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This is something I've been planning for a while, but finally got around to it. I've had the pictures scanned (badly) out of the book for a while but hadn't gotten around to doing anything with them but finally got the incentive. I've got 18 done, as I'm going to be running a scenario on my own forums and only using 18 or so of the total types because the others aren't compatible with the story - but I'm going to finish up the rest of them after a break. I'm still not sure it wouldn't be better to find good pics of real action hero characters and black/white lineart-ize them to use them as the pics, like Ah-nold as the Big Bruiser, etc. What do you think?

If anyone is interested, I planned on putting these in a zip as a PDF and the OpenOffice spreadsheet file so people can add their own favorite third-party Types in and have their own custom Types lists.

Basically, the only thing NOT on the profiles is the full description of the Type, and the explanations of each Unique Schtick - I figure since you have to look Skills and Schticks, Sorcery, etc. up, I'll put together a Unique Schtick list too for that.

I've put the rough finishing touches on my basic mockup of the basic FS types and a few customs, just to see how they fit.

You can download the ZIP which has the PDF and the OpenOffice CALC .ods spreadsheet here:

JP's FS Types 1.0 at Google Docs

I'm extremely sleepy right now so I can't think of all the questions, comments and disclaimers I need to put here, so please, any thoughts, post them with any other comments, suggestions, etc. Thanks! -JP

Your link doesn't seem to work :frowning:

I love the image you found for the nun :smiley:

Of course the link doesn't work, that would be too easy and would mean Google Docs was easy to use. Thanks for the heads up, I'm working on it.

Call it lazy, although I can sort of sketch/draw a little, I can't do anything justice, so I tend to go on the net and find photographs, open-source, free stock whenever possible, and use some simple photomanips or hand-trace with a mouse to turn them into b&w lineart cartoons or sketches - I know you couldn't do that with a few of the pictures I've used at different times, being from movies, for my own personal creations, but for most of the free things like this, I think it's essentially "legal", as it isn't going anywhere, nobody's losing money anywhere, etc. I actually had the nun with the gun photo in my root My Pictures folder for months for some reason, just never had sorted it into a proper category yet, so it was easy to find it for Photofiltre and GIMP.

Edit: Okay, let's try this:

First, here is supposedly the whole shared folder on Google Docs:

FS Types Folder

Then the individual files:

FS Types OpenOffice .ods spreadsheet

FS Types PDF

FS Types zip of the above two files

That's good stuff :slight_smile: Now you just need to add in the archetypes from the other books :wink:

Things I've spotted:

  • The Big Bruiser's Schtick is officially called "Ich Bin Ein Bruiser"
  • The Cyborg can take hardware schticks in place of any or all of his arcarnowave schticks
  • The Maverick Cop can take driving schticks as well as gun schticks
  • The Magic Cop should also have Martial Arts =12
  • Many of the archetypes, including the Techie and the Old Master have additional options for unique schticks they can take

Thanks for the feedback. I know what's in the basic ATLAS book, and I don't have any idea what a "Hardware Schtick" even is.

I don't have access to all this extra info, if this is all additional sourcebook material, which I partly guess is why I did this, so people with all these things could put their favorites together into comprehensive packages for the less fortunate. I don't have all these other books, guys - unfortunately, my group is small and infrequent and only sometimes even willing to play an RPG at all, and I was requested to run CoC a couple weeks ago, so there's been "limited" interest in more FS stuff - some, but limited, since nobody really knows what there is. It is disappointing but a lot like my WFRP stuff, a lot of our base material is free fan stuff, some of which is much more useful and interesting than the official products (no offense).

But I will look some of the elements you mention on some of these Types, they sound interesting.

Sorry to hear this :frowning:

Like I said, I've thought for a while that Feng could really do with a consolidated resource detailing all the various different archetypes. So if I compiled the basic information from the other books and sent it to you, would you be willing to integrate it with the work that you've already done?

(oh, and a Hardware Sctick represents cybernetic augmentation. Most of them set a secondary stat at an obscenely high level, while imposing a small penalty to a second secondary stat; there are also utility and weapon hardware scticks.)

Actually, good sir, I just finished compiling something else, a smaller version of this, fitting 6 Types on one page. It is very condensed and requires additional pages to explain the Unique Schticks and such but I think could be very handy. GM's could cut out the profiles and hand them out or keep them in a folder or packet or something and players could leaf through and share the stack of Types when making characters, probably like other newer games do that use "cards" and stuff, though I haven't played any of those (it's just how I imagine/read they work). So either one, or the main one and I'd also be working on this main one, who knows, I'm sure we can figure something out.

I have a bunch of Types from innocence.com/fengshui and I emailed the webmaster/owner but never got any reply - does anyone know the legality/permission etc. of using the Types found there in a compilation of Types?

If anyone does want to submit their contributions for me to put into a single "master Types" document or something, I'd be happy to do so and credit everyone's efforts and locations and sites and such.

I have quite a few questions, as I'm coming to close on a large portion of the initial work on this Types document. I found a supplement or two I didn't know I'd got, and a friend loaned me some more, and I bought a new one, etc.

Here are the Types I've got compiled:

The standard 26 core from the book (Abomination through Thief), updated as per Out for Blood (where's the Bodyguard Type found?)

From Innocence.com:
Arabian Sailor
Bounty Hunter
Buro Assassin
Con Artist
Disillusioned Hero
Eastern Monk
Jammer Subversive
Karate Wizard
Lone Rider
Mexican Wrestler
Movie Star
Netherworld Traveller
Super Hero
Reformed Gangster
Ring Fighter
Sea Captain
Supernatural Cop
Treasure Hunter
Urban Samaritan
Vengeful Hood
Wandering Monk
Wild Man
Zen Wanderer

Out for Blood:
Gentleman Retainer
Modern Mage
Tainted One
Tart with a Heart

The Nun
Delinquent Schoolgirl Cop

Golden Comeback:
Velocity Addict

Don't Have These from Gorilla Warfare:
$10,000 Man
Dallas Rocket
Gorilla Fighter
Portal Jockey
Viking Warrior

About how much is missing still? This brings the total to about 75 Types if you took everything I've got listed.

I'm also compiling a master list of Unique Schticks which basically restates all the Schticks for all these, in one document - it is also almost finished.

I will, if you wish, compile proper details of all the official archetypes over the weekend, but from memory, the existing ones are:

Thorns of the Lotus
Bandit Lord
Tauist Wizard

Blood of the Valiant
Golden Candle Agent
Guiding Hand Archer
Reformed Pirate
Shaolin Disciple
Shaolin Master

Seal of the Wheel
Bounty Hunter
Lodge Survivor
Pledged Agent
Two-Fisted Archeologist

Seed of the New Flesh
Consumer on the Brink
Criminal Mastermind
Free Sex Activist
Super Soldier
Uber Kid

Gorilla Warfare
$10,000 Man
Dallas Rocket
Gorilla Fighter
Portal Jockey
Viking Warrior

Glimpse of the Abyss
Demon Martial Artist

Friends of the Dragon
Science Ninja

Like I say, this is from memory, so I may well have forgotten an archetype or two, or misremembered a name.

Oh my GOD! Where did all THESE come from?! Wow. I don't even know what to say. That's a lot. Thank you for the reply. Not sure what to do now. So all told, if everything got put together, it would come up to right at 100 Types. That's pretty hefty.

Also, I'm not familiar with a lot of the lore some of these are based on - could anyone give me common examples of actors/characters/movies, etc. that would allow me to put faces or such to these Types? I get that Treasure Hunter would be Indiana Jones or maybe even Lara Croft, but Entertainer, Chaos Programmer, Gentleman Retainer? And there's like 3 different "Kung Fu" wandering zen monks, are they different or just different people's interpretations of the same cliche? I'm trying to find suitable pictures to include in the profile summaries for each.

Also Drifter in Seed of the New Flesh.

Quick update, I found even more fan-made ones, not even touching the ones listed above yet. So still quite a ways to go but I feel pretty solidly I want to get this done since I've gone this far, although at the moment it's only in this 6/page layout without all the flavor text and quotes and such, and it homogenizes the point division (instead of "add one +3 to any skill, a +2 to another", etc. it just says 5 points), but this is for my own purposes and anyone that could use a similar setup or layout - I do like the briefer and smaller profile, compared to the 3/page one, though it allowed for more info, especially if I had arranged it differently (I realize now it wasn't laid out properly to maximize space).

but Entertainer, Chaos Programmer, Gentleman Retainer? And there's like 3 different "Kung Fu" wandering zen monks, are they different or just different people's interpretations of the same cliche? I'm trying to find suitable pictures to include in the profile summaries for each.

Not sure about the entertainer, but the Chaos Programmer could possibly be just about any "hacker" type character. I don't have the archetype in front of me so I can't say for sure.

As for the Gentleman Retainer all I have to say is this: Alfred from Batman.

This could also be a PA type character, such as a (movie) Pepper Pots. I relate this type of character more to comics than action movies, but it works just the same.

I'm a little bit bemused that you'd ask me this, seeing as I've clearly listed the books that each set of archetypes is from :wink: If you're unfamiliar with what each of the books is about, the official feng website at http://www.atlas-games.com/fengshui/ has details of them all; they're also described within Out For Blood.

I should also point out that I forgot to list the Athlete and the Velocity Addict from Golden Comeback

Bear in mind that many of the archetypes from the Faction-specific sourcebooks are geared toward specific roles within the Feng universe, rather than being based on generic action film tropes. Thus, for example, the Free Sex Militant and the Consumer on the Brink are heavily tied into the 2056 setting, while the Lodge Survivor and Pledged Agent are heavily predicated upon the background of the Ascended.

If you're worried about the total number of archetypes - and I can understand why you would be! - I'd recommend focussing on the officially published archetypes in preference to the Fan published ones. I'd be inclined to lobby for the archetypes from Out for Blood to be included, as I really do think they're of comparable quality to the official stuff, but I understand that my own involvement with that book biases my view somewhat :wink:

Wow, some continuous activity in a thread in here! Yay!

Actually, I definitely have the guys from Out for Blood, I also think they're quite good, so no worries there. The fan stuff is more for completeness and variety for its own sake rather than a belief all of those are top quality. Like I said I have about 75 right now all done and even with pictures (ymmv on them being appropriate) so those are done, as well as the Unique Schticks.

I can get temporary access at least to copies of Seal of the Wheel and Seed of the New Flesh.

That leaves the following unavailable to me:

  • Thorns of the Lotus
  • Blood of the Valiant
  • Gorilla Warfare
  • Glimpse of the Abyss
  • Friends of the Dragon

I know there's also a Blowing Up Hong Kong - does it have more Types in it?

It looks like I'll either have to just leave out the ones I can't get, or leave it open for someone else to do them.

Would anyone be willing to help proofread, edit and otherwise work with me a little on these, give advice, critiques, etc. so I can get an idea of what more traditional and experienced fans and players of FS need in something like this, for better quality? My email is okiecrabjp@yahoo.com or PM me if you want, etc. or just say here, anyone who is willing to donate a little of their time to this project. Thanks!

Neither Blowing Up Hong-Kong nor Elevator to the Netherworld have any additional archetypes, though the former has a few assorted schticks and a fu path.

As I've said upthread, I'd be happy to sort you out with details of archetypes for the books you lack over the weekend, if you like?

So glad the links work for you. I can tell from all the links to boxed sets of DVD's of new crime drama series that you're definitely the target demographic for Hong Kong martial arts action movie RPGs. Always good to meet a peer.

Okay, update here.

With much very appreciate thanks to the few people who have been very kindly putting in their own effort to provide me with needed information, I have almost all the information I need to complete the master list of FS types, though I'm missing a few Unique Schtick descriptions and brief quotes and/or descriptions of what the types are, but that's neither here nor there. What I do NOT have is the Science Ninja type - does anyone have the writeup for it, from Friends of the Dragon, according to one of the posts below?

I don't have a copy of Friends of the Dragon, though Queex may be able to help you out.

Though from what I recall, the loss of the Science Ninja is really no loss at all.