Valentin Belyea of Mercere

sorry - I meant to say a House Criamon magus. I did a text search on the pdf and its only there as a reference to a book author..

If you have to, pull from HoH.

So, to be clear the problem is there are only 12 gifted Merceres in Europe. There is only one canonically mentioned as far as I can tell. His name is Horst and he lives at the covenant of Fengheld in the Rhine Tribunal (Guardians of the Forest 82-85).

I don't imagine the distance is an issue since Mercere is the house of merchants and traveling messengers. I could have come from there to here without issue via the portal network (which I have free access to for being a member of the house). I was already planning on being of French origin so moving back home after apprenticeship makes sense.

Yeah, that's a problem. Considering the lack of gifted Merceres, I'm ok with you pulling one from the Rhine Tribunal.

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OK, the OP is updated with my sheet. Grimior didn't transfer over, I'll get that in in a sec.

You've got a couple of Flaws listed as "Major or Minor". Can you clean this up to show which version you actually took please?

Major Lecherous, Minor Ambitious
Wanting to bone down on everything in sight seems more like just a fun quirk (like Brock from Pokemon)
I wanted his ambition to be character defining but Major seems like I'd be locking him in too hard to something that game circumstances might need to distract him from.

I have 4 custom spells I think they are all close enough to book spells that they should cause no issue.
Wither Assailant makes their arm go to sleep rather than causing hand spasms but is mechanically built the same and almost identical, it is basically a narrative difference.
Endurance of the Berserkers is just a change from Concentration to Diameter so that I can set it and forget it.
Blink stride is seven League Stride but the base effect is much lower since the distance is much lower exactly per the spell guidelines.
Unravel the Fabric of Everything is just like all the other Unravels but half as effective per the guidelines and Winds of Mundane Silence.

I'll probably be mastering Blink Stride and Unravel the Fabric of Everything so I can fast cast them. Being not there is a generally good defense against things and a low level dispell is all you need for something that is going to have enough pen to get past your Parma.

Other note. I was not completely happy with where my last virtue point ended up. I'm still shopping for minor virtues that could replace Free Study or Inventive Genius. Originally Inspirational was on the chopping block too, but the flavor has really grown on me.

And another thing. Was I being fair or being stupid, not having my characteristic improving specialist take reduced characteristics twice. I had it on there, I was starting to think "well a sickly child would be highly motivated to get bigger and stronger, sort of a Napoleon complex thing." but then I got this cheddar taste in my mouth and found different flaws.

Horst isn't gifted, I believe, but an ungifted expert writer (magic theory). I'd have to check my books though.

I thought he was gifted because he was listed as "of Mercere" rather than "the Redcap" I was just using the project red cap list on house Mercere.

So... Correction boss, there are no Gifted Merceres mentioned as individuals in the books. Not even the Primus...

We can just retcon Hrost or one of the French Redcaps to be Gifted.

Huh. I knew gifted Mercere were rare, but really? Interesting.

Expand your search out to the remaining Tribunal books, saving Thebes for an absolute last ditch resort. If you can't find any in there, we can retcon Hrost...or I can ease the restriction on canon magi.

I crowd sourced the search. But I was using a compiled list on project redcap. I really don't think there are any out there.

Hrost is probably the best Redcap to retcon since he is a Magic Theory and Order of Hermes lore expert anyway.

Page 61 of Guardians of the Forest:

Sweet, I would love to be trained at Durenmar!

Was everything good with the sheet and spells?

Can you add TeFo to the spells please?

Ok they are there.

Thanks. It's more for me to see them than it's required to be there.

With that said, I'd like to see Decrepitude, Warping, and Confidence added. Beyond that, you should be free to start the aging process!

Well... out of gauntlet the first two are 0 and Confidence is 3(?).

We are strapped for cash right? I can't reasonably pay a bunch of guys to hang out in my lab and also pay a bunch of maids to clean up after them?

This is one of the things I'm going to struggle with post-gauntlet/pre-game: Cash on hand for characters. Magi are provided for by the Covenant, while Companions and Grogs are supposed to work to earn their keep. I've also seen in the books and in some posts here that money is more an abstract concept in the game for magi rather than being a hard and fast mechanical thing, especially as it relates to purchasing goods and services. I mean, the cost of goods isn't even in the core book, having been (for some reason) saved for City and Guild.

I guess the big question here would be why you are paying people to hang out in your lab and why you are paying people to clean up after them? What mechanical benefit are you getting out of this? I need to know that before I can answer if the silver is available for what you are trying to do.