Andalusian Magic

In keeping with the the posting of the Variant 5th Edition Sahir and one of my blog's major themes of support material for The Cradle and the Crescent and sagas set in the Mythic Levant, I've started loading up some old article fragments I found on Playing Andalusian Magi.

More material will follow shortly but so far the post includes links to:


I will check, and I think than i can say two things or two, and Xavi too.

EDIT - Good points abut the languages, only Iwould say than the Sefardic is related to Mozarab too. I would think than Aragones is strongly differenced from Castillian and Leones, because the Catalan and the Occitan.
About the Flaw related to the Language, i like it; i don't get if that flaw covers the benefit of the related Virtue or if you must get both. The question of the article is really cool.
All other things are cool.

OK. It's a fairly old piece and I haven't checked it against more recent discussions. Aragonese is tricky because of its multiple influences.

The Flaw is not mandatory, just for flavour. It's a cultural aspect due to the presence of the Breakthrough, a lot like the use of Greek as a magical language in Thebes.

I'm glad you liked it and I appreciate the positive feedback from an Iberian native!

More to come soon...

Good to know then!
I am going soon to begin to storytelling one Andalusian game, but on the North, on the place than now is Extremadura. I am going to have one Infernalist Flambeau Slayer and one Hermetic Sahir (He saw the tC&tC and he decided mix a few, thanks to some debate here i can do something with that).

The Extremadura region, around Badajoz, was (in earlier editions) the traditional homeland of Flambeau's vulgar family.

Well, these is next to the riferbanks of the Guadiana, i took the celtiberic and Islamic element more strong. ... mulus.html ... minor.html