Vibria of Flambeau (development)

Okay, that just leaves the questions about the Andorran Guard ability/source quality (Summer 1230 and Summer 1233), what to learn from Teacher #2 (Spring, 1231), and what the SQ would be for learning or being trained in Leadership (Autumn, 1232) and Single Weapon (Spring, 1233), and the Quality/Level for Elaine's Opus (Autumn 1233) as yet unanswered.

For each of your seasons of training with the guard, I will grant you 10xp that can be spent on any Martial Ability, Brawl, Athletics, Profession-Soldier, and maybe some other tangentially related ability. But more importantly, you will now be able to fight as part of a Trained Group with just about anyone from our guard. The term Wizard's Lance refers to sharing your Parma with other members of the group, both to protect them from magic and to shield them from the effects of your Gift (so you can fight as a cohesive unit). Most magi don't do this. It is mainly a Flambeau thing :wink:
I can't tell you what to do with teacher #2. I suggest you pick a skill you do not have.
All of the teachers Vocis acquired are of a Quality of 15 for one-on-one teaching.
Fausto, the Swordmaster, is Quality 18 for one-on-one.
I know nothing about Elaine's Opus. Maybe it was written elsewhere. Ask Ryu :smiley:

Quality 14. I've already updated Fausto to 1234 on the wiki, which raised his Teaching by 1. Given that, it's Com 1 + Teaching 3 + spec 1 + 3 + one-on-one bonus 6 = 14.

starts out as base 3, Com +1, Teaching 3, specialization +1, +3 Good Teacher, +6 one-on-one bonus
equals 17

Good Teacher adds 5 to your source quality.

Looks like the only blank spot left, then, is Adventure Time in Summer of 1232. Allons-y!

Pick a partner :smiley:

Good Teacher.

Good Teacher adds 5 when teaching face to face. It's +3 when writing books.

??? I don't find the spell on the page :frowning:
Nor on the Net Wizard's Grimoire.

Forgot about that. Fausto is a Source Quality 19 teacher! Teacher of an early prototype precursor of Destreza.

Not a spell. It is a Parma Magica text :slight_smile:

It's a Summa on Parma Magica. Level 7, Quality 10.

SQ 20 if he's teaching Single Weapon.

The specialization was already counted in the 19. His Teaching is only 3 at the time Vibria trains with him.

From Meeting the Vavel Dragon (Autumn 1235):

  • Magic Lore: 3xp, from the discussions she had with Sigmundo about dragons, their customs, heritage, laws, etc.
  • Etiquette: 3xp (to raise the score to 1), from doing courtly grace stuff in Krakow.
  • Finesse: 1 xp (raising score to 2), from practicing pin-point with her spells (e.g. the puke clean-up spell).
  • Folk Ken: 4 xp (raising score to 1), from dealing with people and not incinerating them.
  • Leadership: 4xp, from leading the soldiers and the magi, and getting everyone where there were going (mostly) intact.

I'm intentionally holding off on advancing Vibria until after the Vavel Dragon series concludes and we decide if/when/how Vibria returns to Andorra.

I'm starting to work on advancing Vibria up to the designated spot. Quick question: How much trouble would she get in if she spent a season practicing working with her dragon form? (I'm thinking Practice in Athletics, with a Specialty in Flying, because I'm not sure this late at night what else would fit.)

Have you already forgotten what your grandfather told you?

I need to address Timey-Whimey concerns.
I forget exactly when Vibria began her leave, and I purposefully did not set the exact year of the "Incident" (in your debriefing you were encouraged to be humble and play it down).
And I did say to pencil in your return anywhere after 1237, [size=50](Though you picked 1236, which is before. 1238 is after)[/size]
Work with me here.
I want to take up several seasons of your time for directed purpose, and land you back home in Winter 1238 instead of 36. Your adventure took two seasons. You already accounted for that. So I am asking for eight seasons, which is an abstract of the time you spent wandering Mythic Europe with Sigmundo before the Incident, the denouement after it, and some time learning your new dragon breath. The results are 40xp for Mythic Europe Lore &/or Magic Lore &/or Lore/Language of areas you passed through. Then you replace a lost power with a new power almost just like it but a bit better (details to follow). Finally, there are ??xp for your adventure (TBD), and a bonus of ??xp for at least a season of denouement (TBD).
Then you get back to Arans well in time for Christmas 1238 :smiley:

And you don't keep the ring. It is bad. Very bad. Your struggle against it is part of the story in the Incident.
Make your own ring or learn how to shapeshift :slight_smile:

So, I propose the following timeline...

  • 1236 or 37 The Incident in Transylvania
  • 1238 Vibria returns to Andorra
  • 1242 Ancient History
  • 1245 The probation proposed by Vocis expires at the end of the year