Tribunal Books for Ars Magica

Sorry if this was asked before, searching didn't find an answer for me.

I was curious if there were any plans to ever publish new takes on previous editions of Ars Magica Tribunal books? Also thank you so much for Ars Magica 5th, it is an awesome game.

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You won't get an official answer detailing when what Tribunals are coming down the pike. They announce the next book about the time they release a book for sale.

This subject has been discussed in the Ars Forum, that they will probably now start revisiting some of the other Tribunals, because they've just now finished covering all of the Tribunals that hadn't had a Tribunal book. Faith and Flame (Provencal) has just been announced for release sometime in June, I believe.

Thanks. This is a great resource!

The Nephews do tend to play their cards close to their chest, but you never know. Michelle has been known to leak books in this sort of thread on occasion after all (point in case, the upcoming 'Egypt' book)...

Of note - the Fourth Edition tribunal books can be used, just with some conversions (I think the site has a document helping for that). The three Third Edition tribunal books (Roman, Iberian, and Loch Leglean tribunals) are the ones I'd really like to see now since I think all Tribunals have been covered by now.