War in the Roses (spring 1237)

Fleur and Marcus are gathering 2 combat units of grogs to hunt the beast in the faerie region in Fleur's garden. Ideally Carlos will have his team and perhaps Moses Mendez leading a group of himself and 5 others (allowing him to add +15 to attack).

Moe died a few years ago.
Roberto will be assembling a team, which will include Carlos.

Bernat, assuming he is healed, would like to come along. He no longer has any illusions about his combat-worthiness; but the beast has injured him twice now. This has become personal.

Fleur wants to have 2 teams, one optimizing for defense, the other for offense. Since we know the beast will attack the team which holds the flowers, the other team can focus on killing the beast.

Acutus would absolutely be interested in joining this if allowed. Hunting magical beasts is sort of his thing.

Anna would take the opportunity to join in and shoot something if allowed. Arrows for all!

"Roberto I cannot say no to, Anna is of course welcome, Acutus, I'm not certain how much vis there will be at the end of this venture to split. On the other hand you will have to through my sanctum each way, and we all know that by the code I can do whatever I want to you in my sanctum" she trails a finger along his face and smiles seductively "and that is something I have been interested in for a long time."

Acutus shakes his head, "The thrill of the hunt interests me more than vis; although I'll never turn down a share if there is some to be had. As for the other, I think our quaesitor sodales might disagree with your interpretation of the Code, and if that is your requirement to traverse your sanctum, I will have to decline."

Fleur shrugs "ouch, okay, come along anyways, you could always flirt a little."

Roberto has his game-face on, appearing stoic and serious.
[color=red]I am not in this for prizes or glory. There is serious danger at hand and one of our own nearly got himself killed. The Stutterer, he is a good soldier and I want him in my special forces unit. Yet now he doubts himself.
Also, Miss Fleur, we liveon the same island. Ibiza must be protected and made safe. I can walk to your place from mine. Acutus, you can travel with me if you like.
I have asembled Wizard's Lance. Flambeau slang for a specific tactic. I have hand selected four warriors. Myself, Carlos, Allen, and Albert. We are able to fight as a trained group, and I amcertain we have the capabilities to overcome this monster. As a backup, I learned Ball of Abysmal Flame. I am under the understanding that this beast is unaffected by injury unless it suffers a massive amount all at once. That rules out using multicast Piliums of Fire. Still, I am keeping the spell in reserve as a backup. Penetration might be anissue if the creature has significant magic resistance. I have Bernat's blade with the creature's blood on it. That should serve well as an Arcane Connection to boost Penetration.

Fleur looks at Roberto "I realize the peril, and I have given permission to use the gate and come through my sanctum. I just like to tease a little first. Jeesh, I've been doing the whole 'I have you in my sanctum and can do what I want' since that first party that Camillus broke up. Have you ever seen me try and actually take advantage of anyone with it? Okay, Acutus, are you bringing a grog team for support as well? It sounds like Roberto is planning to be the spear on this if you are willing to play the shield."

Acutus shakes his head, "No, I am not a shield. I am a hunter and killer of beasts, not one who waits for the beast to spring on me. I'm not certain your strategy is the most sound anyway. Why don't we hunt this beast down and kill it on our terms. If it leaves traces, I might be able to track, otherwise I'm sure someone would be capable of using its blood to scry its location."

[color=red]Didn't mean to hurt your feeling Fleur. I am just trying to be serious and maintain a sense of duty.
Your analogy is a good starting point for the consideration of strategey, but I have to agree with Acutus. One does not go into battle with a shield but no weapon. I see a bunch of guys trying to block me with only shields, I laugh. Same bunch bristling with spears, I hesitate.
I figure your baiting idea is sound though. But with a twist. Have our strongest offence group hold the bait, and the ignorant beats will throw itself on our points. They can keep it engaged while others attack from the flanks.
We need to prep the field and augent ourselves as best we can. Fleur. Do you know the ritual spell of Watching Ward? Or do we have a tablet? Instant access healing and sudden teleports may be useful.
Acutus. Are you able to lead a team? Or at least command one? I want to set you up with a trio of soldiers. Fleur as well. The woman is non combatant, so I want a force of five guarding her. I figure Bernat and that archer chick. I also want to place my familiar with one of you for communication purposes.
Oh! Side topic. Donna. I want to get her into boot camp and martial training. I don't plan for her to be a front line soldier. I would like her as part of a logistics team. But not here or now. Future consideration. I also want to start sending soldiers to your school so they can all read and write and speak in latin.

"Because it is a faerie beast, not a magical beast, and only appears when it is the right point in the story. Carlos friend Chi Chi was very helpful in this. The first beast appears when the flowers are picked. If you wound the first beast it retreats to its cave, if you follow it to the cave the primary beast shows up, and will try and attack whomever has the flowers. I can help with communication, a spell I know, actually a pair, comprehension of the whispered word and silent orders of the unit. I can do it now or when we first arrive before picking the flowers. I can also instantly heal a moderate wound, at the cost of some vis, and create arrows that last for a diameter."

Oo, I have a grog that could join in as well; Phelippe's been around for a year, so his leg will have healed (and I'll need to bring his XP up to date as well). If anyone wants him along?

Petrus will volunteer to join Roberto's group. Half the time Lucas doesn't need any protection, the other half of the time he goes haring off without his shield grog. After seven years, Petrus could use some action.

Acutus shakes his head, "No, that's not really my thing. I never trained as a soldier; I'm a hunter, and that typically works better when you're alone."

"I was a sergeant back at Cunfin," Petrus offers. "I could take a small group to do whatever you think is best."

Petrus has Leadership and all that. Of course he's a grog, so I'll defer to any magi or companions....

Has he participated in any group training? or will he have had done so by now?
Perhaps he is well suited to be Fleur's bdyguard.

He certainly could have. (He has 7 years of training to deal with.) When and what is that training? I forget.

Then again, he is a shield grog. Maybe acting as Fleur's shield grog would be more appropriate.