Variant 5th Edition Sahir Rediscovered

I’ve been rearranging some of the site structure of my blog and editing some of the older pages to keep more in line with the overall theme and style I’ve developed over the last year. This includes checking on blank pages and links to ideas that I intended to create pages for.

I realised some of The Cradle and the Crescent pages were a bit bare, so I’ve filled them in with text and the appropriate links while I dig up some of the older cut-file material. Since one of the original intentions of this site was to supplement that particular work I want to make sure there’s easily accessible Mythic Middle East material.

Excitingly, I’ve also been granted permission by Niall Christie to host his additional ArM4 and ArM5 material for Blood & Sand: the Levant Tribunal, in particular his unofficial web supplement known as “Vestiges in Sand”. I’ll add this slowly to the Blood & Sand – Redux pages over the next few weeks but for now I’ve added his Variant Fifth Edition Sahir article as a counterpoint to the official tCatC version presented by Erik Dahl.


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I'm particularly fond of the sahir rules, and I've been SGing a sahir in my saga, so I'm positive I'll find all this extremely useful. I'm thrilled! :smiley:


I've managed to uncover my old Petra material recently so maybe that will make an appearance at some stage...
(the Jinn Block for Ighraq in tCatC is inspired by the blocks outside the Siq in Petra).


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Nice to know, I must say I quite liked the Jinni Block, and plan to use it in a future trip to Baghdad.