weird weather?

what sort of weird weather would magi create?

Here I suggest a few things...

  1. Read the Auram section (oop, you don't have the book yet)

  2. Watch the evening news..The world news has all kinds of interesting stuff

  3. Look outside.

Weird meteorological phenomena , would be more of a Divine/Infernal thing.
Cursing people with a Rain of Frogs or the like.
Hermetic Magi , even Auram specialists , quite probably rarely tamper with the weather in this manner.
If anything , i would add a Corpus casting requisite to creating Rain.
So when people say , [color=blue]"It's Pissing Down!" , it literally will be.

Rain cats and dogs- literally.


Oh... thank you SO much... Now I have the mental image of a Ex Miscelanea covenant calling themselves the weather girls...

And I really DON'T want them to suceed with THAT particular spell. Imagine how messy it'd become?

"Just HOW did all these guys splatter o'er the lands Jerge?" "Blasted iffa knows. But we'd bedder keep showelin' em up if we knows whadis good ferus..."

I'll take this one step further... GO outside.

Don't come back in..

Stay away from computers.


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ROTFLMFAO! :unamused:
Why not try a Google search on the term.


Just a reminder , as i have previously received an Official Warning ,
that we can't be too abusive to , or about the posts of any particular person.
I don't think it is badly insulting anyone to suggest they try searching for an unfamiliar term.

This could offcourse be the name of a spell - like BoAF (Ball of Abyssimal Flame) and DEO (Demon's Eternal Oblivion).
Unfortunatly there were no lab notes for any such spell in our local library. I think it be an advanced versjon of the LOL spell (CrIm2) with a Co requisite...

To account for the ass falling off I'd recomend a bit of Perdo aswell - unless you think of assless people as an improved or more perfect person, in which case sticking to Creo is fine. :laughing:

An Animal requisite is needed for ass-lessness or being without a donkey.
Arselessness , otoh , would definitely be Muto.

Raking Of The Flamed Loser: Maximum Aggression (and) Obliteration

There you go. Applies quite well to the topic.



okay... just to be certain that no one is in the dark:

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OLO! :laughing: , because i am L33t challenged.

L33t - isn't that short for Level 33 thief?

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You're killing me...

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