not Muslim magi who educated me, it was not my father's house who apprenticed me. My Parens and his Flambeau amicus, are the reason I was neither violated or killed by bandits, many years ago. Both of these men follow God, and have taught me the law and combat magic, and how to wield them justly. These are all lessons I've not forgotten, so rest assure, l will seek an agreement that benefits the Order...and not simply roll over like a sow. "
Her words steeled with conviction when she came back to his original complaint, as her posture straightened lightly, awaiting his response

He pauses for a second commenting loudly as he departs "And yet you never learned a proper christian faith."

She just laughs as he walks away, not bent out of shape at all by that comment, shaking her head a little and moving on in the Tribunal

Timaeus finally made his way to the Tribunal. While it was his covenant, he had to go pick up a book that he had to deliver to Zendarus at the Tribunal, and has just made it here.
The book was wrapped under his arm as he surveyed the assembled Magi. So many people to greet, and so little time. At once he begins making the rounds, greeting his fellow Sodales.


When Nili's eyes caught Timaeus entering she rather easily made her way across the space of the tribunal halls, as she dipped her head to him, having to look down to see him, her smile was a genuine one "Magus Timaeus, how have you been? Any recent travels? Good news?" Her rapid fire questions were all of good nature, as she stopped herself for a moment "Have you heard there is going to be a delegation sent to renegotiate with the Order of Sueleman?"

Timaeus' eyes glow when he sees Nili he shakes her hand enthusiastically "Magus Nili, what a pleasure to see you again! I have been well, well indeed, but travels are taking me from my love, usually, though this time, I visited Old Man Lichten, you know! That old jewish Magus in Jerusalem. And I have with me a book of his for Magus Zendarus. You know how much I love books, so i kept it hidden, and well kept!" In the rush, he barely noticed her last question. "What?!" He stops in his tracks "Are you telling me there's a new negotiation with the Order of Suleiman? Oh boy, oh boy, I would just LOVE to have a chat with them, and see if I can get my hands of some books of theirs!"