Typhannie de Verditius

to get a 10+3 in aurum would require 37, not 23 points- 23 points gives you 7+3.
With this change being made you have 1 point left to spend, I'd recommend bringing an art from 0 to 1.
Also your casting totals seem to be slightly off:
Clouds of Thunderous Might:27
Circling Winds of Protection:31
Charge of the Angry Winds:31
Air's Ghostly Form:31
The Incantation of Lightning:31
Chamber of Spring Breezes:31
Jupiter's Resounding Blow:31

Sorry, I didn't copy correctly on the Auram. I did spend 37 points. will adjust that.

I used Metacreator to calculate, but will defer to your casting totals.

okay, this is finished then and approved. (I was incorrect about the remaining xp point)

Ok, so I will now start laying out the 7 years post Gauntlet, and what she's done.

Is it possible to have her spend a Season or two each year assisting her Mentor, in return for more Teaching, Lab Use, and use of the Library?
If so, what would be the Teaching SQ, or the Library SQ?
What be the Aura and Lab bonus (if any) of such a Lab?

What is the Max Rank I might be able to train to in the following: Rego, Corpus, Auram.

She will likely also try to get a Familiar. Would an Eagle be appropriate for a Rego/Auram? An eagle is referred to as 'King of the Birds" in some cases, and I thought Rego might be appropriate.

Am also considering having her spend some time in creating her Talisman, at least making it, opening it, and maybe add an Enchantment to it

I don't have a library designed for her use, which is why we have to use generic progression.

Might I assume the following?

She will give her Mentor 2 Seasons every year helping him in his work, for which she will gain 2 XP per season.
She can Adventure for a Season for 7 XP per season
She can be taught for a Season in an Art for 9 XP (assuming Communication and Teaching are 0, you get 3 +6 from being a single student)
She can use one season per year in her Mentor's lab, Aura 3, no special focus, for spell research, item enchanting, or familiar binding.
Finding an Eagle suitable to become a Familiar would take one or two seasons.

the standard rules by which we handle advancement are 30xp per year, excepting seasons taken for lab work which reduce xp by 10/season, assumed aura of 3. Where you want to assume those came from is up to you.

Ok, fair enough.

How many Pawns of Vis can I use in those 7 years? That will also affect item enchantment, and binding a Familiar.

Magic theoryx5 per year, limit per season of magic theory x2. Unused vis does not accumulate.

An item I wanna make, for your approval:

Fan of the Whispering Winds
Wooden fan
Vis capacity 4
Invested with the effect: Whispering Winds
Core Book pg 127
Basically allows me to hear conversations within sight, as long as there are no solid surfaces between us.
According to Metacreator, it would take me two Seasons to enchant it, even after improving Intellego to 5, and Auram to 13 (+3 from Puissant Auram). And one more season to prepare it for enchantment, plus one more to bind a Familiar Owl.

I get a lab total of 32 (13+3 aurum, 2 Int, 3 magic theory, 3 aura, 5 inteligo and 3 woodworking), which means 1 to enchant, one to open (or just one for a lesser enchantment)
the problem being that the spell notes that it fits poorly into the hermetic framework, and really should be an InIm spell, which was 'grandfathered' from a previous edition...
OTOH it is an established spell, and you are using it as written, so I will allow it.
You will need to take some time to find the owl...

Two to enchant, so that I the item maintains concentration on it. So it's actually level 20.

How long will it take to find an owl?

At level 20 that will be 2 to enchant and 1 to open
how long depends on how picky you are going to be - a mundane owl can be found and befriended in a season.

A mundane owl would be fine for her needs, for now.

So, 2 seasons to enchant the fan, 1 to open it, 1 to find the owl, and 1 more to bind it. So 5 seasons in total spent so instead of 210 XP (30 XP per year, for 7 years), I'll have 160 XP on other stuff, like Arts, Abilities, and Spells.

keep in mind that if you are in the lab for all 4 seasons of a year you hit a maximum reduction of 30xp for that year. so 5 years at 30xp per year, one year at 20xp, and one year in the lab entirely means you have 170 xp.

Ok, I have updated her page. Hopefully everything checks out well.

I believe I've only spent 169 of the 170 XP.

That is corect, where would you like to spend the extra point? Perhaps bring a level 0 art up to 1...

I gave her 1 point in Muto