Troupe-style PbP Saga?

Would there be anyone interested in starting a new troupe-style ArM5 saga here on the Atlas boards?

I've noticed that there seemed to be much fewer games running here on the Atlas boards than there were a few years ago. Even those that are still active are running quite slow.

I am already the SG for one of these saga, so I'm not looking to be the Alpha storyguide for another saga. That being said, I'd certainly be willing to be a Beta SG (and take care of most of the logistics) for a new saga if we could come up with a group of players willing to share the burden of running stories.

Anyone interested?

I think most ppl recruit from the discord server?

Sure, it makes sense to recruit on Discord... if you want to play on Discord. I don't.

I tried following the posts on Discord when the Atlas boards were down. Gave up after a while. I don't like the Discord format, which is why I was very happy when the boards came back.

I would be interested in potentially joining a troupe game, and taking a turn as SG but I have enough going on with current games that I would not want to be primary.

I'd be potentially up for it, depending on how my fall games line up and whether I'm primary storyteller for my group or not.