Warping, and Faerie Sympathy

We were working out how to be warping proof, for making a mage that is able to hang around forever, where forever is about 200-300 years.

We worked out a transformed human could work, but would be vulnerable to might stripping. Would an immunity virtue work to protect against this?

I've also seen talk about faerie sympathy allowing you to avoid warping, but I'm unclear how this would work.

Hi! In a Saga I am a part of, one of the players has introduced several Transformed Humans associated with his characters and they all have a Greater immunity to might stripping, or are being slowly taught it as a Major Quality. Note that you would still face problems with foreign Aegis (and the Order not considering you human!) and I'd imagine a myriad little things.

Do not know about the Faerie Sympathy bit.

*Unsolicited opinion: Also, Gifted Transformed Humans are a huge can of worms, as they can start with more Virtues and flaws than regular magi; it leads to heated discussions. It always looks more as gaming the game than anything else, having access to things like No Fatigue, or a Teacher with Q20+ to teach Magical Qualities...like 2 Improved Abilities/season (100xp to spend), by just keeping Might Score at 1 or 2, which is truly having your cake and eating it too. Others can probably offer even more astonishing rules exploits.

Not certain if it is relevant, but my SG seems to enjoy Twilight scars.

In our Saga we have just been told of an NPC Magus who personally met and interacted with Bjornaer and Merinita (the Founders, rather than the Houses) while he was an apprentice. He was in the right time and place that he might be able to personally remember some historical details our characters are looking into at the moment.
According to the SG, this Bjornaer magus botched when making his first Longevity Potion, and slipped into temporary twilight. The twilight scar from that is that whenever he returns from temporary twilight his physical age reverts to just before he was initiated into his heartbeast. The downside is, he hasn't yet been initiated into his heartbeast (ie loses his heartbeast), so he has to go back to the Bjornaer Domus Magnus and get re-initiated into his heartbeast. At which point his Twilight Scar resets to the age of his new initiation. He retains his skills and memories.
The way the SG explains it, he gets initiated, ages for a few decades doing stuff, suffers a temporary twilight episode, physically de-ages, spends a year or two getting his heartbeast re-initiated, rinse and repeat. Unless the next twilight scar modifies this one.
I don't know how much is SG hand waiving, and how much the SG has actually crunched the numbers.

Since this is a SG fiat Twilight Scar, it is unlikely any PC magus could hope to attempt to replicate it.

Though I do wonder, how does an extended temporary twilight episode affect aging?
If a character is 100 years old, falls into Twilight for 7 years, is the character 107 years old or still 100 years old?

I had pointed this exploit out many years ago. The response was that Improved Abilities isn't supposed to be available for Transformation, just present to allow shifting of points at creation. For the same reason, you're not supposed to be able to do things like Initiate Skilled Parens.

That doesn't mean there aren't exploits with low Might, and not just for the Gifted. I had long ago found that the best familiars have almost no Magic Might, for instance. My personal solution for this is a house rule that says Magic Might and Magic Qualities/Inferiorities must always balance/be valid for character creation (Improved Might being ignored). So if you want to pick up more Magic Qualities, you need to pick up more Magic Might, too. That fixes the problem quite nicely.

Also, if you choose Transformed Human, Greater Immunity to Might stripping, and Greater Immunity to Acclimation, you've used up 9 points of Virtues/Qualities. It's hard to start with extra effective Virtues when you're doing this. Of course, you could get a familiar to avoid the Acclimation issue, but then your familiar can't have Magic Might itself.

As for Faerie Sympathy, no that does not let you avoid Twilight. First, it introduces its own way of exiting via Warping, not a total avoidance of it. Second, that Faerie version is always weaker than the other realms' versions (Twilight, Vituperation, etc.), so it can never even be a factor for Hermetic magi. There are a few similar ways to guarantee not leaving forever via Twilight. One is to not have the Gift, nor nothing else that behaves similarly, so you pick up lots and lots of Flaws but don't ever leave. The doesn't work for Hermetic Magi and other traditions that require the Gift, but it does work for those like unGifted Sahir. Another way is to have True Faith and have that version (Ascension) dominate over Twilight (or others). There are also a few ways to entirely or nearly entirely eliminate the chance of botching, and along with picking up spells that give Warping Point and mastering them with Resistance, those can pretty much remove any chance of entering Twilight.

So familliars can advance like magic beings, as well as like mundane humans?

There is nothing in the rules saying they can't undergo Transformation. The only one change listed is that they can learn Abilities as humans, which indicates they don't lose points for Might when learning Abilities only, and I believe this was supported somewhere but I don't know where.

It's here: "No penalty once bound".