Tribunal Do Overs

With the Hibernian Tribunal book announced that will leave only Provençal undone.

So, while it's probably been discussed before, what tribunal that has had a treatment in an earlier edition would people most like to see redone in fifth.

For me I would like to see Rome or Iberia redone.

Poll and thread from September last year I created here:

I found the results quite interesting, and good discussion there too. :slight_smile: Hope useful!

cj x

Never saw the older thread, but I'd like to see Novgorod re-done. There are some... issues... with tD&tB. I'm not going to go into what those are, not wishing to criticize the author in a public forum, but there is just SO much more that could be done with the source material.

With the new license, i'll say that the Tribunal of Iberia could be very good left to one from the my same country, one good way to get public attention about the game on Spain. I'll say that Ancient Magic, HMrev and some more can be great hits here too.