Video: Intro to Islamicate Talismanic Magic

There aren't a whole lot of YouTube channels or even videos on Muslim occult studies in the medieval - early modern that are worth the watch outside of taped lectures, but I thought this was a solid introduction to the topic. Let's Talk Religion already has fantastic videos on other Islamicate subjects that I've enjoyed, like his one on Ibn Arabi and Wahdat al-Wujud or his video on the Brethren of Purity. The source list in the description is surprisingly strong as well - I've been lucky enough to actually meet Dr. Melvin-Koushki (whose upcoming book series on Ibn Turka, Islamic Neo-Pythagorianism, occultism in imperial politics, and the interweaved history of science and technical magic* I eagerly await) and my own series of Criamon fanposts here (yes I'm shilling) has used Dr. van Badel's The Arabic Hermes heavily for some entries. Good way to spend ~20 mins if the subject is one that interests y'all.

*A synopsis of the first book is available for free on his page.