Tribunal Maps on Google Maps

In order to make distance calculations easier, I've started rendering tribunal borders on google maps. (Make sure to click terrain view.)

Western Europe isn't a problem, but I'm almost certain I've got the Rhine and eastern Europe wrong.

I'd like to populate these maps with known covenants (Domus Magni, other interesting locations, etc..) because I'm running a sandbox game and my players might take it into their heads to head ... somewhere.

Comments welcome.

Novgorod also includes scandanavia, so you can expand that zone upwards and west

It very specifically does not. Scandinavia is Hermetically unclaimed.

Its a neat idea.

Thanks for your map !

Having a google map with the convenants could be very useful to my saga too. :slight_smile:

This looks good!

Re. the eastern border of the Rhine: it should extend further along the Baltic coast (to, say, halfway between Stettin and Danzig (Gdansk)). However, further south it should be reduced - remove most of modern-day Poland and Slovakia. Also, it shouldn't go any further south than Vienna - the border with the Transylvanian Tribunal should be roughly approximated by a line between Vienna and Ostrava.

The southern half of the Normandy-Rhine border should be a little further east. Reims and Dijon are comfortably in Normandy, not on the border.

The border between Normandy and Provencal is slightly wrong - it should roughly follow a line between Bordeaux and Lyon.

Some other points which I'm not 100% sure on:

The Provencal Tribunal should extend a litte further south, taking more of the Pyrenees?

The Transylvanian Tribunal looks like it extends too far east. I imagine this Tribunal being somewhat smaller, although I don't think this has been defined anywhere.

Shouldn't the Novgorod Tribunal include Novgorod? I seem to remember that there was one very far-flung covenant in The Dragon and the Bear

The extent of the Levant Tribunal should probably be larger. IIRC, in Blood and Sand there was at least one covenant in modern-day Egypt...

Hope that helps!

Returning with some actual time to look at the map...

Comparing with the map from the main book...

Provencal eastern border goes down to the middle of the "nosetip" there, and its north border should go a good bit more south. Provencal is "thin and long".

Stonehenge goes as far north as roughly the shortest distance from Edinburgh to the west coast.

Rhine tribunal goes far more east, almost to the Lithuanian border in the northeast, with the border southwards stretching south by southeast from there. Also includes more of the western coast, Belgium pretty much.

Greater Alps stretches further east and northeast.

The Thebes tribunal northern point on the western coast of Greece should be much further south.

Novgorod has nothing west of the Baltic states, but reaches Novgorod in the east.

Unfortunately, however, the map in the main book is completely wrong in several respects! Its Tribunal borders in several cases disagree severely with the information (and maps) in both 4th and 5th edition Tribunal books. IMHO it should be regarded as nothing more than a very rough notional guide and should not be used to try and pin down any close-up details.

Yeah, Rhine needs to extend east a ways up north to include Szczecin and the rest of Pomerain but then angle back east as south of there as it has nothing of poland. (this part I know for certain.

I believe that Ostava, Wroclaw and Krakow are all Novgorod. I will check my map when I get home.

Sorry to disagree, but from p90 of Guardians of the Forest "Heorot is sited ... part of the Kingdom of Denmark, and therefore clealy within the territory that traditionally forms part of the Novgorod Tribunal." If you want to include earlier additions than 5th then Ultima Thule p126 "The Covenant of Heorot ... are unwilling to travel a thousand or more miles to Three Lakes Covenant, the seat ot the Novgorod Tribunal under whose jurisdiction the officially fall." So claimed definately, maybe not inhabitted as the only covenants that are there are the new covenant of Heorot that is unofficial and the 4th edition Bjornaer covenant of Sinus Wodinus mentioned in Icelandic Wars supplement and Mythic Seas.

I'm not saying it's wrong, but does Transylvania really reach down to the coast opposite Italy?

You mean the east coast of the Adriatic? Transylvania the region, no. The Transylvanian Tribunal, sure. Or at least this region certainly doesn't belong to either the Roman, Greater Alps, or Thebes Tribunals, so yes its either part of the Transylvanian Tribunal, or else it's no man's land, as far as I see it.

This link points to a historical geo-political map that comprises Rhine and Greater Alps, and might be of help if you want to designate the geographical borderlines. However, I do not know whether the historical borders are exactly congruent with the Hermetic ones.

The idea of employing modern web technology for applications such as this is truly inspiring. A cherry on the cake would be Google Directions based on a medieval road map.

I feel the need to point out the 'official' map of Mythic Europe on Atlas' own site:
This is the version of tribunal's i've been working off for years now.

Yeah, the one in the CURRENT main rules book...

I presume this was in response to me quoting books from 5th edition which contradict the map. You do have a point here, but when two sources from the current rules do not concur with each other, we each choose which source to follow, and GotF is quite clear about Denmark being within Novgorod.

The errata say that this map is off, or at least did at some point. So, yes, we are aware, thanks.

I've got a private map: ... 037d6c&z=6 with personal tribunal stuff. The combination is pretty fun.

My polygons are free for use, depending on whatever IP restrictions atlas games places on them.

Shiny. In terms of changes, if people could PM me their google accounts, I'll add you to the map collabs and we can mark-up and comment. (Somehow I never got subsequent e-mails notifying me of replies here...)

In terms of the Rhine tribunal, I tried to cross-reference with guardians of the forest.
The main book map is... um... "special" is the easiest way to put it, especially the farther east you go. What I'd like to do is collect authoritative "textual" descriptions of each of the regions, then figure out what physical features those correspond to. Anyone care to help?

Anyways, thanks for the positive feedback!

My guess, you´re just not used to the type of map projection used for it. Things always gets a bit distorted when using big maps, type of projection merely chooses how the distortions look, and what areas gets worst hit.

From what it looks like, the further (north)east you go (beyond a point?), the more "upwards" east gets.
Its clearly visible from the relative positions between the Black sea and the Caspian sea.

Of course, calling "well known" Gotland ( a major trading point since even long before the viking era(and according to some, origin of the Goths)), Öland (a name that possibly didnt exist at all at the time, and the island was not of great importance) is kinda "whoopsie".

My objective: once we all basically agree on a tribunal overlay (including shaded "contested" regions) we can start populating with towns and whatnot. To identify contested regions, we basically look for discrepancies over books. Then we can town to our hearts content.