Verditious orders from Mercere

  1. So yes, Base 4, +1 distance transported, +3 sight range is a level 20 spell. +3 for linked trigger. The rest can go into penetration, assuming the Mercere are alright with it being used only once a day.
  2. Hmm, I think a connected set of drums with the same enchantment, each drum smaller than the previous, which lets you hone in on the specific location. Do I need to specify a +1 magnitude for Silver or Gold instead of just gold?

There is a guideline of base 5 for 50 paces, no need to take a lower guideline and add a +1...
the redcap didn't specify uses per day, he left that up to the enchanter.
from the base guideline he should be able to change what he is looking for by concentrating on a different metal.

Hi raccoonmask

Sure, Arduino would be super happy! I'll post the proposed magic item in the Custom spells thread.

I think that, concurrently with the crafting of the item, Arduino will develop the Major MF on Metals... :smiley: and his Gift will become more disturbing :frowning:.

orders in 1127 (to be made in 1128)

  1. a device is desired which will destroy a sword within voice range
  2. something to be hung round the neck which will, upon command encase the wearer in armor until sunset
  3. a helmet which is transparent from the inside, without eye slits

Sorry I'm being slow right now - updating Oliverius. I've subtracted the vis cost for himself (and Arduino's) crafting. Assuming no complaints from the Redcaps, his Vis should be 15+6 (claiming 11 terram and 10 vis of account), and if math is right, his vis of account should have grown from 11 to 13 before this addition.

Did the Mercere have vis prices for these jobs, or does Oliverius get to offer his demands? Regarding (1), Oliverius can easily get a lab total of 80 or 90 with Elder runes. Re (2) is a tricky one I need to run math on. Re (3) seems relatively easy, so probably beneath the cocky Verditius's time, but if the price is big enough he can make it complicated enough to be worth it.
The big issue with (2) is the wielder needs Finesse to create the armor (ease factor 9, according to HoH:S). Or the item can summon existing armor, but then it doesn't disappear at sunset without a second spell to send it away... hmm.

regarding 2 that is where things get... interesting. Under craft magic it does specify that magic can always create something without the need for finesse, finesse is simply required when quality is at issue. So for example summoning the wizards tower does not require a finesse roll to substitute for months of masonry work- unless you want the tower to be in a specific layout or with a decorative exterior etc. Generic functional armor does not require a finesse roll.

Hmm, that's distinctly different than the HoH:S ruling for the summoned chainmail spell (p37). I'm QUITE happy with that decision, as a mage, should I assume it's a particular quirk of the Flambeau spell that it requires a finesse roll?

okay, looking it over technically it requires a finesse roll, but the roll can be made with 0 finesse from an enchanted item, and will still be functional unless the finesse roll botches. So on a really low roll they could have poor quality armor. It is also possible for redcaps to learn finesse...
in short it is required but doesn't matter to the requirements of enchantment.

Did these jobs have Vis attachments to them?

Regarding Oliverius's Verditius orders from 1227/1228:
He's charging 12 pawns for each of his orders (total of 24). As his standard with the Mercere house, he is taking half of it in vis of account, and half of it in Terram (if possible, else Vim). He started the year with 23 vis of account, his interest is +4, and his new total should be 38.


Math! Yeah, you are correct. not sure what happened there.

Due to the player's math error, Oliverius is short 2 ignem (or perdo) vis last season. Would he be able to turn in some of his vis of account in to the Mercere to make up for his lack? He had 45 at the beginning of the year, so..
If not, he'll look into trades from his sodales in the council.

In case Oliverius trades: Danaë has Perdo to trade, no Ignem though. She'd go for 3 Perdo for 5 vis of account.

Andros has both, he'd go for 2 Ignem for 2 Mentem or 3 Co, he's not a great bargainer!

Gloriana is vis poor, she has no Ignem, and just a few pawns of Perdo.

Ig is in demand, so you would need to trade 2 vis of account per ignem (you can get vim, imagonem, herbem, or aurum at 1:1)

Oliverius is happy to do business with the Mercere by way of Danae, and would trade to her his Vis of Account to make up for the player's math errors.

Silveroak: Oliverius is putting on display in his studio for sale a ring, the Bane of Hungry Flames invested item. Iron ring opened for 5 vis and invested with 5 pawns of enchantments, on sale for 30 vis.
Quite Possibly a Cat: Oliverius is mentioning privately to Anna that he has prepared a special present for her son; He has made a second ring of fire-bane with the aid of his Apprentice. He would be happy to gift it to the recently-born child, as long as the Maga can assure him the protective gift would not be taken as an insult of her ability to protect her son. Oliverius is not very good at subtlety, and the implication is that he may want an equivalent favor from her (or the child) in the future. But making it a gift means he can give it without the Verditius-quality-craft surcharge.

Done deal, will take these 3 Perdo off Danaë's character sheet, and add 5 vis off account!

And avoids increasing Hubris! Although Hubris helps with the crafting. Always a balancing act.

Oliverius's Studio currently has the following items on display:

Regarding the next few years, Oliverius will be inquiring with the Mercere, interested in acquiring a large amount of vim vis (15-20 in total) as well as around 10 corpus vis if available, to begin a large project he's planning. After all, Oliverius hates to think small.

A high ranked Mercere wishes to purchase the Bane of Hungry Flames, order 11 more, and wants to commission a version with target structure.