Waiting for the ghosts (autumn 1235)

All Hallows eve has come again and Fleur has sent her staff to Andorra for the night, waiting up alone with any magi who have come to investigate this haunting with her. She has specifically asked Arachne to come, and has recommended Roberto not stay the night considering how things went last time, but all other magi have been invited into her sanctum for this event. Felecia has given both Fleur and Arachne (if she does not already have it, if so one other magus) second sight for the evening. to make it easier to follow the events as they unfold, then disappears somewhere.

Having gone home and missed all the fun last year, Lucas is more than happy to come help the investigation this time (assuming CoB doesn't get in the way). He's never seen a real ghost before and is quite curious.

I thought Roberto had a Blood Deal with the ghost. Eh? Do I have the SG's word that he is off the hook for this one? If that is so, he will spend the season doing something useful yet to be decided.

Assuming it won't interfere with crafting for CoB, Antoine is willing to come and help out. It sounds fun and interesting! Plus he has a strength in Mentem, which covers ghosts IIRC.

Fleur's concern is that the spirit may decide to call in the blood oath if Roberto is there, it doesn't seem to be able to affect anything at a great distance, though she could be wrong...
If you want to convince her to let you come though she will agree...

Roberto will confer with Arachne and defer to her decision.

Arachné grumples. It's a cool night, and she'd be better asleep.

She gets into her robe, and put a heavy cloth over her shoulder. She takes her bag of tricks, just in case, and, leaning heavily on her staff and grumping all the way, she gets into Fleur's sanctum.

When Antoine came to the covenant, Arachné just knew this was gonna be a great day :smiley:

The spider benches over her staff, pensive.

That's a tricky question. You sure did something last time, and I let that slip by us. What did happen to you? Something good, something bad? Bit of both?* Whatever happens, it's on me.
She sighs.
For this time, I think Fleur is right. There are many things we don't know here, but we can be sure of this. First, your abilities, formidable as they are, will be useless here. Second, you may be at risk, and I won't have you be endangered. Not on my watch. Now, who knows? Whatever you did may still prove useful, so I'd like you to stick around, that we may call on you should the need arise. Maybe send that friend of yours, the cute laughing girl? She can run and fetch you. But for now, I fear more for your safety than anything else.

  • Ok, I confess, couldn't resist :wink:

As the group settles in the ghosts begin to appear to those who have or were lent second site. Without the party going on at the same time the actions and presence of the ghosts is much more clear, and for hours they go about what seem like some form of daily routines. They remain silent, but a folk ken or awareness roll (plus perception) could give some idea of exactly what is going on.

Who was the final person to get second sight?

If Arachne already has second sight, probably Antoine.


Oh well, Horus has second sight. He can give Lucas the blow-by-blow.

Okie-doke. Rolling Per (-2) + FK (4) + 1d10 (9) = 11. Spend confidence if that helps, I have heaps at the moment...

Horus will also check to see what he can figure out:

Second Sight: 1d10=4 + 3 (Per) + 3 (keen vision) + 5 (second sight) = 15

Folk Ken: 1d10=4 + 3 (Per) + 3 (keen vision) + 0 (FK) = 10

Not unlike last time, the Spider sits quietly in her corner
I'm getting too old for this... That's what these youngsters are for! If only Roberto hadn't... Whatever. I hope we can get this done quickly. I'm so tired, I could sleep for a day.
I need a cup of something hot.

To fleur:
You wouldn't happen to have something hot to drink? Soup, hot wine, hot milk, whatever?

Yup, she has it.

Folk Ken: 1d10=9 + Per 2 + Folk Ken 2 (3 for magi) = 13 (14)

Second Sight: 1d10=4 + Per 2 + SS 3 (I didn't wrote a specialty???) = 09

I have some doubts about Keen Vision applying to Folk Ken rolls :wink:

You know, you're probably right. I shouldn't copy and paste as much as I do. :slight_smile:

"Of course." Fleur heads to the kitchen and heats up some spiced wine.

In this case the keen sight would apply, not the second sight- you have already pierced the invisibility, it is noticing details that is important.

You notice that the "day to day" preperations the spirits are going through appear to be preparation for some pagan religious observance, though apparently one that would not be performed for the public.

Int+magic lore+artes liberales+stress die of 18 or higher can identify the deity being observed.

Antoine rolls a 6, which isn't enough (only totals 12).

The scene progresses as before, as the blood paints the walls, "The contract be fulfilled, on Hallowstide when the bells toll, the life will be forfeit, and the spirit bound." Only this time the blood can be seen by all.

"Okay," Lucas says when the blood appears. "For those of you with second sight, that blood is visible to normal vision."

Well, that's new then. Without taking his eyes off the scene, Antoine addresses the assembled magi. Last time this happened, were you able to speak to these spirits? Did anyone try?