Unhappy Homes/Cthulhu Gloom

It seems to me that some Gloom products may not work together mostly because the lack Residences in the Cthulhu sets, both the base and Unpleasant Dreams. I have all the Gloom products and I'm enjoying them tons. I was wondering if a fix might be in the works or if this was just an oversight. I have not combined my Cthulhu sets to the rest because of this issue. I would like to know your thoughts on this. They both are stand alone games but seems if you were to add the Residences to the Cthulhu sets it could be fixed. Maybe a Unhappy Homes like expansion for Cthulhu? Your welcome for the free idea! Maybe you could hook me up with a copy if you run with it. Thank you for your time and input in advance. Please keep the great games coming.

You could just create residences for the Cthulhu characters when you use the Unhappy Homes. Arkham Asylum, Innsmouth, etc.

Not a bad thought. One that me and my friends have considered. Also playing as if there is one in play for the ones that don't have one.

No reason that wouldn't work.

Cthulhu Gloom isn't intended to be mixed with the core game. You CAN do it, certainly; the mechanics are the same. The issue is Story Icons. The core set doesn't have Madness or Magic, and has relatively few Investigation or Horror icons. As a result, the special effects of the cards won't trigger very often, and it will be difficult to acquire Stories.

Personally, I'd me more inclined to add a single core expansion to Cthulhu Gloom - say, through Unwelcome Guests in - than to mix it in with the full core set. Again, you CAN do it - but it wasn't designed to be entirely compatible.