Verditious orders from Mercere

keeping in mind that those ordering don't necessarily track standard Verditious prices... and some redcaps may not know what is or is not possible- this thread will represent negotiations, offering, and requests.
a ring which can be invoked to either open locks or shatter metal twice per day, has 12 pawns of vis to spend in 1125
self repairing chainmail, can spend up to 36 vis in 1125
a door which will open on its owners, and only its owner's command, has 45 vis to spend in 1125
something that will stop metal weapons from hitting them, has 15 vis to spend in 1125
a great sword that will transform into a ring, duration concentration maintained, unlimited times per day, has 21 vis to spend in 1125

Oliverius, in usual fashion, nods and mutters and grumbles. Mercere should be quite familiar with the effects of the gift, but Oliverius still prefers to do most of his transaction by written proxy: A letter response later in the day. Obviously, the Verditius, premier crafters of the Order of Hermes, have certain standards as far as their work in both quality and price; He's quite certain in the early days of the order, Redcaps have had to deliver a lot of unpleasant letters between Verditius magi who were in bidding wars and undercutting each other. These are all fine offers, though he will mention any tasks with purses under twelve pawns of vis should be offered to younger Verditius than himself.
Just to make sure I'm understanding this right, all for year 1125:

  • 12 pawns: ring to shatter metal OR ring to open locks
  • 36 pawns: self-repairing chainmail
  • 45 pawns: Door for owner's use only
  • 15 pawns, ward against metal
  • 21 pawns: Ring/Greatsword/Ring

Correct? I'm at work, so when I get home tonight I'll start doing the math for what he can manage.

leo, Oliverius is actually going to tell Arduino to try to design an enchanted ring that can open locks as homework, as a test. If he does it simply enough, he may be ordered to try and make it one of the seasons this year (thereby ruining your plans, hah!)
silveroak, regarding (1), does he want a ring that does both, or does he not prefer which?
Re (2) He prefers repairing it over the possibility of just summoning himself some chainmail whenever he needs it?
Re (3) an intriguing task.. sadly, Oliverius does not have the required supplies to make this item, since his personal vis stores are only just re-burgeoning after his move.
Re (5) He wants the ring to actually transform? As opposed to, say, just summoning a greatsword from thin air?
Also, regarding Verditius pricing: I'm assuming that the House would look ill apon charging significantly more than due, especially to Mercer Houses? Oliverius isn't planning on overcharging the redcaps at his own home, but I'm asking for policy.. plus I may want to implicate my grudge-target for overcharging the Glue of Hermes that the Mercere represent.

Oh well, if Arduino enchants the ring in winter, after the Re and Te reading seasons, will have a decent LT: Int 1* + Re 5 + Te 7 + MT 9 + Aura 5 + Blacksmith 4 + Bronze 3 + Lab 6* = 40

It is enough to enchant the RING OF THEODORUS proposed in the Custom spells thread, obviously he can decrease the frequency if the final level is too high.

Arduino is very excited at the thought of creating his first magic item, waiting with trepidation that Oliverius approves his draft and gives him the two Terram vis needed...


  1. he does not care which, as long as it opens the metal locks
  2. he had probably not considered summoning chainmail, a quick letter back and forth indicates that would also be an acceptable solution.
  3. again this was not considered, the response is something long the lines of "transform, summon, whatever."

(At work. I'll rearrange my schedule for spreadsheet to see if I can to have Arduino make the ring after work. Will probably offer the ring at discount price (only six pawns!) to the redcap if he's willing, Final business deals done probably tonight.)

you took the order in 1125, go ahead nd set your schedule for 1126 for production and delivery (delivery being sending a grog to carry it next door to the redcaps).

AH, so these are orders to be MADE in 1126. Okay, suddenly less of a panic for timing.

Oliverius will be taking the latter of these two as a commission, and there are some intricate design options he is certain he can make work. For the ring of lock-opening, Oliverius will inform the Mercer that the task is actually easier than one might think; he will offer the Redcap that for a significant Vis discount (6 pawns), the Verditius can have it made by his apprentice. It will lack the touch of a master craftsman and enchanter, but will easily get the job done, and be half the price. Tempting as that vis might be, Oliverius is NOT willing to over-charge the Merceres for work. (Though he definitely will use every drop of vis he can)

He is certainly willing to take apprentice work for the discount.

Oliverius is planning to make this item for his commission, with the +1 magnitude for adjusting the ward to allow picking up items; He's making an iron brooch pin with a small inset jet stone for shape and material bonuses, he's adding gold inlay because he can easily, which holds the stone in place. While the item is active, every time the Ward repels an object it leaves a faint metallic taste in the mouth due to Oliverius's sigil.
With his apprentice's help in that season, he should be able to hit a lab total of 92. It should be finished and delivered at the end of Autumn.

New requests that arrive by the end of 1126:

  1. An sack which has already been opened and enchanted with an intelligo mentem spell to be able to trigger the next spell through thought alone, embossed with a doorway made of copper, needs an enchantment to be able to transport a small metal object, such as a ring or key, into the pouch from within 50 yards, with sight target. This enchantment should be triggered mentally and have a high level of penetration, the purchaser has been autherized by the house to pay a bonus for this high level of penetration for a total of 18 vis in payment.
  2. a mundane has approached redcap merchants and inquired about exchanging a collection of rock specimins, well documented and from many differing regions, for an object which would detect deposits of gold or silver. The collection would be a level 8 realia for terram.
  3. any type of item, but one capable of making jewelry from raw components (precious metal and gems) utilizing finesse instead of a craft ability, an unlimited number of times per day. Payment is 6 vis.

Assuming these items were well-recieved, I have a question about payment; Oliverius would like half of each payment to be in Terram vis, since that was what was used to enchant them, but is open to whatever Arts for the rest of the vis - with a preference towards Techniques. What sort of vis did he receive payment with? (Should be 15 for the brooch pin of protection, 6 for the apprentice's ring.)

  1. If the object is already opened for enchantment, and enchanted partly, how much room is still available for enchantment? Is it the delightful full level of 6?
  2. Did the mundane actually specify how deep he had to detect the deposits? This realia is absolutely something that Oliverius would do work for - a level 8 realia is 8x8 xp tractati. >.> The Miner's Keen Eye spell is able to detect only close to the surface, and really only detects if there's rare metal in a chunk of earth being looked at.. not so much detecting it.. hmm. This is going to require math!
  3. I can math this.
  1. It was opened with 9 pawns, 3 pawns were used to enchant the mind reading component. 6 remain
  2. The mundane does not know enough about magic to specify depth

Also, Oliverius has the skills (Pe 9 + Vi 5 + Sta 1 + Aura 6) to spontaneous touch-level arcane connection reduction, and will be removing his arcane connection to items he's selling, one level at a time.

unless requested otherwise the payment will be vis of account, terram is certainly a given for these projects. For the remainder paid in 1126 he has a choice of Vim, Aquam, or Imagonem that are on hand at the Mercere post for his immediate payment. Remember if you keep the vis on account you get 1 pawn for every full 5 you have in account each year.

  1. I can work with this... Question, if I design an item to teleport metal objects into the sack... the teleportation guidelines in TME state any solid, non-living object can be grabbed.. but can I specify only metal objects to get the bonus for my MMF? Also, checking the rules, the 50-yd range desire is pretty much nullified by the sight-range deisre as well, correct?
  2. Sound transports well through solid objects. Would a magical tuning fork be able to detect through the earth for a good distance? And how far? My goal is to go a longer distance than just near-surface from the Miner's Keen Eye.
  3. I did the math, and this simple Rego Craft item is of a level that my apprentice could make, for appropriate levels of Vis being offered. leo, want some homework for Arduino?

Ahh. Vis of account is a concept that's rather new to me as a player. Oliverius is happy to leave 11 in account after collecting his 10 terram from these dues, just so he doesn't have to specify what he's looking for.

  1. the 50 yard range has no impact on range, only magnitude for the spell. Yes, you can specify metallic objects to get the MMF bonus.
  2. depends on the earth- compact earth and stone much further than loose soil. A drum is also good for conducting sound through earth, and starts with a louder sound- drums have been known to send detectable sound waves through the earth for miles...