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Just thought I'd share this I made. Only available in B&W.

Butterfly Knight

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But, back to types.

I'm closing in on having the majority of my document done, but I need some few last things, and would appreciate any help anyone could point me to, please.

Science Ninja - I have the stats, just need an idea of what he looks like, a link, pic, shadowfist card, example from a movie, etc, something I can use to create a b&w picture, since that's the format I'm using for all the types in my summaries

Thumper - more or less, same - picture of a Thumper, anyone? Sounds pretty unique to FS, a sound-system cyborg that plays his own theme song

Walker of the Purple Twilight - I understand this, or the NPC it's based on, may be a shadowfist card? Can't find it, but it sounds like it's just a medium more or less?

I think that's more or less it. Everything else I've got covered with Jay NOLA's help and some other kindly contributions from forum members here, thank you again.

Should I do a beta/playtest release when I do get to the point I might be close, to some of the more knowledgeable, interested parties here? Is anyone interested in advance PDF copies, and adding any suggestions, advice, etc for this supplement, to get feedback on it?

Right now I plan on including: Types, Unique schticks, mentioning other schticks, basic/core tranimal package - should I do anything with gear or building a template or skills or anything like that, or other rules? It's already fairly hefty in some ways, so I'm not sure how big I want to make it, but am looking at options, but don't want to bloat it either. Also will need to come up with a name for it.

Thanks all for any input and help!

Science Ninja - Power Rangers. I wish I was joking.

Wallker of the Purple Twilight is a fan created type that was based off of the Walker of the Purple Twilight entry in Back For Sceonds. The NPC Walker of the Purple Twilight found in that book is based off of a Shadowfist card. I typed up the NPCs stats and attached the Shadowfist pic in my NPC file. It ought to be in the latest version I sent you
I'll send you a copy of the Shadowfist image. Had the hardest time getting one. Note, Back for Seconds has other pics of one in it.

Science Ninja as Queex said think Power Rangers. When I typed up the info on it I put in I put some notes at the end to give some series you see them in in case you needed a pic or were wondering what it is. Aside from Power Rangers, they type shows up in Ultraman, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, etc.

Check out and read the following for starters.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Science_Ni ... _Gatchaman

The bird costumes in Science Ninja Team Gathaman have concetion to the tengu of myth. The tengu in some accounts created the ninja.

Hey Jay, thanks also - I didn't find a pic of Walker anywhere, but did get all the rest fine, thanks again for all that. Yah I was looking through all the Science Ninja stuff, didn't see any pics of them, but read the stuff you mentioned - but really, bird-helmed G-Force looking costumes, really? I'll pick some sort of what-you-call it or "sentai" or something. What a mess that was, I can see why nobody seemed terribly enthused that it needed to be included. What were they thinking putting THAT, of all things, in the FotD?

didn't get chance to post a reply till today.
Was the Walker of the Puple Twilight in the last batch of pics? My mail was having lots of problems on Sunday so I'm not sure if I rembered to send that one or if it had a problem attaching to the email..

That link was from one of the first super sentai shows. Sentai can be translated as "group", "squadron", or "wing".
A sentai series is your typical super-hero team series that often use Martial Arts and a Giant Robot to comabt enemies. Just about every time they bring over one of these shows it gets altered and butchered.

You might find this thread to be of interest.


Yes its just the Thumper I need now, thanks for the Walker and images and the link and all that, appreciate it much. I think I might try to make a Thumper, not sure. I think I just picked a random sentai show ranger looking person just so I had a pic, I'll run it past people so I can get feedback on it before I release the doc anyway.

The picture of the Thumper in Glimpse of the Abyss is a shirtless bloke with speakers where his nipples should be.

Hmm I got someone on a site to kindly make me a picture, so I think I got this too now, and he basically photoshopped that sort of thing. This site name even began with a number, so I used it as a practical tool instead of the usual hate-filled deplorably image macro haven it is known to be - who knew?

Hello, SOS again please, thanks! =)

  1. I notice a lot of stuff by Colin Chapman, a lot of archetypes by him. I'm dividing my document up into varying levels of "authority", and one page includes Types made by people who had material published for FS but which didn't get published - did Colin Chapman, to anyone's knowledge, get published for FS? If not, I'll include his stuff with the other Fan stuff - he has a LOT of stuff, good quality stuff, but I'm really trying to draw the line at "published" and not.

  2. Anyone have any suggested pictures, art, graphics, movies or movie stills for the following (these are fan-made types):
    Buromil Ninja
    Warrior Monk of Shangri-La
    Jock (maybe a good choice for someone with a baseball bat?)
    Kensai (Sword Saint)
    Tainted One (Queex - suggested or links for all of your stuff would be nice)

The Shadowfist Flashpoint expansion has a card titled BuroMil Ninja. I can't find a picture of it online.
In the Shurikens and Six-Guns expansion they have a card tiled Agent Tanaka that might be usable.

shadowfist.com/card_gallery/ ... sg_400.jpg

For the Sword Saint use a picture of Miyamoto Musashi. If you do a google image search you'll get a bunch of depictions of him. If you want to use a movie image one of him as he is depicted in the Samurai trilogy would be a good place to start.

Colin Chapman was very active on the old FS mailing list and I think some of the stuff he did was on one of the Daedalus websites from what I've read. Daedalus had several sites and most of they are all dead and only one of them can be accessed via wayback machine and that doesn't have stuff that was on some of the others from what I've read in the FS mailing list archives.
He did do some corrections for mistakes in the rule book that were considered to be errata by Robin, and others. The forgetting to calculate the abysmal spines damage bonus for the hopping vampire and the pointing out many errors about the guns. (The gun errors seem to be that Robin was confusing diffrent caliber versions of the same gun, I've noticed for the most part.)

I'm not sure if he worked on any of the books for the game, as I don't have them with me.

I think I mentioned this before, but I'll state it again.
Do be aware that alot of the types that were done by fans aren't well balanced, and most were done right when the game came out can find comments on how the game was being heavily modified and people were doing new stuff for it before they even have been playing it for a while. Other existing "official" types do the same role they do with a minor modification. A lot of the fans did end up working on the game and incorporating the fan stuff they did into that. (Interesting to see how much the fan material version has changed, compared to the official version. Check out Mr. X for example.) Most fan stuff was done I've noticed before Atlas started to publish books for the line.

Okay viewers, it's getting closer. Adding up all the main ones I've come across and sought out and sent to me by some people with some astounding Research skill bonuses, there are going to be 130 total character types, including 5 new ones I'm adding in, to bring the total up to that.

Two Types I've decided on, so there are 3 left - does anyone have any new Types they'd like to submit, or suggest, to round out this master list document of the 130 Types of Feng Shui? If so, post here or PM me or something. Three slots open currently, if anyone is interested.

Also, since this is basically a document for these Types, and I still have no name, anyone have any clever ideas for a title? I thought of something like "130 Ways to Die" but that sounds like more a schtick or weapon supplement, or "130 Points of Virtue" but that sounds more like a Fu Path, maybe something more abstract and ignoring the number, like "Incarnations of Awesome" or something? The Tao of __________ or something?

'130 Kinds of Bad News'

'130 Faces'

'Your Friends and Slaybours'

I really like "130 ways to die."
It fits the games tone and is accurate.
I say stick with it and bravo to you.

A few ideas:
Casting The Dragon
Fangs Of The Silver Dragon or 130 Fangs Of the Silver Dragon.
The Dragon Awakens
Here Be Dragons
130 Dragons of Death or 130 Dragons of Righteous Death
Luck Of The Dragon
Hand Of The Dragon
Fists Of the Dragon

Maybe there's a Shadowfist card with an appropriate title.

So a vote for "130 Ways to Die", my own invention, but also some very good Dragon inspired names. May have also found at least one other hidden gem of a Type on the net, thanks to Jay's help, so I'll have to cut back on the extra types I was going to include, or expand the total past 130 - what does everyone think? Is there a FS/Chi/Geomancy/numerologically significant number around 130 that would be a good choice?

Fists, Dragon, Ways to Die... this is tough, maybe a poll?

You could always name it after one of my favorite Nerf Herder songs: 5000 Ways To Die