Verditious orders from Mercere

I just want to make sure that wasn't a mistake: 11 more, not just 1 more? That's going to be years of work. The structure version will be another year at estimation. Although it does feed his Hubris, Oliverius did have other plans in the works. How quickly does this high-ranking Mercere want these done?

when you can. and yes 11 more, 1 for each tribunal

Feeding that hubris. Oliverius is happy to assist the Mercere and by extension the order as a whole. So the commission is 11 more room-sized Fire Banes + 1 structure sized?

exactly. Unless you would be interested in selling them the lab notes to reduce the work load.

As a Verditius, that concept is quite strange to him. Still, the prestige of supplying so much to House Mercere will drive him... As far as this first sale, he would like the full price in Ignem and Vim vis if possible so he can put it towards making more. For the time scale, he has a project he's set on, and can work in full on the long-term commission when his apprentice passes his gauntlet - if the Mercere is happy with that time.

They are agreeable.

In the next year or two, Oliverius is interested in acquiring a number of Corpus vis, if the Mercere have a good price for them.

Oliverius will confer with the Mercere and inform them that he will begin working on this commission as his duties to his Apprentice are gone at the end of the year. He should be able to deliver the first batch in 3 years, which should theoretically pay for the rest.


Arduino now is a full Verditius and he is interested in any commissions by the Mercere house (or other patrons).

Is there anything interesting for this young magus eager to earn vis for his personal projects?

silveroak are there any commissions from house Mercere for Arduino?

They offer you a commission for a charm to keep rain off of a messanger.

Arduino can create multiple copies of such charm in a single season (lvl 6, like Cloak of the Duck's Feathers spell +1 for 2 uses per day).

Is Mercere House interested in 5 charms for eight pawn of vis?

yes, they will be.

Just to confirm my understanding of the rules... In order to make multiple copies in one season, you need to already have a lab text for it, correct?

AM5 page 102
Using Laboratory Texts
"A magus may reproduce multiple effects if they are all of the same Technique and Form, and their levels add up to less than his Lab Total. "

Multiple Laboratory Activities
"you may choose to perform multiple activities within the same season, splitting your time among them all. All the activities you perform in a season must be of the same type (learning spells, instilling powers in an invested device, creating potions) and must use the same Technique and Form. To perform multiple activities, simply add up the levels of all activities performed and apply your Lab Total to the total of the levels."

Lab texts are not mentioned as a prerequisite for performing multiple activities. Simply with lab texts your Lab Total must be equal to the sum of the levels of all activities, without them the LT needs to be at least double that value.

At least this is how I understand the rules.

Poor Arduino, they gave him the ponchos to make! :laughing: Gotta work on that rep.

Just to chime in, I believe leo has the right of it, as these are to be Lesser Enchanted Devices (correct?), Arduino needs to be able to make them in one season, so Lab Total has to be >= 2 x level of device. As long as this holds true, he can also make multiple copies of the same device (or other devices using the same Tech + Form); if it's say level 6, and Arduino has a 48 Lab Total, he could make 4 devices. Of course he also has to be able to handle the vis, but these devices cost 1 measly pawn each, no problem.

With a Lab Text and a 48 Lab Total, he could make 8 such devices in a season.

Well, the rules do seem to support it. I must have missed the multiple-activities-a-season part. I only noticed the Lab Texts one.


Arduino would like to know if House Mercere is interested in some copies of his STATUETTE OF THE INSTANT REFUGE


He could make two copies per season for the standard verditius price (half payment in vis for account, half Creo and Terram vis in equal measure).

There are some individual Mercere who are interested, especially in Iberia, after a brief inquiry they come up with 2 dozen orders.

Great, thanks!